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Boxtone Ppt For Wit

  1. 1. Combining Search, Database and Community Marketing to Boost Lead Capture and Conversion Brian C. Reed CMO BoxTone © BoxTone, Inc
  2. 2. Practice the 7 Habits © BoxTone, Inc
  3. 3. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Revenue Machines 1. Be Proactive  Go where they are 2. Begin with the End In Mind  Model pipe & process 3. Put First Things First  No database, no deals 4. Think Win/Win  What’s in it for me (WIIFM) 5. Seek First to Understand,  Buyer Personas Then to be Understood 6. Synergize  Engage Community 7. Sharpen the saw  They all want to learn (from Experts) © BoxTone, Inc
  4. 4. Know Your Buyer Personas © BoxTone, Inc
  5. 5. Know Your Buyer Personas NEW SOON MORE ON PERSONAS © BoxTone, Inc
  6. 6. © BoxTone, Inc
  7. 7. Interactive & Forwardable Content © BoxTone, Inc
  8. 8. Interactive & Forwardable Content OTHER TIPS eBooks, Cards, Cartoons Interactive Site Content On-Demand Webinars YouTube & Product Flash Demos Free Software Tools ROI Calculators © BoxTone, Inc
  9. 9. Grow Your Database © BoxTone, Inc
  10. 10. Grow Your Database – Rich Marketing Mix COST SAVING TIPS Partner on Surveys High-Value Downloads Custom List Build Partner on Events Content Syndication Sift & Target Promotions Newsletters & Invite a Friend © BoxTone, Inc
  11. 11. Search, Search, Search © BoxTone, Inc
  12. 12. The Learning Cycle before the Buying Cycle… “Mobile is now critical to our VIPs and field staff… so I need to learn more about how to manage this thing…” © BoxTone, Inc
  13. 13. •BlackBerry Management •BlackBerry Monitoring •BlackBerry Support Best SEO •BlackBerry Administration Page •BlackBerry Operations •BlackBerry ROI Blog on Outage News Blog on Event Blog on Partnership PRWeb & Press Release Media Coverage Posted Whitepaper © BoxTone, Inc
  14. 14. Engage Your Community © BoxTone, Inc
  15. 15. Experience Matters… “What are other people doing about this issue…?” © BoxTone, Inc
  16. 16. Engage Your Community – Online & Offline © BoxTone, Inc
  17. 17. You may remember my rendezvous with the BoxTone team during last year’s Wireless Enterprise Symposium… let’s just say that a lot of drunk material was ‘corrected’ by our editor. The Kings of Cool are back in Orlando this year and look to make a splash with the BoxTone Mobile User Management Lounge area at the annual BlackBerry conference. Nice. It's official. We have a place to record our Podcasts during WES 2008 which is coming up May 13th-15th in Orlando! The good folks at BoxTone are setting up a 'Mobile User Management Lounge' and you can see where I've staked CB's claim... by the couches next to the bar! You'll know where to find us! :-) © BoxTone, Inc