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Academe is an E-Learning and College Management suite which aims to change the way traditional learning and teaching is done in colleges and universities. Academe brings in related social web technologies and integrates them into an E-Learning platform. An accompanying integrated college management system aims to ease and streamline the administrative work of the colleges and make the data centrally available.The Academe suite consists of four major components:

• Learning Management System (LMS)

• Library Management System

• Video Lecture Composition and Delivery

• College Management System (CMS)

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Academe- Learning Management System

  1. 1. AGENDA• About Spanngle• Academe • Features of Academe • Learning Management System • College Management System • Library Management System • Video Lecture Composition • Supplementary Features of Academe • Value Addition Modules on Demand • Technology Academe work on
  2. 2. About Spanngle• Providing soft solutions across the world.• Team with a right mix of experience, enthusiasm and with Vast knowledge across technology and business domains.• Academe, Spriha are recent products running in big institutions of different countries.
  3. 3. Academe
  4. 4. What is Academe?• An eLearning and college management suite for the ease of learning management, college management and student administration.• Social web approach to enhance the academic and social aspects of the students.• Single platform for all entities i.e. students, faculty, management and alumni.• Provides a bundle of features to organize, express, create, interact, search, explore, store, communicate, seek and learn.
  5. 5. Features of Academe
  6. 6. LearningManagementSystem-LMS
  7. 7. Tools of LMS Collaboration Tool Communication Tool• Community Networking • Academic Discussion Form• Group Work • Online Journals/ Notes• Wiki • Real Time Chat • File Exchange • Internal Emails Content Development Tool Productivity Tool• Course Creation • Glossary• Learning Objects • Progress Report• Assignment Creation • Bookmarking• Tests and Quizzes • Performance Chart
  8. 8. Uses of LMS• Create centralized learning environment to ensure consistency of content and study material.• Tracking and reporting of courses becomes easy for user as well as for management.• 24/7 access to learning contents and other material is possible for every user from anywhere.• Allows learning to those who are outside of school area due to any reason.• Course calendar is helpful module to be on time.
  9. 9. CollegeManagementSystem-CMS
  10. 10. Features of CMSEvent Manager • Create Events • Search Events • Add Event Resources • Subscribe to Events • Comments Threads Attendance Manager • Attendance Entry • Leave Entry • Attendance Chart • College Calendar Setting Student Information System • Student Registration • Student Search • General Report • Student Performance Detail • Administrative Course Info Inventory Management System • Management of product Categories • Complete information of the product • Maintain the types of product in different categories
  11. 11. Uses of CMS• All the general information of a student can be displayed on a single click.• Makes easy to maintain the student’s course info and their performance details.• Maintain the attendance entry, leave entry and all the holidays of institution.• Event management is easy.• Easy registration process for students.• Management of inventories is easy.
  12. 12. LibraryManagement System
  13. 13. Features of Library Mgt System• Management of Books Record• Automatic Fine Calculator• Check-out Books• Check-In Books• Management of Periodicals• Reports
  14. 14. What Library Mgt System Does ?• Automatic fine calculator reduce the chances of mistakes in fine calculation.• Book search via book name, author name, description or notes makes it easy to find out its details.• All subscription and transaction information are available at any time on a single click.• To maintain the statistical reports is no more hectic work now.• Librarian finds it easy to get the status of a book/ audio/ video CDs/ Journals, etc.
  15. 15. Video LectureComposition System-VLC
  16. 16. Features of VLC System• Upload and Encode Module• Usage Statistics Report• Automatic Video Cataloging
  17. 17. Benefits of VLC System• Anytime and anywhere access to lectures.• Web based interface which accepts a variety of video formats.• Student can edit the notes which are automatically stored in his personal account.• Student can store videos on hardware like CD/ DVD so that he can revise the lecture even if he has no access to internet.• Because of video cataloging it is easily searchable.
  18. 18. Supplementary Features of VLC • Institute Dedicated Mail Server • Automated Backup and Restore • Feedback
  19. 19. Value Addition Modules on Demand • E-Portfolio • Staff Management System • Fee Management System • Alumni Management System
  20. 20. E-Portfolio
  21. 21. Staff Management System • Maintain staff personal and career details • Keep records of staff attendance • Manage staff leave entries • Description of staff work involvement • Search Staff
  22. 22. Fee Management System• Generate complete summary of payable fees and collected amount.• Detail of students fee history can be viewed by entering the id of the student.• Dues list can be generated in different types like class wise, student wise or any item wise.• Fee setting includes different items like annual fee, fine, conveyance fee, exam fee, etc.• Fee structure can be defined as class wise and/or semester wise.
  23. 23. Alumni Management System• Alumni Registration• Alumni Log-in• Search Alumni Records and Contacts• Update Alumni Information
  24. 24. Technology Academe Works on• Technology we use makes it easy to run Academe on any operating system i.e. Linx, Mac, Window, etc.• Provides more space to store more data• Cloud Computing makes it highly automated, so no more worry to keep the software up to date.• No need to install any software to use Academe as it is based on cloud computing.
  25. 25. Thank You