Spice Up Your Life with AVG CloudCare


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Speaker: Darren Boisjolie, Director of Engineering, SMB
14:45 - 15:45
Hear how AVG CloudCare’sT™ “pay-as-you-go” services integrated with Spiceworks help you manage your smaller customers’ networks, protect their devices, and increase productivity while lowering your costs and raising profitability. Also find out how AVG CloudCare can identify new sales opportunities and decrease churn for you.

Speaker Bio: Darren has 25 years of experience architecting, designing and developing networking and communications-based software applications and service delivery over the Internet. At AVG SMB he is responsible for leading the development and delivery of the AVG CloudCareTM and AVG Family Safety products.

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Spice Up Your Life with AVG CloudCare

  1. 1. Spice Up Your Life with AVG CloudCare™Version 2.4March 2013
  2. 2. Industry leader for simplifying, optimizing and securing our usersInternet experiences.22 years in business1000+ Employees world wide146 Million Active UsersPublicly Traded: NYSE: AVG30% Y/Y Growth and Growing!About AVG Technologies
  3. 3. Mission: Simplifying IT Management for the small business• Spans two continents: North America & Europe with• local support• Multi-channel business• Mike Foreman, GM SMB Group• Over 5,000 active resellers – 1,000+ AVG CloudCare Partners• AVG CloudCare TM : Top strategic priority for AVGAVG’s SMB Group
  4. 4. Difficult economic times forcing small businesses tokeep tight hold on IT budgets while demanding evermore from their service providersTechnology tools available to them are designed forenterprises, not small businesses.The SMB Dilemma
  5. 5. Simplify Security & IT Management forSmall businessPartnerMainofficeHomeofficeRemoteusersServicesAVG CloudCare™ is a cloud-based platform – purpose-built for small businesses.All the right tools. None of the complexity.Web Services:AVG CloudCare leverages our proven end point technology with the power ofthe cloud for managementAVG Remote ITAVG Content FilteringAVG AntiVirus
  6. 6. Free Easy-to-use Cloud-based Administrative PlatformGives real-time visibility and the ability to manage IT services across all clients and customers. Keylesslicensing and easy-to-use preset policies remove administrative hassles in managing accounts.Pay-As-You-Go with Easy On/Off ServicesUnlike rival platforms that charge up-front fees, AVG CloudCare only charges for services that areactually used and allows users to activate and deactivate services as neededAVG CloudCare: Platform & Services
  7. 7. FREE AVG Remote IT (Now out of beta)This tool lets resellers remotely access and trouble-shoot issues on their customers’ devices fromanywhere. Most importantly AVG is providing this essential capability for free.Business-strength AVG AntiVirus 2013 TechnologyDetects, blocks and removes viruses to keep customers networks protected with the latest AVG AVtechnology. Real-time updates and automated upgrades to protect against emerging threats.AVG Content FilteringBlocks or gives warnings about website access, with the option of defined time intervals. One-clickscheduling allows customers to fine tune web access according to the task requirements of individualemployees. No hardware or network changes required.AVG CloudCare Key Services
  8. 8. Best-of-breed Email Security Services include:AVG AntiSpam, a comprehensive cloud-based protection against spam, viruses, phishing attacks,malware, denial of service (DoS) attacks, directory harvesting attacks (DHA), and other and other keyemail-borne threats.AVG Email Archive, a highly efficient email archive that provides powerful email search capabilities,simple email recovery to the user’s inbox, and web­ based access to the archive for business continuity.AVG Email Archive Lite, providing users with many of the same capabilities as AVG Email Archive, butlimited to a rolling sixty (60) day archive of all email.AVG Encrypted Email, automatically encrypts all inbox-to-inbox communication through a hosted,secure network to more easily comply with industry regulations and protect sensitive information,including HIPAA, Financial Services, CIPA, UK NIN, and state data breach notification laws. Custompolicies are also available to always encrypt email going “To:” a specific domain.New: AVG Email Security Services
  9. 9. • Remote, one-click deployment forinstalls and activations, eliminating costly on-site visits• Real-time updates and automatedupgrades for up-to-date protection andsecurity• Automatic alerts that signal customerneeds and opportunities, leading toincreased sales• Customizable reports that showcase thevalue channel partners are providing• Unlimited 30 day trial before purchaseEasy to use!
  10. 10. Remote upgrade or transfer customersWith a simple tick-in-a-box, older versions of AVG and/or a number ofleading competitive security brands can be removed and replacedremotely with the very latest AVG protectionRemote virus vault managementManage virus vault contents on selected devices/device groups andacross entire organizations remotely - infected files can be deleted,healed and restored at the click of a buttonOther AVG CloudCare features:
  11. 11. Providing the Channel with professional tools and an attractive overall valueproposition to serve the SMB marketDesigned with partner input and tested by hundreds of resellers and MSPs onthousands of devices before launch1,000 partners signed to date; 50,000+ endpoints80% report increased efficiency with AVG CloudCare*From a leading provider of internet and mobile security for 146 million active users*November 2012 Survey of AVG ResellersA Proven Platform & Partner
  12. 12. Lower costs. Save time. Make more money. It’s that simple.Available exclusively via AVG resellers in North America, the UK and Ireland.
  13. 13. AVG CloudCare Architecture
  14. 14. Spiceworks Integrationhttps://projects.invisionapp.com/share/N7DSAFPC#/screens
  15. 15. https://cloudcare.avg.comAVG CloudCare Demo