El Cien Sí Existe (Poema) // The Hundred Languages of Childhood (Poem)

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[EN] A touching poem about children, their worlds and the educational system. …

[EN] A touching poem about children, their worlds and the educational system.
[ES] Un poema conmovedor sobre los niños, sus mundos y el sistema educativo.

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  • 1. The HundredEl Cien SÍ Languages of ChildhoodExiste Loris MalaguzziLoris Malaguzzi
  • 2. The childEl niño is made of one hundred.está hecho de cien. The child hasEl niño tiene cien lenguas A hundred languagescien manos A hundred handscien pensamientos A hundred thoughtscien maneras de pensar A hundred ways of thinkingde jugar y de hablar Of playing, of speaking.
  • 3. A hundred always a hundred Ways of listening of marvelling of loving A hundred joys For singing and understandingcien siempre cien A hundred worldsmaneras de escuchar To discoverde sorprenderse de amar A hundred worldscien alegrías To inventpara cantar y entender A hundred worldscien mundos To dreamque descubrircien mundosque inventarcien mundosque soñar.
  • 4. El niño tienecien lenguas(y además de cien cien cien)pero le roban noventa y nueve.La escuela y la culturale separan la cabeza del cuerpo. The child has A hundred languages (and a hundred hundred hundred more) But they steal ninety-nine. The school and the culture Separate the head from the body.
  • 5. Le dicen:que descubra el mundo que yaexistey de cien le roban noventa y They tell the child:nueve. To discover the world already thereLe dicen: And of the hundredque el juego y el trabajo They steal ninety-nine.la realidad y la fantasía They tell the child:la ciencia y la imaginación That work and playel cielo y la tierra Reality and fantasyla razón y el sueño Science and imaginationson cosas que no van juntas Sky and earth Reason and dream Are things That do not belong together
  • 6. And thus they tell the child That the hundred is not there The child says: NOY le dicen WAY the hundred isque el cien no existe there.El niño dice:"en cambio el cien existe“.
  • 7. Poema de Loris Malaguzzi Poem By Loris MalaguzziPresentada por Sphere Point Presented by Sphere Point Blog: http://spherepoint.wordpress.com/ Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/SpherePoint.Blog Learn more about the Reggio Method of teaching: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reggio_Emilia_approach