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Creativity In You
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Creativity In You


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Ideas on enhancing your creative abilities in work and life

Ideas on enhancing your creative abilities in work and life

Published in: Career

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  • 1. Creativity: It’s In You! Melissa Eystad World Spirit Consulting
  • 2. Session Overview
    • Definition of Creativity
    • Why We Need Creativity and Problem-Solving Skills
    • Exercise -What are Your “Creative Smarts”?
    • Methods and Tools That Develop Creativity
      • Graphic visualization of your thoughts
      • Brain-storming
      • Think “As If”
      • Others
    • Team Problem-Solving Activities
    • Resources on Creativity and Problem-solving
  • 3. Definitions  
    • Creative
    • Characterized by or productive of new things or new ideas : ingenious , innovative , innovatory , inventive , original
    • Possibilities  
    • Potentiality for favorable or interesting results, such as : The idea has great possibilities .
  • 4. What Are Your “Creative Smarts”?
    • Verbal/linguistic -- the ability to manipulate words in their oral or written form
    • Mathematical/logical -- the ability to manipulate number systems and logical concepts
    • Spatial -- the ability to see and manipulate patterns and designs
    • Musical -- the ability to understand and manipulate musical concepts such as tone, rhythm, and harmony
  • 5. What Are Your “Creative Smarts”?
    • Bodily-kinesthetic -- the ability to use one’s body and movement, as in dance or sports
    • Intrapersonal – the ability to understand one’s feelings and to be reflective and philosophical
    • Interpersonal – the ability to understand other people and their thoughts and feelings
  • 6. Why We Need Creativity
    • To adapt to changing situations, environment
    • To contribute our uniqueness to the outside world
    • To innovate, grow and develop
    • To solve challenging problems
    • To survive!
  • 7. Remember: When you do what you’ve always done You get what you always got!
  • 8. Barriers to Creativity
    • Being too busy or too involved with a problem
    • Having conflicting purposes
    • (Internal) fear of criticism
    • (Internal) lack of confidence
    • (Internal) state of mind/level of stress
    • A boring environment that does not feed the senses
    • Demands for quick results
    • Harsh words (from others or ourselves)
    • Rigid rules and barriers that prevent us from gathering information or connecting with others
  • 9. Methods and Tools that Develop Creativity
    • Graphic visualization of your thoughts
    • Brainstorming
    • Think “As If”
    • Others
  • 10. Graphic Visualization
    • Mindmapping unlocks the potential of the brain
    • Gives you a “picture” of the problem—and the possibilities
  • 11. Brainstorming
    • Define problem or issue to be addressed
    • Generate lots of possible solutions
    • Decide what criteria must be met for viable options
    • Rate ideas
    • Select most promising
  • 12. Think “As If”….
    • Forces you to examine the issue from perspectives other than your own
    • Think of a current work challenge
    • Clearly state the problem
    • Propose solutions from the perspective of specific people
  • 13. Other Ideas
    • Writing
    • Journaling is a great way to capture those thoughts and ideas that never get spoken. So is doodling!
    • Ideas on the run
    • Bring a small digital recorder with you everywhere, just in case you get that flash of inspiration.
    • Jordan Ayan’s* 10 Strategies:
      • Connect
      • Environment
      • Travel
      • Play and Humor
      • Read
      • Art
      • Technology
      • Power-thinking
      • Go inward
      • Find your creative soul
    • From Aha! 10 Ways to Free Your Creative Spirit and Find Your Great Ideas 1997 Three Rivers Press New York
  • 14. Team Activities
    • Survivor
    • Fashion Show
  • 15. Resources on Creativity
    • www. destinationimagination .org (global creative problem-solving competitions for children)
    • www. higherawareness .com/creativity. shtml (free email newsletter)
    • www.brainstorming (more information on how to do brainstorming)
    • Creativity Web-resources for creativity and innovation at http://members. ozemail .