Want to get to page 1 of Google?


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Getting to page one of a Google search is tough, as is staying there. Use SEO experts like Splash Copywriters to help you.

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Want to get to page 1 of Google?

  1. 1. Want to get to page 1 of Google? By Splash Copywriters www.splashcopywriters.co.uk
  2. 2. What difference would it make to your business if you ranked on page one of a Google search? Because Splash Copywriters can help get you there.
  3. 3. Why bother with SEO? Because everyone uses the internet. Google handles over 100billion searches every month. Getting to page 1 means you’ll get seen.
  4. 4. BUT. We’re heading towards 1billionactive websites out there, so getting to page one - and staying there – is tough.
  5. 5. That’s why you need an effective SEO strategy.
  6. 6. SEO. The world of SEO used to be a murky one. Times have changed and Google has changed. But it can still be a confusing subject that’s filled with jargon.
  7. 7. Do you want to get to page 1? Then you’ll need some help. Splash Copywriters can give you helpful, transparent advice to build your SEO strategy.
  8. 8. SEO success now relies on… 1. Content creation. 2. Solid, sensible metadata. 3. Quality backlinks. 4. Natural keyword density.
  9. 9. 1. Content. Get good at creating authentic, useful content. Or hire someone to create content for you. Like a copywriter.
  10. 10. The more popular your content, the more respect you’ll get from Google’s clever technology.
  11. 11. 2. Metadata. There are 2 reasons why it’s important to create some great metadata behind your web content.
  12. 12. 1. Because it’ll make it easier for Google to find you. And…
  13. 13. 2. Because what you write in your metadata is what a Google user will see in a search result. So it’s a unique opportunity to deliver a quick sales pitch. That short teaser could be the difference between a click-through or a click away.
  14. 14. 3. Natural keywords. ‘Keyword stuffing’ is an outdated technique. In fact, it’s not advised at all - Google could penalise you if you do it. Instead, just write naturally, with a slight bias towards related search terms.
  15. 15. 4. Backlinks. Backlinks are still relevant, but the emphasis is now on quality over quantity. There are certain tricks to this; have a chat with us to learn more.
  16. 16. So… As hard as might be to get to page 1 of Google, using Splash Copywriters would give you a big advantage. That’s simply because most businesses don’t think about SEO in the ways they should.
  17. 17. Did you know? 89% of business owners have never used any SEO strategy. 17% of business owners build an SEO strategy with limited in-house resources. 3% of business owners outsource their SEO work to external agencies.
  18. 18. Why do so few think about SEO? After all, what’s the point in creating great content or having an amazing website if no one can find it?
  19. 19. Don’t ignore SEO or underestimate how important it is to your bottom line.
  20. 20. The proof. We know what we’re talking about. Just Google ‘copywriters’ and you’ll see what we mean.
  21. 21. Splash Copywriters are experienced, creative copywriters who have written for some of the UK’s biggest brands.
  22. 22. We know how to write words that work, so if you think we can help in any way, get in touch.
  23. 23. Call Matt on 07812 581 297 or take a look at our website: www.splashcopywriters.co.uk