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Se 4300 – gravity flo® portable eyewash training-general
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Se 4300 – gravity flo® portable eyewash training-general


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  • 1. SE-4300 – GravityFlo® Portable Eyewash
    Product Overview, Markets & Competitors
  • 2. Product Overview: Specifications
    Description: Gravity-fed portable eyewash. Industry’s only portable eyewash to include optional drench hose for spot body flushing. Includes wall-mount bracket and 1 bottle of water preservative. Heated version (SE-4350) & model including drench hose (SE-4320) available.
    Weight: 18 lbs.
    Flow Rate: .4 GPM (minimum)
    Certifications: ANSI Z358.1
    Replaces: SE-4000
  • 3. Product Overview:
    Wide-opening cap for cleaning & filling
    High density blue polyethylene tank
    • 20 gallon high density blue polyethylene tank: offers more water volume for a longer flushing period.
    • 4. Wide-opening cap for cleaning & filling: Cap is tamper proof preventing solution from becoming contaminated.
    • 5. Yellow spray head strap activation: Pulling off the elastomeric spray cap cover strap activates the eyewash once pulled off.
    • 6. Inlet for optional drench hose: the SE-4300 allow for attaching an SE-4920 drench hose, the only portable eyewash on the market with this option.
    Inlet for optional drench hose
    Yellow spray head strap activation
  • 7. Product Overview: Drench Hose (SE-4920)
    • The SE-4300 is the industry’s ONLY gravity-fed eyewash which offers an optional side fitting drench hose. SE-4230 eyewash with drench hose included also available.
    • 8. The SE-4920 drench hose attachment allows for body spot washing while the eyewash is also in use.
    • 9. Easy to attach to the eyewash unit.
    Weight: 4 Lbs.
  • 10. Product Overview: SE-4350
    Heated version of the SE-4300
    The SE-4350 has all the same features as the SE-4300, but includes a heating component that protects the eyewash from freezing in harsh environments down to -20° F while keeping the water at 75 ° F. Indicator lights show when units is on & reaches low water levels. A safety limit shuts off the heating element when water levels drop to low preventing scalding water. Includes one bottle of water preservative
    Weight: 28 lbs.
    Flow Rate: .4 GPM (minimum)
    Certifications: ANSI Z358.1
    Replaces: SE-4500
  • 11. Product Overview: Accessories
    SE-4920: Drench Hose
    SE-4210: Water Preservative (180 day life) – Can be used in Speakman Gravity-Fed eyewashes as well as competitor eyewashes.
    SE-4360: Cart
    SE-4240: Water collection station
  • 12. Product Overview: Benefits of Portable Eyewashes
    Over time manufacturing processes which use hazardous materials change, move, or are added to facilities, resulting in the need for additional eyewashes & showers in order for facilities to stay OSHA compliant. In most cases adding additional plumbed showers & eyewashes can be expensive. In these cases, the simplest and most cost effective solutions are self-contained eyewashes.
    Most self-contained units are considered portable, however they are usually too heavy to be moved once filled. As a result these units are typically located in semi-permanent spots in close proximity to the hazard. If the hazard is eliminated or moved, the self contained unit can be easily relocated. In the event that the unit needs to be moved regularly, a variety of carts are available.
  • 13. Market: Target Segments
    Existing facilities with no plumbed or potable water
    Construction site & other temporary job sites (on the go workers)
    Pharmaceutical facilities
    Facilities handling hazards such as fertilizers, automotive products, cleaning chemicals, gasoline, paint, etc.
    Examples include:
    Retailers: Home Depot & Lowes (paint/fertilizers),
    Automotive garages – Battery changing areas
    Loading docks
    Gas filling stations
    Landscape or agricultural locations
    Golf courses
    Janitorial areas of facilities like hospitals, hotels, etc.
  • 14. Additional Benefits
    Perfect solutions when eyewash is needed and no potable water is available
    Very simple to install – no contractor necessary
    Excellent spray performance
    Addition of the SE-4290 drench hose allows for additional body spot washing, Speakman is the only company who offers this feature
  • 15. Additional Benefits
    Easy to wall mount or position on a flat surface for use, optional cart makes the unit easy to transport from location to location
    When installed in a heated facility the unit will help the user comply with ANSI Tepid Water Requirements
    Unit can be equipped with optional heater (SE-4350 unit) to prevent freezing and keep fluid in tepid range
  • 16. Contact Us
    For more information on Speakman Sensorflo® Products, please contact your
    local Speakman Sales Representative.
    Find Your Local Sales Representative