SplunkLive! San Francisco Dec 2012 - Intuit


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SplunkLive! San Francisco Dec 2012 - Intuit

  1. 1. IntuitFinancial Management Solutions (FMS)Mark Russell, Operations EngineerDecember 4, 2012
  2. 2. Intuit—Financial Management SolutionsApplications include:– QuickBooks (Online/Desktop) -  Small Business financial software– Intuit Partner Platform (IPP) SaaS platform  App Center - Main customer site  Data services - Cloud Sync Service– Intuit Market - Custom checks and forms for Intuit products 2
  3. 3. Mark RussellWorked for Intuit for 16 yearsLast 3 years in Operations (Prod Operations and Monitoring)– Prod Operations – IPP App center- IIS/custom apps/SQL – IPP Data Services – Apache/Java/Oracle– Monitoring – Primarily Splunk focused - supporting entire FMS organization – Consulting other group on starting with Splunk – Admin, internal user consulting, development “If someone took Splunk away ...Id Hide!” 3
  4. 4. Splunk at Intuit FMS Real-time Proactive Business Insight Data Center Operations 450 GB Splunk 4.2 Apps/Dashboards 220 GB FMS customers: ~4.5 Million (FY12)Splunk 4.1 FMS revenue: ~ $700M (FY12) Current Total Intuit License: 4 TB 120 GB Reactive 4
  5. 5. What I Inherited– Splunk 4.1  Started with 2 Splunk Servers– Custom Splunk app  built by Professional Services– Under the impression that dashboards need to be created by Professional Services– Dashboard Creation not part of customer driven development. 5
  6. 6. Where We Were in Summer 2011Task: Preparing for data center moveProblems:– New Infrastructure and system– Bare metal to virtual machines for applications– Performance concerns– Limited budget and resources for monitoringHow:– Upgraded to Splunk 4.2– College Interns + Splunk Dashboard project– Learn Splunk, learned our app and logs.– Splunk Office hours with Splunk Peeps 6
  7. 7. What we gotResults:– Splunk Dashboards  App Performance  Troubleshooting  System Performance  Usage Metrics– PS to college interns– Successful switch over to new data center! 7
  8. 8. Best PartSplunk shirt:– It’s so easy an Intern can do it. 8
  9. 9. Summer/Fall 2012: Building HA/DRBuilding secondary Data Center (DR) Doubled our environments including SplunkPreparing for DC Switch over– Upgraded to Splunk 4.3– Expanded our existing dashboard– New DashboardPrimary concern was performance 9
  10. 10. Summer/Fall 2012: HA/DR Live TestPerformance comparisons: Prod vs DRSpecialized Search head:– License server had access to both DC’s– New dashboard to compare DC metrics simultaneously– Decision management –thresholds for performance– Scheduled reports sent out in PDF– Relieved stress on core search heads2 switchovers from Primary DC to DR 10
  11. 11. Future Goals and ChallengesSplunk 5.0– Deployment Server?Splunk Architecture – Enterprise-level ?– 8 separate Splunk instances in Production alone (30 Splunk servers)– Need to consolidate, but DC design mandates separate instances– Growth – more users, more logs.Virtual Architecture– Proves challenging for both Applications and Splunk (NFS)– Lack of visibility to physical infrastructureSplunk driven from Apps instead of Security or ITImplement IT operations based Splunk Apps– VMware, NetApp 11
  12. 12. Splunk Dashboards – From Operations to Execs IT Ops Dev Marketing CEO Look-up / Search / App management User behavior User AcquisitionSplunk Use Troubleshooting Dashboards 12
  13. 13. Questions? 13
  14. 14. Intuit,Financial Management SolutionsThank you!December 4, 2012