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Social Media From a Security Point Of View - Telenor GoToSec and Telenor People and Security September 2010, Mari Grini from SpareBank 1
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Social Media From a Security Point Of View - Telenor GoToSec and Telenor People and Security September 2010, Mari Grini from SpareBank 1


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- Telenor GoToSec, 28.09.10
- Telenor People and Security, 27.09.10

By Mari Grini, SpareBank 1 Gruppen

Published in: Business

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  • 1. Social Media from a Security Point of View How does SpareBank 1 perceive security risk in social media? Mari Grini, SpareBank 1 Gruppen, Telenor GoToSec, September 28th 2010
  • 2. Comments or questions? @MariGrini
  • 3. You can’t say no to social media from a security point of view f i i f i Big Trends to Watch right now 1. 1 The Web Will Be Accessible Anywhere 2. Web Access Will Not Focus Around the Computer 3. The Web Will be Media-Centric 4. Social Media Will Be Its Largest Component Source: Mashable, January 2010
  • 4. How do we work with social media y in a security perspective? Out togheter a team with members from many different diciplines Photo:
  • 5. Five major risks
  • 6. 1. Pitfalls of sharing and dialogue
  • 7. 1. Pitfalls of sharing and dialogue. To T protect or to share information is the question t t t h i f ti i th ti ”Social media is dialogue and sharing online” Photo: from halifax magazine July 29th 2010
  • 8. 2. Personal Life vs. Business Life
  • 9. 2. Personal Life vs. Business Life Mari: Surprised that the authorities in France and Germany advise against the use of IE until vulnerability is patched:, or what? 4:05 PM Jan 18th Bente: France joins Germany by advising citizens to avoid Internet Explorer. I've turned up the heat in UK: (via @tom_watson) 7:16 PM Jan 18th f ) h from Tweetie Mari:@bente It will be interesting to see if this is standard procedure for all 0-day vulnerabilities in browsers;) 8:01 PM Jan 18th Bente: @MariGrini Are you thinking to warn users against IE? 9:12 AM Jan 19th from TweetDeck in reply to MariGrini Mari: @bente A f as I know we have no such warning - b notice M i @b As far k h h i but i that I move on the border between me as a private person and me as an employee;) 10:40 AM Jan 19th
  • 10. 3. Social media spreads malware
  • 11. 3. Social media spreads malware Be t B trustful but not naive tf l b t t i
  • 12. 4. Identities on the Internet
  • 13. 4. Identities on the Internet Few formal procedures confirm identities on the Internet F f l d fi id titi th I t t
  • 14. 5. Targeted Attacks
  • 15. 5. Targeted Attacks Low value information may be a means to access L l i f ti b t more valuable information
  • 16. So what do you do as an organization? g
  • 17. Make an internal campaign to build knowledge and a positive attitudes k l d d i i i d among employees http://www.sli Some activities • Seminars • Intranet •Q i Quiz Bank1/nettvettregle • Online discussions • Gadgets er-for-ansatte-i-sparebank-1 • Symbols And we shared our campaign with those who wanted it. Even competitors!
  • 18. How important was the campaign to our employees? l ? Almost 80% think that it is important or very important that SpareBank 1 discusses common attitudes to social media (5/6) Not important Very important
  • 19. “The best way to control the e ay co t o t e conversation is by improving the th conversation.” ti ” Hugh MacLeod MacLeod, gapingvoid com (Via Eirik S lh i (Vi Ei ik Solheim, NRKb t )
  • 20. Thanks for your time! y @MariGrini +47 93022482 p // / g You can dowload this presentation here: