2012 Auto Show NAIAS Report Preview


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We track the trends at the North American International Auto Show in an entirely different way!! Not only do we follow the hottest vehicle and technology introductions, but we also track the colors, finishes, materials and details with an eagle eye for design. To learn more about purchasing our entire report visit www.spheretrending.com

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2012 Auto Show NAIAS Report Preview

  1. 1. ©2012 Sphere Trending, LLC
  2. 2. AUTO SHOW 2012 NAISDescription:The North American Auto Show, held everyyear in Detroit, MichiganAttendance:The 2012 attendance has been the highest inthe last five years.Overview:Entering its 24th year as an internationalevent, the NAIAS is among the mostprestigious auto shows in the world, providingunparalleled access to automotive products,people and ideas that matter most - up closeand in one place.One of the largest media events in NorthAmerica, the NAIAS is the only auto show inthe United States to earn an annualdistinguished sanction of the OrganisationInternationale des ConstructeursdAutomobiles, the Paris-based alliance ofautomotive trade associations andmanufacturers from around the world. ©2012 Sphere Trending, LLC
  3. 3. CLEAN RED COLOR This clean, true red stood out for what it was missing – any sparkly or glittery treatments. The intense color with a high gloss finish looked fresh, modern, and sporty.AUDIBMW CHEVROLET ©2012 Sphere Trending, LLC
  4. 4. DIMENSIONAL TEXTURE FINISH This D&G truck by Toyota had a rough dimensional texture which added to its rugged appeal.TOYOTA RAM TOYOTA ©2012 Sphere Trending, LLC
  5. 5. WHITE ACCENTS DETAIL Despite the concern from onlookers about maintenance, several manufactures showed eye popping white accents on interiors and dashboards.JEEPBMW CHEVROLET ©2012 Sphere Trending, LLC
  6. 6. MAGIC SKY CONTROL TECH The Mercedes “magic sky control” has a glass panel embedded with light blocking crystals that allows the user to control the opacity depending on the conditions outside.MERCEDES MERCEDES ©2012 Sphere Trending, LLC
  7. 7. take a spin in creative design! did you know...? our 2012 North American International Auto Show Report is ready! what’s included? 40+ pages of color, finish, details & technology concepts captured from our coverage of theshow. how will I use it? get direction for creative color direction, unique finish applications and interesting material details for developing products with spark!! to learn more contact our team of tradeshow trend specialists! emily siwek esiwek@spheretrending.com www.spheretrending.com ©2012 Sphere Trending, LLC
  8. 8. thank you! The information contained in this document is provided for demonstration & internal research purposes only, to give dimension and meaning to the trends. Any reproduction of this information is a direct violation of the Federal Copyright Law. This includes,but is not limited to, color copying, color printing, photocopying or faxing, as well as email distribution of all content, photographs & images, or posting on the Internet. Please be careful to not copy the designs, trademarks or intellectual properties of others reported within these pages, as this may result in your being sued or prosecuted by the owner of that content. ©2012 Sphere Trending LLC