Sacramento AFWPI 2014 - The Power of Perception by Jason Spencer


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Imagine for a moment if you had the power to influence peoples’ subconscious minds. Imagine if you could use words and phrases that you would never suspect of holding any power to trigger involuntary reflexes in their brains. Combining his background of internet marketing, social media, customer service, and educational learning theories, you are about to witness what he calls “The Power of Perception.”

Going on the third year delivering this presentation, and it has been updated in 2014 to include additional words to stimulate the mind, enhances ways to deliver value (especially education), underscores the most powerful word for your business, and added several new layers of storytelling.

Jason is the owner/operator of Spencer Weddings and Entertainment, an award-winning entertainment company here in Northern California. His unique experience includes 20 years as a Master of Ceremonies, Wedding DJ, and Ordained Minister. He currently serves as the Marketing Chair on the Northern California Board of Directors for Wish Upon A Wedding, and is a member of AfWPi and the American Disc Jockey Association. Jason also is a Profit First Professional Coach, helping others in the wedding industry experience remarkably profitable business growth. @SpencerWeddings @PigBark

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Sacramento AFWPI 2014 - The Power of Perception by Jason Spencer

  1. 1. The Power of Perception Presented by Jason Spencer Sacramento AfWPi Educational Conference @PigBark @SpencerWeddings
  2. 2. Changing Perspectives Change how YOU think about selling / marketing. Change how BUYERS think about you as a seller.
  3. 3. Price isn’t everything Unless you let it be the only thing If you haven’t sold the value, you’re just a high price
  4. 4. Change your buyer’s mindset The Best Deal = Shopping The Best Quality = Deciding What’s Important
  5. 5. 5 ways to create more value Measure / Lead / Educate / Inspire / Listen
  6. 6. Measure = Discovery Understand what value you already deliver. Are you charging enough? Are your clients getting enough? _ Measure / Lead / Educate / Inspire / Listen _
  7. 7. Lead = Offer Clients Direction Take a stand and declare a point of view. Become a leading voice of that point of view. Welcome all points of view, but defend yours. _ Measure / Lead / Educate / Inspire / Listen _
  8. 8. Educate = Know + Like + Trust Education delivers value before they ever buy. About understanding key points of differentiation. Treat them as if they are already a client. _ Measure / Lead / Educate / Inspire / Listen _
  9. 9. Educate = Exposure, Not Selling Be Careful - Exposure vs Selling You have to resist selling. _ Measure / Lead / Educate / Inspire / Listen _
  10. 10. Ways to Educate (Build Trust) Planning Guides or Checklists Books / E-Books Present a Seminar or Workshop Groomtastic! (Groom’s Workshop) _ Measure / Lead / Educate / Inspire / Listen _
  11. 11. Inspire = Differentiating Yourself Care about what you do. Innovate a trademark design that inspires others. CAUTION: Design is in the eye of the beholder. _ Measure / Lead / Educate / Inspire / Listen _
  12. 12. Listen Perceptively Types of Listening: Passive / Selective / Active What you need to practice is Perceptive Listening. _ Measure / Lead / Educate / Inspire / Listen _
  13. 13. What is Perceptive Listening? When you hear and interpret the words as they are said, but also consider what the person isn’t saying. _ Measure / Lead / Educate / Inspire / Listen _
  14. 14. Good Questions Trump Answers The best consultants ask great questions instead of trying to provide great answers. _ Measure / Lead / Educate / Inspire / Listen _
  15. 15. The goal is not to get more work. The goal is to become the number one authority in your field. Gary Vaynerchuk Author, The Thank You Economy “
  16. 16. Powerful Hypnotic Words You hold the power to influence the subconscious mind, because over time we’ve all been trained to accept certain trigger words.
  17. 17. Powerful Hypnotic Words “IMAGINE” Stimulates the unconscious mind. Brain can’t tell the difference. Get them to imagine they already have it… ...then they will want to keep it.
  18. 18. Powerful Hypnotic Words “YOU” whenever possible! It’s a placeholder for THEIR NAME. Gets them involved in the story. It’s about THEM and what THEY want.
  19. 19. Powerful Hypnotic Words “WE” instead of “I” It engages them with the story. You are part of the same team, together.
  20. 20. Powerful Hypnotic Words “BY NOW” vs. Buy Now The mind can’t tell the difference.
  21. 21. Powerful Hypnotic Words Tell them what to “FEEL” You are beginning to feel excited about your day! You may feel like you are ready to buy now.
  22. 22. People buy on emotions Just 5% of decisions are based on logic* Marketing to the whole customer *Gerald Zaltman, Harvard Study
  23. 23. Address Emotional Wants People don’t buy products for what they are (TOOL) People buy what that product will do (SERVICE) What YOU do to get that OUTCOME = TALENT
  24. 24. Rosaura Sandoval Photography Daniela & Will’s Love Story, Rosaura Sandoval Photography
  25. 25. Sell the WHY. That’s what they are buying.
  26. 26. People think focus means saying yes... That’s not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas out there. Steve Jobs co-founder Apple, Inc “
  27. 27. Your most powerful word is “NO” Grow your business by saying ‘no’ Successful entrepreneurs say no 10x more
  28. 28. Know when to say “YES” The 3 Questions - The only way to YES Does this better serve my Top Clients? Does this enhance or maintain my niche? Does this increase or maintain profitability?
  29. 29. 10/10/10 by Suzy Welch Don’t get ‘shiny object syndrome’ What is the impact of this decision?
  30. 30. Creating loyal customers It’s mostly about you choosing the right customers
  31. 31. The customer is NOT always right, however... The RIGHT customer IS always right! Mike Michalowicz Author, The Pumpkin Plan “
  32. 32. This Does NOT Represent Customer Demand Product-To-Market Curve source: The Pumpkin Plan by Mike Michalowicz -
  33. 33. It’s not what people want. It’s what their best option is among the things that are available. Product-To-Market Curve source: The Pumpkin Plan by Mike Michalowicz -
  34. 34. Innovation is saying no to 1,000 things. Steve Jobs co-founder Apple, Inc “
  35. 35. Basement Archeology
  36. 36. W Radio - Mac Turns 30
  37. 37. Nicole & Danny captured by Tanja Lippert Photography
  38. 38. The Disneyland Corn Dog The Little Red Wagon - Main Street USA Greg Maggetti Dir. Food & Beverage at TWDC
  39. 39. A Cup of Disney (Blog)
  40. 40. Not Your Usual Disney Princess Quotes
  41. 41. Go out. Innovate awesomeness. Be your own Barking Pig.