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Control power cooling_costs

  1. 1. Controlling Your Power and Cooling Costs with Dell PowerEdge Servers ServerWatch TM Executive Briefa QuinStreet Excutive Brief. © 2012
  2. 2. ServerWatch TM Controlling Your Power and Cooling Costs with Dell PowerEdge Servers Today’s powerful business-critical applications and the sheer amount of data created by businesses require organizations to invest in powerful servers that can handle the load. For many businesses, more powerful servers mean a higher electric bill as more energy is used to power and cool the data center. According to a study sponsored by The New York Times, total data center power consumption from servers, storage, communications, cooling and power distribution equipment accounted for between 1.7 percent and 2.2 percent of total electricity use in the United States in 2010. That sounds like a significant amount newer, more efficient power supplies There are four features of Dell’s of power, and it is, but the other that can help control power costs. 12th generation PowerEdge servers impressive finding in the survey is that There are also some IT administrators that make them more energy the amount of power being devoted who are testing the traditional efficient when compared to previous to data centers isn’t growing as fast as conventions of data center power and generations. Together they help Dell’s the researchers originally expected. cooling by experimenting with running newest PowerEdge servers deliver 47x warmer data centers and alternative greater performance per watt over There are a number of ways that IT cooling techniques, as well as a servers the company featured just administrators are saving on power and renewed focus on airflow in the data three generations ago. cooling costs. They are increasingly center instead of temperatures. adopting server virtualization to reduce Power-Efficient Components the number of physical servers they Dell’s newest PowerEdge servers, the need to run the business and increase 12th generation of the PowerEdge line, Dell’s 12th generation PowerEdge the utilization rates they get from are designed to improve efficiency in servers are full of components that the physical servers they are running. the data center by automating day-to- work together to create an energy- They are also taking advantage of day tasks, enabling simple deployment efficient system. power management technologies and provisioning, making infrastructure that are both built into the server and management easier for administrators The 12th generation Dell PowerEdge included in the management software and by saving costs with a number of servers are powered by the Intel® that help monitor and manage their energy-efficient features. Dell’s 12th Xeon® processor E5-2600 product infrastructure. generation PowerEdge servers are family, which delivers energy-efficient available in rack, blade and tower form performance without negatively Administrators are taking advantage factors, and feature the latest Intel® impacting processor performance. of newer, more efficient servers with Xeon server processors. The servers also take advantage of© 2012, QuinStreet, Inc. 1
  3. 3. ServerWatch TM Controlling Your Power and Cooling Costs with Dell PowerEdge Servers components like low-voltage memory; variable-speed fans that speed up and “The 12th generation Dell PowerEdge down depending on the load on the system; and low-power resistors to servers introduce OpenManage make energy efficiency a integral part of the new systems. Essentials, a hardware management Power Management console that can monitor and maintain The 12th generation Dell PowerEdge server, storage and networking devices.“ servers introduce OpenManage Essentials, a hardware management console that can monitor and maintain Manager enables administrators to machines that consume less power. server, storage and networking monitor, report and control power Dell servers already offer very low devices. It reduces the complexity of consumption at the processor, energy consumption at idle as well as basic management tasks; is easy to memory and system level. It can full workload. In fact, Dell servers have install and maintain; and is optimized aggregate monitoring and control improved performance per watt by for use by IT generalists. across racks, aisles and data centers 31 times over the past five years. Dell and permits policy-based power offers different sized power supplies Also new with 12th generation capping through an integrated for its servers so customers can tailor PowerEdge servers is Dell’s management console. their servers’ power requirements to OpenManage PowerCenter, a part of the specific workloads that run on their OpenManage Essentials that delivers This greater visibility into data center machines. increased visibility and control of power power usage can help administrators consumption to administrators. They facilitate increased rack server Dell’s power supply efficiency has can use this information to improve density where it’s possible; optimizes increased 16 percent in the 12th rack density, decrease response times workload power consumption; and generation PoweEdge servers and make better overall decisions. The enables power-based dynamic compared to the previous generation. OpenManage PowerCenter is part workload placement or migration. Dell estimates the savings from its of the Dell OpenManage Essentials The OpenManage Power Center can power supplies at $64 per server per management console. also cap usage in milliseconds when year, and that’s thanks to features power or thermal events occur in the that help Dell PSUs dynamically fit a The OpenManage Power Center data center. customer’s power usage. works with the new Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 product family Power Supplies Dell PSUs are designed to run at the to extract and present power and highest possible efficiency, up to 94 temperature information provided In addition to generational energy- percent. A feature called Extended by Intel® Node Manager technology efficiency improvements delivered Power Range increases the overall in an easy-to-understand form. by Dell 12th generation PowerEdge system power budget by 15 percent The combination of OpenManage servers using Intel Xeon processors, by increasing the configurations that Power Center and Intel Node Dell is working to create more efficient fit within a smaller power supply.© 2012, QuinStreet, Inc. 2
  4. 4. ServerWatch TM Controlling Your Power and Cooling Costs with Dell PowerEdge Servers A feature called Hot Spare intelligently years, this increased demand for platform for the heavier application puts a redundant PSU into “sleep processing power caused skyrocketing workloads being driven by businesses. state” to match the efficiency costs for data center power and They feature the Dell OpenManage advantage of a single PSU, but without cooling, but thanks to advances Power Center, which helps losing its redundancy capability. In made by server vendors, the direst administrators measure and monitor the event of a failure, a sleeping PSU predictions for power and cooling power consumption and increase will instantly wake up and support the costs are not being fulfilled. their efficiency. Energy-efficient power system load. supplies can help administrators right With its 12th generation PowerEdge size their power consumption so it Fresh Air Validation servers, Dell makes it easier for matches their infrastructure. Finally, businesses to control and monitor validation for Dell’s Chiller-Less Fresh Many IT administrators are exploring their energy usage than ever before. Air solution allows some Dell servers power and cooling solutions that take Already energy efficient at idle and full to run at higher temperatures and a new approach to industry standard workload, Dell’s newest PowerEdge humidity levels to further decrease temperatures and cooling. Dell is servers are an excellent energy-efficient cooling costs. engineering its servers to operate at higher ambient air temperatures. The Dell Chiller-Less Fresh Air solution brings outside (chiller-less) air into the data center to support the cooling. This results in lower power consumption in the data center. Dell already added Fresh Air validation to select servers, switches and storage arrays, and will continue to support and expand the Fresh Air program with the 12th generation PowerEdge servers. According to Dell, the Fresh Air solution can accrue up to $100,000 of operational savings per megawatt of IT and eliminate capital expenditures of approximately $3 million per MW of IT. Conclusion Increased workloads and powerful applications are forcing businesses to demand more computing power from their data center. For the past several© 2012, QuinStreet, Inc. 3