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Proloquo2Go: One of my favourite things
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Proloquo2Go: One of my favourite things


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Presentation at SEND workshop with Ed Department WA

Presentation at SEND workshop with Ed Department WA

Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • Evidence base of about 40 years includes systematic reviews.
  • Non electronics forms are also important
  • Communication is multimodal
  • Need to consider vocab selection and arrangement
    - core and fringe
    - pragmatic functions
    - visual
    - access
  • Voice output supports speech development
  • Attitudes, skills and knowledge of communication partner is important
  • Crystal is a 16 year old with complex communication needs. She has been using low tech communication books and high tech speech generating devices since she was very young. Currently she has a low tech PODD and a DynaVox MT4 with a PODD page set on it.
    Crystal is independently mobile – but walking can be difficult for her and carrying her DynaVox MT4 hasn’t always been possible due to weight and size. Last year, her mother purchased an iPad and Proloquo2Go for her to use. Her mother’s initial plan was for this to be for her use at social events where her MT4 was too heavy for Crystal to carry.
    Her school was delighted to hear that an iPad was coming. They suggested to her mother that the iPad was sent every day to school and her MT4 stop coming. Crystal’s mother spent around 40 hours trying to program all the vocabulary from her PODD page set into the iPad – and in the end she wasn’t able to do this completely as she had fewer symbol choices and reduced page layout options.
    After several weeks her school suggested that the iPad didn’t need to come to school any more – and asked for her speech generating device to start coming again. They reported that it was much harder to Crystal to find vocabulary on her iPad and that it was slower for her to use to complete school work. The decision for school has been that her DynaVox MT4 remains the most appropriate tool for this situation. In fact, they are now upgrading to a DynaVox Maestro as they feel the bigger screen and increased portability of that unit might be an even better option for school.
    However – in social situations the iPad and Proloquo2Go has taken on a life of its own. It breaks the ice – people who wouldn’t normally chat to Crystal with her low tech book or her Speech Generating Device are happy to walk up and start chatting – the iPad itself has become an incredible conversation starter as total strangers ask her how she likes it. Crystal can carry it independently – and is enjoying chatting with as many people as she can.
    The iPad and Proloquo2Go alone wouldn’t meet her needs – but combining her DynaVox MT4 and her iPad has led to a communication system for Crystal that has had outcomes that no other communication options have given her. Each device is used in the most appropriate situation – leading to fewer communication breakdowns and much better outcomes for Crystal.
  • Consult team
    Trial and test apps/devices if possible
    Be prepared to invest time and money into programming, training team members and implementation
  • Immersion in symbols
    Modeling how the symbols can be used to say real things in real situations
    modelling sentences/grammar
    model mistakes and repairs
  • Songs
    Jokes or riddles
    Instructions eg recipe
    Sharing gossip
    Social chat about an event
    Poems, prayers, limericks
  • Messages to repair breakdowns
    Important skill to develop
    Different people and settings
    Phrases and strategies to build into a more comprehensive AAC system
  • Words and phrases for social interactions
    Accounts for more than 50% of our communication
    Not used much by AAC users
  • Stories are used to entertain, teach and establish social closeness
    Technology has made it easier to create stories eg camera app
    Important to remember that stories are ones the person would choose to tell
    Stories are very personal
  • Transcript

    • 1. Proloquo2Go: One of my favourite things
    • 2. Alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) Augmentative communication is the use of materials or techniques that supplement existing verbal abilities Alternative communication is communication methods used by a person without any verbal ability        (Vanderheiden and Yoder, 1986)
    • 3. What? Signing, symbols, iPad, computers, communication devices
    • 4. Where? Everywhere. Anywhere.
    • 5. Who? Everyone. Anyone. A communication disability does not just belong to the individual but belongs to the entire environment of which the individual is the focal point. Sandwell, Communication Aids Centre, UK
    • 6. What works? Helping others to communicate
    • 7. What works? Helping others to communicate
    • 8. What works? Helping others to communicate
    • 9. What works? Helping others to communicate
    • 10. What works? Helping others to communicate
    • 11. What works? Helping others to communicate
    • 12. APPraised AAC Apps
    • 13.
    • 14. There's an app for that? Source:
    • 15. How do we choose?
    • 16. How do we choose?
    • 17. Feature matching Symbol resources Symbol Voice Voice Set Set Output Output Language Language Features Features Rate Rate Enhancem Enhancem ent ent Display Display Access Access Barriers Barriers
    • 18. Before you do anything.... Team collaboration and assessment Trial Invest time and money
    • 19. Guided Access
    • 20. Proloquo2Go 3.0 +
    • 21. What it already did....
    • 22. Access to 14,000 SymbolStix symbols. Add photos from your photo library, or take photos.
    • 23. Preprogrammed vocabulary sets Research based Core word vs Basic Communication
    • 24. Grammar support
    • 25. Powerful editing Customise pages, folders and buttons Personalise!
    • 26. Allows for multiple users on one device
    • 27. What's new...
    • 28. Fair Dinkum! Meet the new family of voices
    • 29. Add intonation Add personality ExpressivePowerTM
    • 30. Adaptive Switch access Adjustable direct access Select on release
    • 31. Share your words...
    • 32. Dropbox support for backing up and restoring Back up and Restore can still be done via WIFI and iTunes File Sharing
    • 33. Ideas for using Proloquo2Go In the classroom
    • 34. Add button Communication Requests, comments, protests, etc. etc.
    • 35. Aided Language Stimulation • Modelling symbol use • Point as you talk! • Goossens', Crain, & Elder (1992)
    • 36. Sequenced messages
    • 37. Communication breakdown
    • 38. Small talk
    • 39. Communication in games & play
    • 40. Core word vocab Barrier Games Giving directions/ describing
    • 41. List view Schedules Timetables
    • 42. Class rules
    • 43. Talking rules
    • 44. Rewards
    • 45. List view ExpressivePower Social Stories
    • 46. Copy and paste text Books- shared reading Text innovations
    • 47. Workflow
    • 48. Add button Storytelling Recount News
    • 49. Email & Messages
    • 50. Take my Quiz
    • 51. What ways are you, will you use Proloquo2Go?
    • 52. Backing up & Restoring
    • 53. Options - Backup
    • 54. 3 ways to backup • DropBox • Wifi- Connect to Computer • File Sharing on iTunes
    • 55. Back up website links • o2go/downloads •
    • 56. Further information
    • 57.
    • 58. Spectronics P2Go Facebook page
    • 59. Proloquo2Go Professionals
    • 60. Proloquo2Go Parents
    • 61. Thank