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  1. 1. SPIDER Detective & Security ServiceAn Organization Of Quality Service With Smile
  2. 2. Managing Partners…Raghavendra G.G & D.T. Mahesh
  3. 3. Brief Introduction Spider Detective & Security Service (SDSS) was established in 2005. Since 2008the company focused on security and legal services for foreign-funded enterprises inHubli, offices, factories, mines, properties, etc… We began to provide comprehensive security services after 2008 enterprises foroverseas offices, factories, mines, properties etc…. Spider Detective & SecurityService Company which is headquartered in Hubli then developed and expandedrapidly and currently has branch offices in many major cities all over Karnataka.Guarding services can be very expensive and even more so if not correctly assessed andapplied. With over 30 years experience in the security industry, we understand theimportance of gaining and retaining customer loyalty by developing partnershipsfounded on trust, confidentiality and integrity.We also recognize the value of making a commitment to our staff with ongoing trainingprogrammers and the assurance of a stable employment base . We do not seek businesswhich cannot be maintained by good security practices, or good conditions of service,nor do we seek work outside a given operational area. We feel confident, that ourcontinuing success within an ever-changing market is a result of our philosophy, anddetermination to provide a responsive and professional tailor-made service at areasonable cost.
  4. 4. COMPANY PROFILE :SPIDER DETECTIVE & SECURITY SERVICE Comprising aquality team of executives & professionals emerged fromworld’s No.1 Company G4S. with the motto of providingefficient and challenging security services to our valuedcustomers, our company is dedicated to render service to thecustomers satisfaction, utmost care and respect.We are proud to intimate that present Spider Detective &Security Service was well known earlier in the name of DinosaurSecurity & Detective Service with commitment in differentsectors for the last 5 years throughout Karnataka.Our company stood committed for quality and efficiency withservice oriented team having well educated, trained, obedientand duty conscious personals providing 24 X 7 services toupkeep the interest of our customers at the doorstep.
  5. 5. Company Background :A leading Spider Detective & Security Service in NorthKarnataka, Spider. Has a license to operate in Karnataka circlesSpider Detective & Security Service is a venture of the Partners.Spider Detective & Security Service. through its presence in 11operational circles covers 60% of Total Security Service In NorthKarnataka.
  6. 6. We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the best and trustworthy Security Service Providers & also to take ultimatecare, safety and security of our mastersGuarding Services – Static & Mobile Patrol Escort Services Detective & Investigation Security & Fire Fighting TrainingSecurity Consultancy Vehicle Seizing House keeping and Office BoysLabour Contractor
  7. 7. We have decent and well experienced staff to serve roundthe clock for various types of organization such as, Industries /Commercial Firms/ Educational Institutions / Apartments /Residence / Financial Institutions / Software companies etc.Our personnel’s are well trained, well behaved, educated, andexperienced, and also they are sturdy and good in physique. We recruit our supervisory personnel from EX-ARMY/Experienced civilians after careful screening with theirAntecedent and also merits. There is periodical inspectionduring day/ night by the routine officers apart from surprisechecking. Charges quoted are competitive and reasonable. Wewelcome any enquiry about profession or information. Ourorganization is legally founded and backed by noted legaladvisors.
  8. 8. We are installed in all the parts of Karnataka. We are the majorsecurity service providers especially in….HUBLI DHARWAD BELUR industries area BELGAUMGADAG BIJAPUR BAGALKOT SHIMOGA HAVERIUTTAR KANNADA AND UDUPI
  9. 9. Entire gamut of solutions :~ Guard Duty A person who keeps watch over something orsomeone Taking All in & out going receipt.Checking all the Vehicles at all the times on their arrival anddeparture. Entering all record in register. Taking care of all the incomings and out goings. Taking Care of surround area. Guard have authorized to check full vehicle at the arrival aswell as on departure of the vehicle.
  10. 10. Supervisor Duty Taking Care of guards Maintaining all the record of registers Checking guards uniform daily. All things are reported to HR or Branch Head Supervisor also have authority to dismiss the guards when they failto inform before of their absence .
  11. 11. Field Officers Patrolling one unit to other unit Managing all the Unit Security Supervisor & Guards Daily on check of the Supervisor & guards duty. All things are reported to HR or Units Branch HeadThey replace themselves in guards place in case of their non informalabsence.
  12. 12. Administration and accounts manager Takes up all the details and reports from the field officer’s . Maintains the attendance.Looks on the salary of each guards and other officer’s. Maintains all the accounts.
  13. 13. MODE OF OPERATION *) Enforcing Security Procedure at the GateThey will check, regulate the movements of vehicles, materials, workers and visitors. All the visitors will b e screened and will be admitted inside the factory on the express permission, through issue of visitors passes. Movements of workers will be regulated at the gate according to the shift hours. During shift working hours, movements of the workers will be controlled by way of employee gate passes. No worker will be allowed to go out during working hours without a valid gate pass. The incoming and outgoing materials will also be regulated by exercise of proper checks at the gate with reference to vouchers and gate passes. Registers for incoming and outgoing materials will be kept separately at the gate. All the incoming and outgoing vehicles will be checked at the gate and entries recorded in the registers maintained for the purpose
  14. 14. *)Patrolling of the AreaThe area in the factory which is considered vulnerable is to be patrolled regularly bythe guards to safeguard the premises and the materials lying therein*) They will attend to the prevention of the fire and accidents by suggesting suitablemeasures.*) They will conduct personal checks of the outgoing workers at the gate. Personalsearch of a worker will be also anywhere in the factory premises if such a worker issuspected to be found in wrongful possession of any materials pertaining to thefactory.*) They will maintain regular vigilance in regard to safeguarding the factorypremises, materials and personnel.*) They will arrange to keep watch and be alert in regard to corrupt practices orattempt at willful damage to property or premises by any worker*) To arrange to investigate cases of thefts and report to the management for takingnecessary action.
  15. 15. • REPLACEMENT* We reserve the rights to change the security personnel fromunits as and when required by us. We also undertake theresponsibility to change them from your premises in the event ofany complaint received against the individual in writing from you.Any security personnel of the unit falling sick or proceeding onleave are immediately replaced by us at no additional charges.However, for unforeseen reason if a guard falls sick or somemishap takes place in his house and if he is relived. But there willnot be extra charges for you for this additional duty implyingthereby, that the agency will provide the required man hours forthe security employed by the unit. Such emergency will howeverarise rarely and immediately when the unit in charges informs theoffice replacement will be sent without any extra charges.
  16. 16. PERIODICLE CHECKSSenior officers of our company will visit and inspect unitsperiodically and Supervise the performance of the securitypersonnel suggestions and precautionary Measure will bediscussed with you and that will be timely & effectivelyImplemented
  17. 17. MODE OF PAYMENT * We submit our bill/s on or before 5th of every month & we request you to make payment within 7 days i.e., maximum by 12th from the date of receipt of the same. Non payment of the bills, within the stipulated period will be deemed to be charged interest @ 10% on total billing. DURATION OF CONTRACT The period of contract will be at least for Two years, if there isany Misunderstanding between both the parties, the contract can beterminated by giving one month prior notice by either side.
  18. 18. • PILFERAGE / THEFT The agency in case of theft / pilferage during the tenure of the agreement withthe client, the agency will depute its investigators to conduct the preliminaryenquiries and submit the report to the company. If the preliminary report found thatour security personnel are involved either due to negligence / connivance of thecompany on its own will have to report the theft / pilferage cases to the policestation under its jurisdiction and agency will assist them in this matter. AMENITIES Apart from the payment of wages as per minimum wages act to our securitypersonnel, we shall be responsible for providing the following amenities / benefitsto them. a) Leave (as per Karnataka shops and Establishment act) b) Provident fund c) ESI contribution d) Subsidized food (specialized unit)
  19. 19. The guards (gents/ladies) are well trained to maintainDiscipline. Neatness in their work. Good out look. Well hygiene. Note : In case of any indiscipline or the violation of the rules and regulation of the company by the guards (gents/ladies) they will be subjected to penalty and will be dismissed immediately.
  20. 20. Our Unique & Hardworking Team Branch Manager Mohammed SadiqOperation Manager Manjunath G.RonadAdmin & Accountant Martina N.Jogul Field Officer’s Sameer Ahmed Prakash Harkuni Manjunath K.H Iranna S Halavoor
  21. 21. Sameer Ahmed Manjunath G.RonadPrakash Harkuni Manjunath K.H
  22. 22. Martina (Admin)Mohammed Sadiq (Branch Manager)
  23. 23. Thank You