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  • IT has not been involved in that adoption … don’t understand that you need automation on top of images … why image buildingAnyone that is doing anything at size and complexity, you are now tasked with doing that for a portfollio
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    1. 1. RightScale Delivering Open and Proven SolutionsCloud Management
    2. 2. 2#RightScale Today• Founded 2006• Headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA • Operating subsidiaries in UK, Singapore and Japan• Help you Easily Consume & Automate the Cloud • Cloud Management Platform • Professional Services – Build, Design & Deploy Cloud Deployments Cloud Management
    3. 3. 3#We Pioneered Cloud Management • World’s cloud management platform • Managing cloud deployments globally for • • More than launched • Powering the production cloud deployments • supported cloud providers and counting Cloud Management
    4. 4. 4#Bridging Apps and Infrastructure Dashboard API Governance Controls – Access, Security, Reporting Configuration Framework – ServerTemplates, RightScripts Automation Engine – Monitoring, Alerting, Scaling MultiCloud Platform – Provisioning Cloud Infrastructure Software Hypervisor IaaS Hardware Private Clouds Public Clouds Cloud Management
    5. 5. 5#Our A-Z Roster of Customers Cloud Management
    6. 6. 6# Cloud is Great but…• Are API’s & UI’s enough? • How will you manage across multiple accounts? Across AWS regions? Across multiple vendors? • How will you distinguish interdependences between servers? What if there is a problem?• How will you architect HA & DR? • What happens if there is a failure with your cloud provider? With your AWS region? • Can you quickly identify a faulty server, which subsequent servers have been affected and the root cause?• How will you control cost & usage? • How will you breakdown costs to run a specific app? What about production vs. test & dev? • How will you control access, security and audit changes?• Is it truly automated? • What steps are needed to perform provisioning & autoscaling? How will servers register with each other? Need a sys admin? • How are you alerted if there is an issue? Will your system self heal or sit idle? Need a sys admin?• How will you incorporate private or multiple public clouds? • How will you migrate your workload to/from clouds? Will you need to redesign? • What are you doing to build future flexibility into your environment? Cloud Management
    7. 7. 7# Why RightScale• Automation & Management Tools Improves IT Productivity • Reduce Administrative Tasks • Sys Admin Ratio: 2000 – 4000:1 – Zynga • Reduce Deployment Time • Reduced provisioning time from 36,000 hours to 30 minutes – EL Lilly • Reduced deployment time by 85% - Harvard Medical• Foundation for Long Term Cloud Strategy • Flexibility – Migrate, Failover, Diversify • Workload Liberation • Let the application dictate which infrastructure it resides on• Availability / DR • Failover to alternate cloud vendor and/or build HA into architecture – Woot! Cloud Management
    8. 8. 8#Architecture Example Cloud Management
    9. 9. 9#Cloud Partner Global Reach London Amsterdam Chicago Beijing Seattle Dublin Oregon Seoul NYC AreaSF Area Tokyo DC Area Fukuoka Dallas Hong Kong Hyderabad Singapore São Paulo Private Clouds Public & Managed Clouds Amazon Web Services Logicworks Datapipe Rackspace IDCF / Yahoo! Japan SoftLayer Korea Telecom Tata KINX UnGeo Cloud Management
    10. 10. QuestionsCloud Management
    11. 11. 11#The Reasons for RightScale Abstraction with Visibility and Customization Control Complete customization One place to manage without the hassle your infrastructure Choose Your Own Automation is the Clouds Core Vendor freedom across Massively scalable and hardware and software super agile applications Tap into Cloud Expertise Experienced architects and support teams Cloud Management