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Spansion FM Family of Flexible Microcontrollers
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Spansion FM Family of Flexible Microcontrollers



The Spansion FM (flexible microcontrollers) family, based on ARM® Cortex-M processors, offers a seamless transition for customers for high performance and low power needs. The family delivers high ...

The Spansion FM (flexible microcontrollers) family, based on ARM® Cortex-M processors, offers a seamless transition for customers for high performance and low power needs. The family delivers high performance up to 200 MHz / 250 MIPS for applications such as factory automation, building management and motor control, as well as ultra low power features for sensors, human machine interfaces and home appliances. These products are offered with different voltage ranges from 1.65V to 5.5V, embedded Flash memory options ranging from 64Kbytes to 2Mbytes, analog interfaces, and support for serial, CAN, USB and Ethernet communications interfaces.



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    Spansion FM Family of Flexible Microcontrollers Spansion FM Family of Flexible Microcontrollers Presentation Transcript

    • 1 © 2013 Spansion Inc.
    • Spansion is at the Heart of Today’s Electronics Systems Differentiated solutions and superior customer service Spansion (NYSE: CODE) MCU Proprietary and ARM Cortex MCU Series Flash Proprietary Charge-Trap NOR and SLC NAND Q3 Revenues ~ $275M Employees ~ 3,700 Products ~ 10,000 , Patents ~ 5,000 Customers 10,000+ Innovative Technology gy and Products Embedded Systems Focus Rich and Broad Ecosystem Diversified Global Infrastructure 2 © 2013 Spansion Inc. Analog Segment Profile Analog, Mixed Signal, Power Management Regional Profile Business Profile
    • World Class Solutions for Embedded Applications Microcontroller Strong product portfolio of ARM core and proprietary microcontrollers High quality, high p performance, low , power, with embedded Flash memory Flash Charge-Trap technology leadership Broadest offering of Serial and Parallel NOR g quality SLC y High q NAND Analog and Mixed Signal Power management technology leadership Portfolio of high margin discrete analog products Embedded System on Chip Solutions leverage embedded Flash technology to integrate multiple components into a single solution with application specific or custom software 3 © 2013 Spansion Inc.
    • Innovation for the Internet of Things Safe Smart Secure embedded systems are at the heart of the IoT Safe, Smart, Connected Car Smart & Connected Smart Industry Focused on 4G, Smart Home and Cloud Infrastructure Automotive Focused on Driver Information, Entertainment and Safety Industrial #1 Enterprise Switch NOR #1 LTE / 4G Base Station NOR #1 Home Gateway NOR Smart Cities Market Revenue $1,000 Focused on Energy, Automation, and Connectivity Energy Harvester Solution $800 #1 Embedded NOR #1 Dashboard MCU (Japan) #2 Climate Control MCU $600 #1 Factory Automation NOR #1 Solar Inverter NOR #1 Security / Surveillance NOR $400 $200 $B $2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Source: GBI R S Research, 2012 h 4 © 2013 Spansion Inc.
    • Industrial Global Focus for More Than 20 Years Industrial Automation, Building and Energy Management Industrial Connectivity Ethernet White Goods and Home Appliances Security Surveillance, Medical, M2M Embedded p y p Display Graphics 5V Support for Motor Control Application-specific pp p Microcontroller Address key trends with Flash, MCU, Analog and Systems experience 5 © 2013 Spansion Inc. Rich Graphics Advanced HMI Automation and Control
    • Today’s News: Spansion’s Family of Scalable and Flexible MCUs Seamless transition from high performance to low power Differentiated features such as y touch, connectivity, inverter drives into a single MCU Performance up to 200MHz Voltages from 1.65V t 5.5V V lt f 1 65V to 5 5V Embedded Flash from 64 KB to 2 MB Support communications interfaces including serial, CAN, USB and pp Ethernet to support Internet of Things 6 © 2013 Spansion Inc.
    • Spansion® FM Family - Scalable MCUs for Industrial “High Performance” 250 200 Cortex-M4 IN PRODUCTION High Performance DSP & FPU Embedded Embedded, Over 140 Products High Performance 180 “Universal” Basic Group IN PRODUCTION Low Power Group Cortex-M3 Broad Lineup, p, Over 570 Products 50 Ultra Low Leakage “Low Power” Ultra Low Power DMIPs s 25 7 Cortex-M0+ SAMPLING © 2013 Spansion Inc. Entry Level Low Voltage Operation Operation, Low Power & Cost Efficient
    • Spansion® FM4 Family - In Production Industrial and consumer applications with high performance requirements High Performance ARM® Cortex™-M4 200 MHz – 250 MIPS DSP FPU Separate Power Domains Run mode 0.34mA/MHz, Vbat mode 1.5μ A Same peripherals as FM3, with improvements − 20Mbps SPI − High speed ADC – 2Msps − SD card I/F, SDRAM I/F, NOR & NAND Flash I/F 200 MHz 2.7V to 5.5V DSP, FPU 256KB-2MB 256KB 2MB Flash up to 256KB RAM 48 to 216pins Ethernet, CAN, USB, SDIO 8 © 2013 Spansion Inc. Factory Automation Building Automation Motor Control Home Appliances Power Tools
    • Spansion® FM3 Family – In Production High Performance Group • • • • • • • • up to 144MHz 2.7V 5.5V 2 7V ... 5 5V up to 1MB Flash up to 128KB RAM USB, Device and Host CAN Ethernet Motor Control Low Power Group Factory Automation Home Appliances 9 Building Automation Power Tools © 2013 Spansion Inc. Handheld Devices Motor Control Medical 40MHz 1.65V ... 3.6V Separated power domains LCD HDMI-CEC USB, Device and Host Basic Group up to 40MHz 2.7V 5.5V 2 7V ... 5 5V up to 1.5MB Flash up to 192KB RAM USB, Device and Host CAN Motor Control Optimized cost Ultra Low Leakage Group p 20MHz 1.8V ... 5.5V Low stop mode current consumption LCD HDMI-CEC Standard set of peripherals
    • Spansion® FM0+ Family – Sampling Now, Production in Q1 Industrial, cost sensitive, applications with low power requirements Ultra Low Power Entry Level 40MHz 2.7V to 5.5V 4KB – 8KB RAM Vcc = 2.7V to 5.5V Cost efficient 40MHz 1.65V to 3.6V Low power consumption EEPROM emulation Analog peripherals ARM® Cortex™-M0+ C t ™ M0 Run mode current 70µA/MHz RTC mode current 0.7µA (Ultra Low Power) Simplified bus matrix for reduced power consumption Local clock gating for each peripheral Separated clock divider for CPU and peripherals Low pin counts with low memory density Meters Power Tools 10 © 2013 Spansion Inc. Sensors Handheld Devices Home Appliances Motor Control Medical HDMI
    • 192KB B MB9BFx29S 128KB 64KB 512KB MB9BFx66M MB9BFx66K MB9BFx67N MB9BFx66N MB9BFx16R 48KB 384KB MB9AFx16N MB9AF156N MB9AF156R MB9BFx15N MB9BFx15R MB9BFx65L MB9AFx15M MB9AFx15N MB9AF155M MB9AF155N MB9AF155R MB9BFx14R MB9BFx24M MB9BFx14N MB9AFx14M MB9AFx14N MB9AFx44M MB9AFx44N MB9AF154R MB9BFx22L MB9BFx22M MB9BFx12N MB9BFx12R MB9AFx12K MB9AFx12L MB9AFx12M MB9AFx12N MB9AFx42L MB9AFx42M MB9AFx42N MB9AFx32L 6-16 6KB MB9BFx24L MB9AFx14L 32KB B MB9BFx24K MB9BFx22K 88-12 28KB MB9BFx64L MB9AFx44L 256KB B MB9BFx64K MB9AFx32M MB9AFx32N MB9A121J MB9BFx21K MB9BFx21L MB9AFx11L MB9AFx11M MB9AFx41M MB9AFx41N MB9AFx31L MB9AFx31M FM3 Basic MB9AFx11N MB9AFx41L FM3 High Performance MB9BFx21M MB9AFx11K FM4 S6E1A12C0A MB9AFx31N 4-16KB S6E1A12B0A 56-6 64KB MB9BFx16T MB9BFx66R MB9AF156M MB9AFx31K S6E1A11B0A 32pin 11 MB9BFx16S MB9BFx67R MB9AFx16M MB9BFx65K MB9BFx17T MB9BFx68R MB9BFx16N MB9BFx66L MB9BFx28T MB9BFx17S MB9BFx67M MB9BFx18T MB9BFx28S MB9BFx68N MB9BFx29T MB9BFx18S MB9BFx68M 96KB 768KB 1MB 1.5MB B Spansion® FM Family Line-up © 2013 Spansion Inc. FM3 Low Power FM3 Ultra Low Leak FM0+ Entry S6E1A11C0A 48pin 64pin 80pin 100pin 120pin 144pin 176pin 216pin
    • Spansion FM® Solutions Speed Customer Design 3 motor inverter & Communication Demo Ethernet 3 motor inverter unit Communication unit US B TFT control Demo Ethernet Web screen WiFi connection Demo WiFi router WiFi TFT controlling w/o GDC 12 © 2013 Spansion Inc. Watching board status on PC or smartphone thru WiFi
    • Spansion® FM Solutions FM Connect USB • USB host and device • Low level drivers Low level drivers • Various USB class  implementations • Mass Storage Class,  Virtual COM Port,  HID Mouse, HID  Keyboard, LibUSB b d b • Covers embedded as  well as PC side • MCU Large selection MCU: Large selection  of FM3 and FM4  devices • Several evaluation  boards available 13 © 2013 Spansion Inc. FM Connect Ethernet • 10/100Mbps  IEE802.3 Ethernet • Low level driver • Free TCP/IP stack  implementations • lwIP, uIP • Application layer:  HTTP server, DHCP,  SMTP, etc. • MCU: Various FM3  i high performance  group devices • TwinMAC derivatives  available (2 Ethernet  p) MAC onchip) • Starterkit available FM Touch FM Inverter • Capacitive touch  sensors • Software solution,  only one ADC  channel per sensor  channel • Free of charge library  available il bl • Buttons and complex  sensors (sliders,  wheels) • Dedicated  application library  pp y available • Various software  examples • Various motor types  supported • MCU: All FM Family MCU: All FM Family  members • Starter kits available • MCU: All  FM3/4  ll / High Performance  devices • Up to 3 MFTs, QDU – quadrature decoder  unit • Starterkits and  power stage  FM Safety • IEC60730 class B  IEC61508 SIL2 • Self test libraries   (STL) available • Covers CPU, Clock,  Interrupts, RAM,  ROM, IO, ADC • MCU: All FM Family  members • Various HW features  implemented on FM  Family MCUs • CRC, Watchdog, LVD,  clock supervisor, etc. p ,
    • Spansion ® FM MCU Feature Highlights Advanced Connectivity Multi Function Serial UART, SPI, I2C, LIN Up to 2 channels CAN USB Devcie and Host, up to Host 2 channels each Ethernet MAC, up to 2 channels High Performance Up to 200MHz/250MIPS Prefetch buffer and cache Wide supply voltage ranges 1.65V 5 5V 1 65V to 5.5V Functional Safety Independent RC clocks Watchdog Clock supervisor Optional MPU Flash ECC – error correction code CRC module Software self test libraries IEC61508, IEC60730 – class B High Quality Flash Embedded Flash from 64 KB to 2 MB 80MHz access with true zero wait states Prefetch buffer and Cache: 0 wait states up to 160MHz CPU clock 100k erase cycles 20 years data retention time EEPROM emulation option Flash Security Fl h S it Local Support MCU Application Teams all over the World Technical Workshops and Seminars Longevity of Supply Advanced Inverter Timers Options for 3 multi function timers Waveform generator with dead-time insertion ADC trigger unit Options for independent 12-bit ADCs with fast conversion times between 0.5us and 1us (depending on MCU) 14 © 2013 Spansion Inc. Low Power Consumption Separated power domains Flexible clock distribution Multiple low power modes RTC mode FM3, FM4 and FM0+ devices
    • www.spansion.com Spansion®, the Spansion logo, MirrorBit®, MirrorBit® Eclipse™ and combinations thereof are trademarks and registered trademarks of Spansion LLC in the United States and other countries. Other names used are for informational purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective owners. This document is for informational purposes only and subject to change without notice. Spansion does not represent that it is complete, accurate or up-to-date; it is provided “AS IS.” To the maximum extent permitted by law, Spansion disclaims any liability for loss or damages arising from use of or reliance on this document. 15 © 2013 Spansion Inc.