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The basics of Twitter and how to use it for marketing.

The basics of Twitter and how to use it for marketing.

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  • 1. Twitter Defined• “a service for friends, family, and co-workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of a quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?”
  • 2. Twitter Statistics • An average of 1200 tweets per second. • 182% increase in the number of mobile users over the past year.• Beyonce announced her pregnancy at the VMA’s - 8,868 tweets per second• Tim Tebow’s 80-yard, game winning touchdown pass- 9,420 tweets per second.
  • 3. Twitter Terminology• Tweet• @ replies (also known as mentions)• Retweeting (RT)• Hashtags (#)• Direct Message (DM)• Followers• Feed• Lists
  • 4. Twitter Basics (For personal or business)• Fill in your profile so people know about you. • Indexed by Google• Use your own picture, or logo, as your avatar.• Use @ before someone’s know to show reference to that person. (@SpiderDigital)• Use hashtags (#) to give context to updates. • Also used to index tweets.
  • 5. Twitter Basics• Say what you are thinking/doing? • Who we are and what we are talking about.• Listen to what your Twitter friends are saying. • Largest FREE focus group• Respond to Twitter friends when you can add value to the conversation.• Update at least once a day.
  • 6. Twitter Search Tools• • Helps find people and discussion topics• Social Mention • Real time collective posts about a topic • Helps find topics to join in the conversation and helps find people• Twellow • A Twitter directory to find who to talk to • Search world wide or by city• StumbleUpon, Bottlenose, and Trendsmap • tools to find information• Hootsuite • You can assign tasks and use as team management • Add in key words to watch. • Helps build conversation and audience. • Schedule posts • Analytics• Tweetdeck • Not cloud based • Doesn’t have as many features as Hootsuite
  • 7. Monitoring Tools• Tweetgrader • How influential are you on Twitter?• Klout • Over all social media influence
  • 8. Twitter Monitoring and Measuring• URL shorteners (free) • or tinyURL• Google Analytics(free)• Statcounter (free)• Boxcar (free) • App that combines all alerts/messages to one spot.• Twilert (free) • App that enables your to receive email updates of tweets containing your brand, service, product or any key word of choice.• GetClicky (paid) • Real time analytics• Radian 6 and Argyle Social (level pricing) • Measure reach, social influence, and ROI
  • 9. How Business Use Twitter
  • 10. How Businesses Use Twitter• Building Brand Awareness• Customer Service• Building Loyalty and retention• Promotion• Instant Updates• Job Recruitment• Watch your competition• Search visibility- All content is indexable
  • 11. Twitter Marketing• Chose your target audience • Who does your product appeal to (their influencers as well) • Who do you care about • Decide whether to have 1 or multiple accounts • What is our unique selling point on Twitter and does it differ from our normal marketing USP • Think about how to incentivize your customers on Twitter differently than other platforms • What do your customers value at the end of the day?
  • 12. Twitter Marketing• Implementing your plan • Deciding on what content to produce – Make a top 10 list of topics – Look into what’s trending • Crafting your message – Language choice is crucial. Use keywords. • How much do you tweet? (Once a day? 5 times a day?) • How often do you tweet? (Every day? Once a week?) • Percentages of tweets of sales vs offers vs promotions • Look at competitors and what are they doing?
  • 13. Increase Your Following• Search for people or topics that may be relevant to you or your business • Search examples: keywords, competitors, or hashtags regarding events that you attend. (#mediatraining)• Find your customers and their influencers and find what “lists” they are apart of in Twitter and cheer pick who you want to follow. • Lists group common Tweeters together. You make your personalized list.(Rapportive is a Gmail add-in that shows what social networksyour contacts are apart of.)
  • 14. Increase Your Following• Tweet interesting stuff• People want the internet curated for them• Tweet interesting links• Use a lot of pictures• Keep the elements of secrecy or surprise in your tweets• Start a contest• Find passion in your tweets• Ask and answer questions• Stick to a consistent tweet schedule
  • 15. Increase You Following• Twitter is a place to build relationships • The more involved you are the more followers you will have.• Typically a good start is 4 or 5 tweets a day• Have a mixed strategy: sales, engagement, industry, company events.• Think about the value you provide to your users • WIIFM is how consumers think • Do you have any promotions or coupons? • What events will you be at? Trade Shows? • What makes your customers job easier? • Tell customers where to find your latest content.
  • 16. Advertising on Twitter
  • 17. Advertising Options• Promoted Account • Use Promoted Accounts to quickly scale a follower-base of advocates and influencers for your brand.• Promoted Tweet • Use Promoted Tweets to amplify your message with targeting options that allow you to reach the right person, in the right place, at the right time.• Promoted Trends • Use Promoted Trends to drive conversations and interest around your brand or product by capturing a user’s attention on Twitter.
  • 18. Promoted Account• Build a critical mass of loyal followers. Promoted Accounts are ideal for: • Turbo-charging user discovery • Building up to a big event or your next product release • Capitalizing on a particular event or period of the year when the account will be most relevant.
  • 19. Promoted Tweet• Engage beyond your core followership. Promoted Tweets are ideal for: • Sharing content and seeding interest • Building awareness among relevant audiences • Building a brand voice • Offering deals
  • 20. Promoted Trends• Join some of the worlds biggest conversations. Promoted Trends are ideal for: • Building mass awareness • Product launches and events • Brand building by association
  • 21. Enhanced Profiles• Increase your brands Twitter presence. Enhanced profile pages are ideal for: – Creating a richer experience for your audience on Twitter with visual branding – Prominently featuring your most relevant content – Driving traffic to your latest ad campaign, news, product launch or promotion
  • 22. Enhanced Not Enhanced
  • 23. Analytics• Impressions, Retweets, clicks, replies and follows, and unfollows.• Timeline activity breaks information down per tweet.• Followers dashboard is where you can gain valuable insights about your followers. – See how you gained your followers over time and their composition by interest, geography, gender, and engagement.
  • 24. Getting Started
  • 25. Pricing• CPC basis• Same cost effectiveness as Facebook
  • 26. @SpiderDigital@mediaplacement