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Special Effects Media YouTube product placement

  1. 1. YouTube Video Network
  2. 2. TV vs. ONLINE VIDEO 134 min line TV vs. On 14-29 yrs 218 min Media consumption is changing. Younger generations tend to consume more video content online than on TV. Source: Comscore,  AGF,  GfK,  ARD,  ZDF,  Germany
  3. 3. YOUTUBE monthly >1 billion >6 unique user hours of video views 80% of YouTube traffic from outside the US!!! Source: YouTube
  4. 4. HUNGARIAN SOCIAL LANDSCAPE acebook 4 600 000 YouTube 1 495 000 Registered users Demography on YouTube Source: MediaQ 2013 autumn survey Instagram 460 000 <30
  5. 5. HUNGARIAN VIDEO PLATFORM AWARENESS Regular visitor YouTube 81% YouTube 88% Source: NRC IndaVideó 31% IndaVideó 11% Videa 30% Videa 8% Spontaneous awareness
  6. 6. PROFESSIONAL MANAGEMENT How do channels stand out from the crowd? There is a vast amount of know-how behind engaging channels, on the fields of programming, production, viewer activation, call to actions, video-, metadata-, image-, and channel optimization. Special Effects Media is a YouTube specialist.
  7. 7. MULTI CHANNEL NETWORK Special Effects Media is a contracted partner* of Google with a network status (Multi Channel Network) with access to admin tools that allow the highest level of YouTube channel management and optimization. * Google Ireland Limited – Special Effects Media Limited 22.10.2013
  8. 8. ADVERTISER FRIENDLY CONTENT Within Special Effects Media video network content is guaranteed advertising friendly, quality content. No cat videos.
  9. 9. DEMOGRAPHY YouTube is a real youthful social channel, it’s users are typically younger than 30 years old*. This is a demography that is increasingly hard to reach with traditional tools. * Source: MediaQ 2013 autumn survey
  10. 10. REACH There is several million video views per month within the reach of Special Effects Media video network.
  11. 11. PORTFOLIO Among our channels
  12. 12. YOUTUBE PRODUCT PLACEMENT We offer product / brand placement opportunity on Hungary’s most exciting YouTube channels. This is not advertising- We only deal with placements where the product / brand becomes integral part of the content and the nature of the content allows the organic placement of the given product / brand. After learning about the product to be placed, we will offer relevant channels and content.
  13. 13. YOUTUBE CPV CAMPAIGNS To increase the effectiveness of the product placement, it might worth setting up a supporting video advertising campaign besides. On YouTube it is possible to advertise on a CPV (cost per view) base, where payment is only required after ads that really have been viewed. A CPV campaign could of course be highly effective with or without a product placement campaign as well.
  14. 14. OUR OFFER Enquire with your unique product placement or video advertising campaign and we prepare a custom offer about placement on the most suitable YouTube channels.
  15. 15. CONTACT speceffectmedia.com         Gergo Szabo CEO & Co-Founder Special Effects Media hu: +36303996129 uk: +447538704455 gergo@speceffectmedia.com