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Dual fuel installation services in medium to heavy duty vehicles to assist truck operators with lowering the fuel costs.

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  • In fiscal 2002/03 Nordex makes a huge net-loss of 176 million EUR, due to different mistakes done by the former management.
    Not integrated group of subsidiaries
    Weakness of business processes
    Aggressive accounting (write-off/revaluation of balance sheet)
    As a result, 2 members of the management board and 75% of senior management were resigned. Carsten Pedersen is the only one left on board level.
  • Founded 21 year ago in Denmark,
    One of the pioneers in the industry
    Always concentrated on big turbines
  • What is driving the market?
    -The world wide demand for energy is rising
    -We´ve seen dramatic price increase in fossil fuels
    -On the other hand, new supporting system came in force
    And if you compare the generation costs of wind power, it is obvious there is no cheaper green source. This of cause depends on the wind site.
  • Our industry will be growing in average by 20% each year until 2010.
    After 2010 by around 13%.
    This will take place not only in Europe (like in history):
    A more and more important rule plays
    Asia and also North America.
    As you can see in the curve top of the collumn. Also in 2015 there is lot of space for growth. The proportion from Wind Energy in the grid will be less 3%
  • In good old times we have developed every 2nd year a new, bigger model. But we haven´t concentrate on the optmization of this prototypes. Warrenty expenditures.
    Change in customer structure 50% utilities, IPPs, which are looking on availability and reliability.
    Good positioned with the wide tested WTG N80/90. 300 units are running. Only Siemes has more installations in this range.
  • Dual fuels technology ppt presentation truck operators

    1. 1. DualFuels Technology, LLC. - April 2014 “Assisting Truck Operators With Lowering Fuel Costs”
    2. 2. Responsibilities include:  Oversee all business operations  Manage strategic relationships  Manage Fuel Systems DUALFUELS TECHNOLOGY, LLC.DUALFUELS TECHNOLOGY, LLC. MANAGEMENT TEAM Jim McCune Managing Member / President/CEO Bob Pitman Managing Member / COO Responsibilities include:  Management of Investor accounts  Accounting  Oversees day-to-day functions
    3. 3. GOALS & OBJECTIVES  Develop a network of public natural gas fueling stations nationwide  Become a leader in low cost fuel for truck operators  Become the leader in dual fuel conversion installation services  Provide fast and efficient fuel delivery services
    4. 4. Who We Are DualFuels Technology, LLC. was founded to provide an efficient natural gas fuel delivery system to truck operators. Both as a fuel source and provider of dual fuel conversion systems to convert existing engines to burn both diesel and natural gas. Why Did You Choose This Niche? A lot of people have asked us why we chose to target small fleets and Owner/Operator truck operators rather than the large fleets. Here are a few of the reasons for our selecting this niche:  Large fleet operators who convert to natural gas typically build their own private natural gas fueling stations.  Large Fleet operators have the resources to purchase new vehicles already fitted with natural gas engines.  Small fleet and Owner / Operator truck operators don’t have the resources large fleet operators do, so they need a lower cost alternative to take advantage of the low cost natural gas fuel.  New regulations passed down by the Obama Administration will make it mandatory for all truck operators to lower emissions significantly by 2016. These regulations will force smaller truck fleet and Owner/Operators out of business if they can not comply with the regulations. Our Company provides a low cost means to meet the regulatory requirements and will save the livelihood of thousands of truck operators.
    5. 5.  Natural gas costs significantly less than diesel. The diesel gallon equivalent cost of natural gas is approximately $2.00 per gallon less than diesel.  Natural gas burns a lot cleaner than diesel, consequently has much less carbon emissions, allowing truck operators to meet more stringent emission requirements.  Natural gas has fewer fuel particulates. As a result there is less wear–and–tear on the engine, reducing maintenance costs, and extending the engine’s life.  No loss of engine power by switching to a dual fuel system. In fact, some operators have stated that they can feel a surge of power when the engine switches over to natural gas .  Safer fuel over liquid fuels. Lighter than air, rises. Evaporates quickly.
    6. 6. Attributes Diesel Only Dual Fuel Significant Fuel Cost Savings Horse Power Increase * Fuel Range Greater On Existing Truck Tanks Current Number of Available Fueling Stations Future Number of Available Fueling Stations Truck Maintenance Costs Reduced Frequency of Maintenance Interval Improved Cleaner Emissions Protects Resale Value of Truck * Some operators have reported an increase in power when the natural gas kicks in. Some trucks may not experience any change in power depending on the existing truck engine model, age, and other factors.
    7. 7. How does the technology work? Dual fuel engine systems allows a heavy-duty, diesel engine to run on a high proportion of cleaner, more cost-effective natural gas. Fundamentally, a Dual Fuel engine is still a diesel engine, unchanged in its basic thermodynamic operation. However, with Dual-Fuel™ a small diesel injection – called a pilot injection – is used only to ignite a metered charge of natural gas and air. How Much Diesel Fuel Can I Save? Burning methane in a dual fuel engine replaces up to 80 percent of the diesel fuel. How Much Could I Save In Operating Cost Per Year? The technology we use replaces up to 80 percent of diesel with methane (natural gas). The cost saving is driven by the quantity of diesel saved and the price differential between gas and diesel in different markets. An articulated distribution truck could save approximately $25,000 per year. This calculation is based on the difference in price of diesel fuel and natural gas in the US. How/Where Can I Obtain the Natural Gas? Natural gas as is widely available. Dual fuel engine systems use natural gas, the same gas supplied to domestic and industrial customers via national grid systems. In addition, DualFuel Technology, LLC. is building additional public natural gas fueling stations along the major corridors throughout the country. Has the Dual Fuel Conversion System Been Tested In Real World Conditions? Yes. This has been firmly established in real world trials. In the past years, over 5,000 have had the dual fuel conversion systems installed in heavy duty vehicles that have covered more than 310 million miles on three continents. Several operators that have had the dual fuel conversion system installed in their vehicles have run their trucks for more than a million miles.
    8. 8. Will the Dual Fuel SystemShorten Engine Life? Research conducted in the USA and jointly published by engine manufacturers and the dual fuel system manufacturer have found that running in dual fuel system can improve engine life and lengthen oil change intervals. Is the Conversion System EPA Certified? Yes. All of the conversion systems we sell are EPA certified for installation in on-road and off-road medium and heavy duty engines. What About A Natural Gas Tank? Storage tank(s) are fitted to the vehicle (either a single tank or multiple tanks). Gas can be stored either as compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG). DualFuel Technology, LLC. provides a composite tank as part of the conversion system that is much lighter than a steel tank, although it is larger than the average steel tanks on most trucks. The composite tank is a little more expensive than a steel tank, but it pays for itself in only about 2 months in fuel cost savings. Is A Natural Gas System Safe? Yes. All gas containment comes with safety systems that include electronic shut-off valves, inertia shut-off valves and manual shut-off valves. Natural gas is safe. It is difficult to ignite, having a higher ignition temperature than diesel and gasoline and a very narrow flammable air-fuel ratio. Natural gas is much lighter than air too, so it disperses safely in the atmosphere and does not pool to form dangerous invisible vapor clouds – like gasoline and propane. Is the Manufacturer’s Warranty Affected By Installing the Dual Fuel Conversion System? No. The original vehicle manufacturer’s warranty will not be nullified. In addition, the installation itself carries its own warranty covering manufacturing or material defect failures. Operators are always advised to confirm warranty arrangements with their dealer. Where Can I Have A Dual Fuel Conversion System Installed? We have over 150 affiliates nationwide who are certified to install the dual fuel conversion system.
    9. 9. This Presentation is intended to present a general outline of the dual fuel engine conversion system and its benefits. Please contact us for additional information on our products and services.   Jim McCune Managing Member / President Tel: 208-250-6253 Email: jim@43PrivateEquityGroup.com