How To Attract Customers in an Online World


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Reaching the modern consumer is an everyday challenge in self-storage. Learn where to find online customers, how to talk to them, and how to make your website open and inviting.

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How To Attract Customers in an Online World

  1. 1. Rachel Greenfield, Marketing ManagerHow To AttractCustomers In AnOnline World
  2. 2. How To Attract CustomersIn An Online World• Meet Amy, our modern consumer• Consumer empowerment• Facts are more important than claims• What to do to attract customers– Google Places– Your website– Other sites
  3. 3. The Modern Consumer• Is empowered to find facts• Doesn’t trust advertising claims• Uses mobile web for local research• Relies on information you provideHi, everybody! I’m Amy.
  4. 4. Amy isempowered.
  5. 5. AmyFourthousand andnot apennyless.Okay :(Car dealerOR genericbusiness guy
  6. 6. Amy is empowered• Internet penetration(75%, 2009 U.S. Census)• Mobile phone ownership(83%, 2011 Pew)• Smartphoneownership(35%, 2011 Pew)• Facebook connectivity(45%, 2011 eMarketer)• Reliance on reviews(61%, 2008 Razorfish)
  7. 7. Amy is empoweredJamie2001Age 25Amy2011Age 25Homepage: Homepage: iGoogleFirst cell phone: age 19 First cell phone: age 12Uses AIM to chat, has400 friends.Uses Facebook, has 800friends.Prints a Mapquest mapwhen visiting a newbusiness.Looks up map toanywhere on her iPhoneat the first stop light shecomes to.Has bought a few itemsfrom eBay; once boughta fake purse (ouch!).Shops for clothes onlineevery day at noon onRueLaLa.comOccasionally hears aboutlocal offers from friendsand acquaintances.Checks GroupOn andLivingSocial every day forlocal deals.Calls retailers to checkhours and prices.Checks retail hours andprices online.
  8. 8. Amy doesn’ttrust advertising.
  9. 9. Amy doesn’t trust company’s claims.THAT is the best burger inTexas? I don’t believe it.
  10. 10. Amy trusts the knowledge of many.vs.Try it, it’sawesome!
  11. 11. The knowledge of many in action“IsFreeCreditReport.comreally free?”F-R-E-E, thatspells free!Be sure tocancel within amonth!Check yourscore directlyon a creditagency’s site.No, Amyyou dork! lol
  12. 12. Amy needsstorage.
  13. 13. Amy needs storagePublicStorage,PODS, theplace up thestreet… whatother optionsdo I have?
  14. 14. Amy uses her iPhone to find facilities
  15. 15. Amy has trouble finding the facts
  16. 16. Amy Googles “Austin storage prices”
  17. 17. Amy finds her facts
  18. 18. Amy relies onthe informationyou provide.
  19. 19. Make sure you’re everywhere• Google Places– The go-to for mobile users with local intent– This powers maps on iPhones, Android OS– Supported by third party websites• Third party websites• Your website– Connected to your Google Places account– The only place where you control themessaging
  20. 20. Google Places
  21. 21. Third party websites
  22. 22. Your websiteHow much? Where?What size?How do I getmy stuff there?How’s theservice?Do they havepacking supplies?
  23. 23. Conclusion• Give Amy the facts online,because she likes to make herdecisions there• Don’t make empty claims• Make sure your site can beaccessed via mobile• Optimize your Places listingand its supporters (your websiteand other local sites)Bye!
  24. 24. SpareFoot720 Brazos Street, Suite 300Austin, TX 78701(512)