Thought Bubble City Trendspotting Early 2011


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A review of trends from our city trendspotting tours in the US and Canada. Featuring unique consumer, home and interior design trends captured in our trendspotting tours to Portland, OR, Seattle, WA, Vancouver, Canada, San Diego, CA and Boulder, CO. For more trends, information on our services or products and to learn more about Sphere Trending visit

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Thought Bubble City Trendspotting Early 2011

  2. 2. CITY TRENDSPOTTING EARLY 2011Hello! Looking for a trendspotting tid-bit from the traveling team atSphere Trending? Enjoy a sneak peek of ourfavorite finds from these cities:o San Diego, CAo Seattle, WAo Portland, OR CABANAZo Vancouver, BCo Chattanooga, TNo Boulder, CO THE COTTAGE COMPANY - SEATTLEAnd… if we’ve interested you in our work,maybe you’d like to learn more about ourservices, reports and forecasts? PORTLAND DEVIL’S MAY WEAR - VANCOUVER ©2011 Sphere Trending, LLC
  3. 3. City Trendspotting Tour - Summary 1st Half 2011 1116 voorheis road waterford, mi 48328 U.S.A. tel 248.681.3945 fax 248.681.3992 website: A PHOTO GALLERY The information contained in this document is provided for demonstration & internal research purposes only, to give dimension and meaning to the trends. Any reproduction of this information is a direct violation of the Federal Copyright Law. This includes,but is not limited to, color copying, color printing, photocopying or faxing, as well as email distribution of all content, photographs & images, or posting on the Internet. Please be careful to not copy the designs, trademarks or intellectual properties of others reported within these pages, as this may result in your being sued or prosecuted by the owner of that content. ©2011 Sphere Trending LLC
  4. 4. our story... did you know...? we travel to cities & tradeshows in the US, Canada & abroad to track consumer lifestyle trends throughout the year. This brings our yearly total of images and photos to 75,000+! That’s a lot of foot leather and camera batteries... what does this mean for you...? we provide our clients with critical knowledge & insights for how today’s changing consumer lives, shops & entertains. understanding what these key new home communities, retail developments and socializing venues look like – and why – means you can better tailor your products, services and marketing campaigns to have the most impact & positive reaction in the market. want to learn more? Call us for a visit, we’d GOOD DOG - CHATTANOOGA love to share our insight with you! ©2011 Sphere Trending, LLC
  5. 5. front porches return... did you know...? in homes, both old and new, large and small, traditional or modern, front porches are the new must-have accessory. as a matter of fact, the front porch is the #1 most requested amenity of new home builders according to the AIA. (American Institute of Architects) SAN DIEGO VANCOUVER BOULDER SEATTLE PORTLAND ©2011 Sphere Trending, LLC
  6. 6. storytelling... did you know...? 60 percent of consumers say they often or always pay more for a better experience. (Harris Interactive) sharing the story of a brand, a unique feature of an dining establishment or store creates an engaging experience for the consumer. GOOD DOG in Chattanooga, TN is not only the best hot dog restaurant in town, but a green and sustainable MOTHERS BISTRO & BAR in establishment. Portland, OR features a The refuse & “Mom of the Month” and recycling the featured Mother’s center tells that favorite recipes are story with great prepared by the chef and signage and diners can read her unique recycled story as they enjoy her food. material décor. ©2011 Sphere Trending, LLC
  7. 7. outside in retailing... did you know...? it’s getting harder and harder to attract the attention of the consumer raised looking down at cell phones, hand held devices and electronic gadgets. it’s critical to Raise-the-Sightlines™ and to navigate the consumer’s focus to your store, brand or product – we found many retailers creating exciting and innovative exteriors to perk the consumer’s interest into what might be inside... SEATTLE SEATTLE CHATANOOGA ©2011 Sphere Trending, LLC
  8. 8. FUNctional... did you know...? with new home square footage shrinking (dropping for the first time in 10 years to a new low of 2343sq. ft. – a loss of almost 300 sq. ft. ) and more families choosing to have children share bedrooms, putting the fun back into functional is key. for this creative young generation, finding ways to make putting away clothing, studying and organizing more game-like speaks to their new way of living and learning. SAN DIEGO PORTLAND SAN DIEGO ©2011 Sphere Trending, LLC
  9. 9. living streetside... did you know...? we’ve gone from having a hidden, backyard oasis to gardening in the front yard with gusto. “living streetside” as we’ve coined it, is in full force with urban and suburban households putting pride, care and attention to the flower and vegetable gardens in their front yards, right down to the small spaces available in between the sidewalk and the street. BOULDER PORTLAND PORTLAND ©2011 Sphere Trending, LLC
  10. 10. urban living... did you know...? urban living isn’t just lofts and modern high rises – young couples, families and singles are buying up the small, older homes in the “outer ring” as we like to call it, the area just outside of the large metropolitan cities. with affordable homes, many authentic and in need of remodeling, as well as easy access to light rail and a focus on local community with retail, dining and entertainment within walking distance of home – these communities are experiencing a revitalization. BOULDER SEATTLE PORTLAND ©2011 Sphere Trending, LLC
  11. 11. overstuffed... did you know...? we’re overstuffed! – the concept of smaller footprint homes, growing families and increasing numbers of multi-generational households means that we’re bursting at the seams. some creative space saving examples from our trendspotting showcase storage solutions integrated in every room of the home: PORTLAND SAN DIEGO ©2011 Sphere Trending, LLC
  12. 12. want more insight...? want to learn more? Call us to learn more about our services, reports and forecasts - we’d love to share our insight with you! 1116 Voorheis Rd. Waterford, MI 48328 PORTLAND 248.681.3945 we’re social: GREEN LIFE GROCER - CHATTANOOGA ©2011 Sphere Trending, LLC