The Seidewitz Group - Applied Neuromarketing
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The Seidewitz Group - Applied Neuromarketing






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The Seidewitz Group - Applied Neuromarketing The Seidewitz Group - Applied Neuromarketing Presentation Transcript

  • The Seidewitz Group Capabilities Updated February 9, Confidential Understanding Minds SM
  • The Seidewitz Group•  Research-based marketing strategy consulting firm –  Founded in 2001 –  Based in New York, Las Vegas & Cincinnati –  Network of high-level consultants with marketing experience at P&G, Coke, Zyman Marketing, GE, Intuit, Coors•  Specialty –  Using the science of human memory and motivation to develop deeper connections with consumers•  Services –  Full service qualitative and quantitative market research planning & execution –  Brand positioning strategy development –  MetAnalysis™ –  Product innovation/idea generation –  Concept development & testing –  Volumetric forecasting Confidential Understanding Minds SM 2
  • The Seidewitz GroupOur Clients •  Consumer Products: •  B2B –  Intel –  Intuit –  ConAgra –  SYSCO –  Panasonic •  Pharma & Med Device –  Blockbuster Video –  Align Technology –  Procter & Gamble –  Pfizer –  Ashland Oil (Valvoline) –  Merck –  Legal Zoom –  Boston Scientific •  Venture-Funded Start-ups –  Sanofi-Aventis –  Microbide Ltd. (Ireland) –  Teva Neuroscience –  One True Media/Spotmixer –  Forest Laboratories –  Dash Navigation –  HemoCue (Sweden) –  Miramar Labs –  GE Confidential Understanding Minds SM 3
  • The Seidewitz Group Scott Seidewitz, Principal •  Former P&G brand manager –  Redefined P&G’s marketing of OTC health care products to medical professionals. •  MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management •  Strong background in the science of human memory and motivation –  Developed contextual research tools to apply the science of human memory and motivation to understanding consumer decision-making. •  10+ years of consulting and research experience –  Broad experience in positioning, messaging, qualitative and quantitative concept development and testing, volumetric forecasting, brand architecture, target audience definition and segmentation •  Winner of a National Citation of Excellence from the American Advertising Confidential Understanding Minds SM 4
  • Contextual Confidential Understanding Minds SM
  • Why do people say one thing but do something else? ? Confidential 6 Understanding Minds SM
  • A pervasive and under-recognized problem in marketing: •  Quantitative purchase drivers –  Stated ≠ Derived •  Copy testing –  Qualitative reactions ≠ Quantitative testing –  Qualitative reactions ≠ In-market results •  Product development –  What they say they want ≠ What they really want •  Consumer and B2B Confidential Understanding Minds SM 7
  • The same problem confounds many other fields: •  Psychology –  What people say makes them happy ≠ What does make them happy •  Law –  What witnesses say they saw ≠ What really happened •  Economics –  Why people say they make decisions ≠ Why they make Confidential Understanding Minds SM 8
  • The problem is…Confabulation •  People fill in gaps in memory with fabrications that they believe to be true. •  Well established in psychology and neurology Confidential Understanding Minds SM 9
  • The key to understanding confabulation: the emergingscience of implicit memory •  Implicit memories are memories we do not have conscious access to and are not aware of their influence on our behavior. •  Virtually all brain systems learn and store implicit memories. •  Emotional brain systems, in particular, are centers for implicit memories. •  Implicit memories are more accurate than explicit ones. •  Implicit memories have a profound influence on human behavior, motivation and decision-making. –  Demasio and Confidential Understanding Minds SM 10
  • Contextual Research Tools for uncovering implicit andemotional drivers of behavior. •  Context StorytellingSM •  Visual LadderingSM •  Ethnographic LadderingSM •  Context Confidential Understanding Minds SM 11
  • Contextual ResearchContext Storytelling •  Broad storytelling technique used for context restoration •  Adapted from the Cognitive Interview ? used in eyewitness testimony •  Effective for: –  Improving completeness and accuracy of memory recall –  Identifying implicit functional needs that drive purchase and prescribing Confidential Understanding Minds SM 12
  • Contextual ResearchVisual Laddering •  Multiple research stimuli used to activate multiple brain systems •  Effective for: –  Identifying complete consumer needs set (explicit, implicit, and emotional) for a given category or Confidential Understanding Minds SM 13
  • Contextual Research Ethnographic Laddering •  Combines environmental immersion with emotional laddering •  Effective for: –  Identifying implicit functional needs and emotional connections –  Identifying emotional connections to product attributes and Confidential Understanding Minds SM 14
  • Contextual ResearchContext Laddering & B2B Context Laddering •  Context Storytelling combined with emotional laddering •  Effective for: –  Identifying functional and emotional needs that drive purchase and prescribing Confidential Understanding Minds SM 15
  • Contextual ModelingNeedsMapTM Confidential Understanding Minds SM 16
  • Contextual StrategyProprietary tools convert understanding into actionsthat deliver Confidential Understanding Minds SM 17
  • ResultsReferences and extensive case histories are available uponrequest, and Confidential Understanding Minds SM 18
  • Thank you! Contact Information: The Seidewitz Group 333 Greenwich Street New York, NY 10013 212-477-7722 Confidential Understanding Minds SM 19