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Split Media is a boutique content creation and digital marketing consultancy based in West Brunswick, Australia. Specialising in online communications, video and creative concepts, Split Media is headed by award-winning digital marketer and copywriter Isobel Bedford, who boasts a diverse portfolio of professional experience, including with many high- profile brands.

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Split Media folio 2013

  1. 1. Digital Marketing, Copywriting and Content folio 2013
  2. 2. Split Media is a boutique content creationand digital marketing consultancy basedin West Brunswick, Australia. Specialisingin online communications, video andcreative concepts, Split Media is headedby award-winning digital marketer andcopywriter Isobel Bedford, who boasts adiverse portfolio of professionalexperience, including with many high-profile brands.
  3. 3. Brands, clients and experience
  4. 4. Social mediaand websites
  5. 5. FacebookBriefWrite posts for the Western Digital NewZealand Facebook page from May toSeptember 2012 (did not includeresponding to customer comments).SolutionI wrote posts about hard drives, computersand technology that were fun, funny,informative and interesting.ResultsSignificant increase in Likes, Reach andImpressions over the period.Find it at…https://www.facebook.com/wdkiwi 5
  6. 6. TwitterBriefWrite regular updates on the launch of theDita Von Teese Muse dress collection, thatwould also highlight brand creators limedoor brands.SolutionI created daily tweets including hashtagsand mentioning @DitaVonTeese, allowingher to retweet them to her 930,000followers. I managed this page from launchuntil September 2011.ResultsNumerous retweets and mentions from DitaVon Teese and fans, with a steady increaseof new followers.Find it at…https://www.twitter.com/limedoorbrands 6
  7. 7. PinterestBriefCreate a Pinterest page for high-end carpetdistributor, above left, that would highlighttheir carpets in an exciting way that wouldattract Repins and Follows.SolutionFor each of the ranges in their line, Icreated a Pinterest board, which I filled withrelated images. For example, for their InTransit collection, I Pinned a collection ofimages about transport and commuting,and for their Executive Suite, the board wasfull of aspirational interiors, offices andfashion for men.Find it at…http://pinterest.com/aboveleft/ 7
  8. 8. BloggingBriefWrite a monthly blog about the benefits ofacupuncture and traditional Chinesemedicine to attract customers and establishMeridian Medical Centre as experts in thefield.SolutionBlog topics covered issues aimed at threemain customer groups: professionalwomen, the over 50s and tradespeople.Find more at…http://www.meridian-health.com.au/blog/ 8
  9. 9. Social strategyBriefDevelop a social media strategy for aboveleft, a high-end carpet distributor.SolutionI proposed a Pinterest page as the mostappropriate channel for this company,whose product was richly visual.I produced an interactive strategy session,where we workshopped objectives and howwe would measure these, competitoranalysis, positioning, the audience, and thegeneral look and feel of the page. This wascomplemented by logistics and marketingrecommendations.ResultsThe strategy was adopted and the Pinterestpage is now live.Find it at…http://pinterest.com/aboveleft/ 9
  10. 10. Website roll-outBriefCreate a comprehensive, interactive andinteresting website that would become themain hub for the Spinners by Shane Warnebrand.SolutionI designed the architecture, site map androll-out program and oversaw its execution,leading a team of web builders, a webdesigner and graphic designer.I wrote the copy on the site and managedthe production of Spinners TV, leading thevideographer and film editor. I oversaw theCMS of the site and responded to allcustomer and business enquiries. I wrotethe script and wholly produced adownloadable ringtone. The site is nolonger live, following the sale of the brandin 2011.ResultsJ-curve in website membership, and regularcustomer interaction. 10
  11. 11. Copywriting andcommunications
  12. 12. Product informationBriefWrite copy—on behalf of TargetbaseIntegrated—for a selection of proposalsadvertising Lenovo’s ThinkPad andThinkCentre range to IT managers in theinternational market. Copy should be THINKCENTRE® M92/M92penticing, and highlight the benefits of the Intel® CoreTM i5-2520M processor Genuine Windows® 7 Professional 64-bitproduct, to encourage the reader to 8GB (1380MHz) RAM 160GB SSD HDD 4-in-1 Media Card Readercontact Lenovo to discuss a possible 3-year On-site Warranty SGD XXXXpurchase of the products. PART NO. XXXXXSolutionI wrote copy for information sheets and theemail they were attached to for five of theLenovo ranges.ResultsThe client was very happy with the results, ThinkVision® LT2323z Monitor (3028-LB2) KEEP YOUR DRIVE 23” IPS LED Panel with Full HD Camera and Dual Digital Microphones We respect the importance of keeping corporate makes web conferencing feel like being there. Features USB 3.0 hub, plus files confidential. Keep Your Drive allows you to DisplayPort and VGA monitor ports.and further contracts with the brand have retain your disk drive if it should happen to fail, www.lenovo.com/support/monitors! giving you the peace of mind of knowing your valuable data is secure.! ThinkCentre® Extended Arm (57Y4352)been secured. Tilt, pivot, raise or lower your monitor for improved viewing comfort in portrait or landscape mode. Extend or collapse to move monitor out of the way when not in use. 10.6 in (270 mm) of height adjustment. ASSET TAGGING In the case of loss or theft, dealing with your www.lenovo.com/support/monitoraccessories! insurance company and the authorities can be complicated and time consuming. Simplify the Lenovo Ultraslim Plus Wireless Keyboard and Mouse (0A34032) process with Lenovo Asset Tagging. Systems come Eliminate cables using this comfortable and reliable 2.4 GHz wireless equipped with a professional, flexible asset tag keyboard and mouse combination. based on your exact requirements so your PCs are www.lenovo.com/support/keyboards! easily identifiable and traceable right out of the box.! TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE THINKCENTRE® M92 AND M92P TINY DESKTOPS PLEASE CONTACT [insert rep details] WWW.LENOVO.COM/<CTRY>/WHYLENOVO Footnote: 1. Opal SSC HDD required. 2. Fingerprint reader is as an optional feature available on most configurations. ThinkCentre models require special keyboards. 3. Claim is calculated by taking the average of Lenovo EE3 notebooks and desktops, and comparing it with average data from 49 competitor products of similar configuration (Intel® Core™ i3, i5 and i7 PCs only). Testing conducted by CNET Labs, Beijing in December 2011, using the independent VTS tool to measure start-up times and other performance measurements. Performance will vary by model and configuration. 4. Monitors 1 & 2: Two DisplayPort cables split by optional dongle; Monitors 3 & 4: Two DisplayPort cables split by optional dongle. 5. M92p Tiny (Core i5-3450T) vs. M91p SFF (Core i7-2600). Calculation based on E_TEC (Conventional) in latest Energy Star standard. Trademarks: The following are registered trademarks of Lenovo: the Lenovo logo and ThinkPad. Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation. Other company, product and service names may be trademarks or service marks of others. © 2012 Lenovo. All rights reserved. 12
  13. 13. EDMsBriefProvide copy for the monthly L’Oréal ParisBeauty Confidential email with a focus onfeatured products, promotions, events andcompetitions, with the aim of customerclick-throughs to the website andcompetition entries.SolutionMy copy was used for selected sections ofthe EDM, including the tagline and call-to-action for the hero story, plus the ColesHealth and Beauty Week and LMFF VIPcompetition winner sections.I am also experienced in manging anddistributing MailChimp EDM campaigns.ResultsThe EDM was successfully distributed lateMarch 2012. 13
  14. 14. Customer SMSBriefWrite regular customer SMSs for theGRLmobile brand, advertising upcomingpromotions, or to stimulate extra spend.SolutionMaking use of txtspeak and symbols, Icommunicated each message effectivelywithin the 160 character limit.ResultsUp-sell SMS promotions achieved greatsuccess throughout each promotion period. 14
  15. 15. Product copyBrief Foil Feather Burn-out Tee GRLmobile 100% Pure WaterWrite fun and attention-grabbing copy for The concept that male birds need to wear Instant fashionista – just add watereach product on the GRLmobile website brightly coloured patterns and plumage tothat will appeal to young, fashion- impress their females is quite funny when In his famous Messages From Waterconscious females. compared to human society. For us, it’s the experiments, Dr. Masaru Emoto chicks who dress to impress, while dudes photographed the results of how certainSolution seem comfortable in a dirty pair of jeans and words and phrases can dramatically alter theThe copy was used in the Products section ripped t-shirt. We think that the birds have got molecular structure of water. His findingsof GRLmobile.com, which is no longer it right — who wouldn’t be excited to see your could suggest that drinking water from these crush prancing around in an electric blue GRLmobile-labelled bottles could enhanceonline. velour tuxedo fluffing up his bangs trying to your glamour proficiency in miraculous ways. get your attention? Probably best to give it a go; you can’t doubt proven science. But for now, I guess we need to stick to tradition. So we bring you this brightly coloured peacock feather burnout tee. Cut beautifully to show off your best bits, and featuring a flattering cowl neck, you’ll have no problem securing a date with the prize fowl. 15
  16. 16. BrochuresBriefCreate in-store brochures that outline eachmobile service in the GRLmobile offering,from pre-paid plans and caps tobroadband, including technicalinformation, terms and conditions.SolutionAs well as writing all the copy, I workedclosely with the graphic designer andcreative director on the layout and finalcreative. 16
  17. 17. EditorialBriefWrite three editorial articles to feature onthe SpinnersbyShaneWarne.com “SpinMatters” Health, Style and Lifestylesections, that will appeal to 25–50 year oldmale and female sport-lovers.SolutionI wrote three articles, Staying healthy andhappy one latté at a time, Android: an apprevolution and Choosing jeans — be theking of your pins, researching each topicthoroughly. 17
  18. 18. Business presentationsBriefComplete a submission to enter Spinnersby Shane Warne / lime door brands intothe Australian Marketing Institute 2011Awards for Marketing Excellence in theNew Brand category.SolutionI completed the submission over onemonth, which highlighted the Spinners byShane Warne success story through itsbrand revitalisation from a basic offering oflogoed men’s underwear to a multi-category brand powerhouse tradinginternationally.ResultsSpinners by Shane Warne / lime doorbrands was announced as a State Winnerand a National Finalist in their category. 18
  19. 19. Online TVproduction
  20. 20. ScriptwritingBriefWrite a fun and easy-to-understand voice-over script for a series of how-to videos forthe Dulux Australia website that wereproduced by Hase Media Group.SolutionWorking with the video producer andanimator, I wrote seven four-minute scriptsthat clearly explained the process ofpainting various surfaces and areas.Find them at…http://www.dulux.com.au/advice/how-to-guides/how-to-paint-interior-surfaces 20
  21. 21. Animation consultationBriefStrategise animations to accompany scriptsfor four videos about how businesses canbenefit from accepting American Express.SolutionAs well as scripting consultation, I workedwith the director and head animator atHase Media to brainstorm fun and effectiveanimations to visually explain the conceptsoutlined in the script.Find them at…The videos can be viewed athttp://www.youtube.com/user/americanexpressau?feature=results_main 21
  22. 22. YouTube productionBriefProduce monthly episodes for theSunSmart YouTube channel, thatencourage viewers to stay safe in thesun. This work is through employmentwith Cancer Council Victoria.SolutionI film video and record audio for anumber of episodes, including therelease of the Sun Savvy Chic dress,designed by JASONGRECH.Find them at…The videos can be viewed athttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1k48CCyT24M 22
  23. 23. Creative direction and project management
  24. 24. Project managementBriefLead the creative and web teams toproduce successful online and creativeexecutions across four brands, threeretailers and two countries, in line with tighttimeframes, commercial requirements, andcompany and stakeholder objectives.SolutionI devised monthly content planners andcalendars and maintained an active annualproject calendar and marketing plan, andmanaged the team workload.ResultsCreative executions were delivered on briefand on time. 24
  25. 25. Digital art directionBriefBrief and manage the production of digitalartwork for the Spinners by Shane Warnebrand, their retailers and business partners,covering marketing, advertising andmerchandise promotion acrossSpinnersbyShaneWarne.com, third-partysites, social media platforms and electroniccustomer touchpoints.SolutionI briefed the graphic designer andinteractive designer on upcoming projects,and worked closely with them to managetheir workloads and ensure each elementof final art was visually arresting,commercially effective and delivered ontime.ResultsA colourful, fun and visually appealingsuite of artwork was produced for theduration of the brand’s lifetime, whichreceived positive customer and industrycomments. 25
  26. 26. Marketing strategyBriefUse Blue Ocean marketing strategy tool todetermine a company’s differentiation andspecialisation in the marketplace, thatcould be used by Hamdorf and Associatesin strategic business and marketingconsultancy sessions.SolutionI mapped out the Blue Ocean ValueStrategy Canvas and Four ActionsFramework that was used by Hamdorf andAssociates to help clients consider andfinalise their marketing strategies. 26