The  Beatles
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The Beatles



Spencer\'s first powerpoint presentation

Spencer\'s first powerpoint presentation



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The Beatles Presentation Transcript

  • 1. The Beatles Spencer H. Kodadek
  • 2. Who is still alive? Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr                 
  • 3. Who is dead?
    • John and George both are dead
    • John died because some freaky
    • psycho fan killed him.
    • George had a heart attack.
  • 4. Which one is the cute one?
    • Paul McCartney because a poll from a fan site stated he was the cutiest Beatle.
  • 5. How many Beatles are in the band?
    • It started out with John, Paul, Stan, and Pete.
    • Then Paul wanted to bring his friend named George. John said “Yes,”. So the band members are John, Paul, George, and Pete.
    • Then a guy with a long nose named Ringo said “Can I come on your band?” John said “Yes,”. So yes. He replaced Pete.
  • 6. What was their first band?
    • Quarryman
    • This is the band of John Lennon
  • 7. Did they get the Nobel Peace Prize?
    • Yes, they did win the Nobel Prize
  • 8. How many movies did they make?
    • They made five movies in order:
    • A Hard Day’s Night
    • Help
    • Yellow Submarine
    • Magical Mystery Tour
    • Let It Be
  • 9. How many albums did they make?
    • 14 albums
    • Some are:
    • Please Me,
    • With The Beatles,
    • A Hard Day’s Night,
    • Beatles For Sale,
    • Help,
    • Rubber Soul,
    • Revolver,
    • Sgt. Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band,
    • Magical Mystery Tour,
    • The Beatles, (The White Album)
    • Yellow Submarine, (soundtrack)
    • Abbey Road,
    • Let It Be.
    How many albums did they make?                                    
  • 10. Who is a lefty?
    • Paul McCartney because he holds his guitar with his left hand.
  • 11. Where does John, Paul, George, and Ringo stand on stage?
    • John usually goes to the right of the stage. Paul and George goes to the left of the stage. Ringo is the drummer so he has to be on a stage of his own, it is in the back of the stage.
  • 12. Resources