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La montana english brochure 2016

  1. 1. + BIENVENIDOS A LA MONTAÑA Y BARILOCHE Bariloche, Patagonia, Argentina BROCHURE
  2. 2. n  La Montaña LEARN Spanish in Bariloche – the leading Spanish school in Patagonia is always working to maximize the quality of the academic and cultural experience of each and every student. “ At our Spanish school,the philosophy of tailor-made,one-to-one courses is applied to small group classes” Verónica Leone,Director and Founder of Spanish in Bariloche. About Us n  Founded July 2002 n  Specialized in tailor-made courses n  College Credits n  Founder of AACELE n  Co-working with Universidad de Río Negro n  Spanish teachers training courses n  Extensive social & cultural activites ✚
  3. 3. Who we are: Verónica Leone - Director and Founder. Teaching and leading Spanish immersion programs since 2002. Our Teachers: Highly qualified, native speakers teachers. Specialized in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. Our Team and Teachers Victoria Soler Excursions & trips Uxue Andoño Environment and Social Media
  4. 4. + Why Choose La Montaña? University Credits Highly qualified teachers and staff Downtown Bariloche Location Cultural Diversity & Friendly environment 9 BRIGHT CLASSROOMS AUDIO & VIDEO LIBRARYCOMPUTERS FREE COFFEE & SNACKS Small Groups and Tailor Made Courses National Accreditation s and Long Traditions Historic Building with modern facilities Free Social & Academic Activities School Facilities: FREE WI-FI
  5. 5. +Course Overview MAIN COURSES* ü  Welcome Pack ü  Orientation ü  Spanish Course Materials ü  After class social and academic activities ü  Coffee, tea and snacks ü  Local discounts and benefits ü  Wi-Fi and Computer with Internet access ü  Free Airport Pick up* What is included? Private Lessons (h/week) Group Classes (h/week) Level Schedule (Mon-Fri) Price 2016 (USD$/week) Intensive - 20h All 9am-1pm $210 Intensive 30 10h 20h All 9am-1pm+2h afternoon $410 Private 10-20h - All Flexible $27per hour Semi- private(2stu dents) 10-20h - All Flexible $20pER/hOUR Students are distributed in small groups according to their level of Spanish.
  6. 6. +Special Courses n  Business Spanish – Designed for people within business environment, industry specific vocabulary and job search techniques. n  Medical Spanish – Designed for professionals working in the medical field. n  Spanish for Travelers – Essential Spanish to get around Spanish speaking countries. n  Teacher Training Courses – Spanish teacher training for native and non native speakers. Professional development programs for teachers of Spanish as a foreign language - or ELE ("Español como lengua extranjera"). n  CELU/DELE Exam Preparation – Designed to prepare students for 'Certificado  de Español Lengua y Uso (CELU)’ or DELE n  Spanish for Families – Flexible schedule and tailor made classes designed for the needs of the whole family. n  Spanish andYoga – Intensive morning Spanish Course, 2 yoga classes per week + 1 workshop/private class. n  Spanish and Ski – Designed to combine Spanish learning and Skiing, offered July-Sep n  Online Courses – Live online pre arrival or post departure courses in addition to your on-site course. n  Multi-destination Course – Designed to continue the same program in any of our partner schools in Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Rosario, Ushuaia and Pucón (Chile).
  7. 7. + After Class Activities •  2pm New Students Orientation LUNES •  2pm City Tour MARTES •  2pm Clase de cocina MIER •  2pm •  Cultural Quest JUEVES •  2pm Juegos de viernes VIERNES Other activities and half-day trips around Bariloche n  Every week we organize several free after class activities to facilitate Spanish learning and introduce students to Bariloche and Latin American culture. They are led by Spanish teachers and Spanish is the only language spoken!
  8. 8. +School Location ª Prime location in a quiet spot in the heart of the city, near internet cafes, bars, pubs, restaurants, shops, hotels and hostels, public transportation and services. Elflein 251, 2nd Floor Bariloche, Rio Negro Argentina 8400 §  13.5 km from San Carlos de Bariloche Airport. §  2.2 km from the Bus Terminal. §  We recommend students to use a Remis (A cab for a set rate for longer distances) or schedule an Airport Pick up with us. ARRIVING AT LA MONTAÑA Free Airport Pick Up* For courses 2 weeks or more
  9. 9. +College & University Credits n  Spanish Program for Study Abroad – US students can earn undergraduate language credits from US accredited public institution, while participating in intensive study of Spanish. n  Earn between 3 and 17 credits semester hours of language credit per fall, spring or summer study abroad term. n  Individualized language classes at the appropriate level of study based on academic background and level of ability in Spanish. STUDY ABROAD PROGRAM
  10. 10. + Accommodation n  We have been working with local families and hostels for 10 years and all accommodation options are quality checked by our staff. ✔Family Stay ✔Hostels ✔Apartments n  We can also arrange for students to stay in furnished apartments, hotels or mountain cabins outside the city center. ª We encourage students to choose Family Homestay as this allows them to learn more than just a language. They will have the opportunity to share regional home m ade m e als , co nve r satio n s an d experiences with locals, in a relaxed and homely atmosphere.
  11. 11. +Accommodation n  Live with an Argentine family n  Shared or Private Room n  Breakfast and Dinner n  Towels and Sheets n  Weekly cleaning n  Walking distance from school n  Shared Living Space n  Weekly Cost: $250 for shared room $280 for private room n  Dormitory Style Rooms n  Max 4 people per room n  Breakfast Included n  Towels and sheets n  Weekly cleaning n  Wi-Fi n  Shared kitchen and common area n  Walking distance from school n  Weekly Cost: From $165 ✔ Family Stay ✔ Hostels
  12. 12. +San Carlos de Bariloche N  LOCATION: Situated in the foothills of the Andes, in the heart of Nahuel Huapi National Park, Rio Negro Province, Patagonia. N  POPULATION: 120,000 permanent habitants. n  893m elevation, cool CLIMATE, 4 seasons: pleasant summers (Dec - February) and white winters (June- Aug). n  The biggest SKI RESORT in South America and a heaven for all sports enthusiasts and travelers. QUICK FACTS: NAHUEL HUAPI LAKE BARILOCHE
  13. 13. +What to do in Bariloche? SPORTS n  Ski & Snowboard n  Trekking n  Mountain Biking n  Kayak n  Yoga GREATVIEWS n  Cerro Otto n  Cerro Campanario n  Refugio Frey n  Circuito Chico n  Cerro Catedral ADVENTURES n  Rafting n  Rock Climbing n  Kite and Wind Surfing n  Canopy/Zip-Lining n  Horseback Riding DAY TRIPS n  Isla Victoria/Bosque de Arrayanes n  Los Siete Lagos n  El Tronador n  El Bolsón n  Villa Angostura LOCAL FOOD n  Chocolate artesanal n  Empanadas n  Cordero Patagónico n  Picada con cerveza n  Alfajores y helados GETAWAYS n  Ruta 40 n  Puerto Montt n  Puerto Madryn n  Glaciar Perito Moreno n  Volcán Villarrica OUR TOP 5s
  14. 14. + BARILOCHE Secretaría Municipal de Turismo: Centro Cívico. (10 min walk from school) Online Info: USEFUL INFORMATION Public transportation: Easy access to bus lines Inter City: 10% off for our students Airport: BRC Safety: - The schools is located in a very safe area.There are two Police Stations nearby:Tiscornia 6 (5 min walk from school); Centro Civico (8 min walk from school) Shopping:Traditional chocolaterías, cafeterias, breweries, bars, restaurants, artisanal stores, supermarkets and mountain gear stores are located mostly around Mitre and Moreno Streets, minutes away from our school. Hospital Privado Regional - 20 de Febrero 598, (5 min walk from school) San Carlos Emergencias - Av. Bustillo 1.000 (15 minutes walk from school) Pharmacies – the nearest well stocked Pharmacy is 2 min walk from school Post Office: Correo Argentino, Moreno 175, (0294) 4423100,, (2 min walk from school)
  15. 15. + Cost of Living $ARG pesos* Urban Bus Ticket $8/22 Taxi (Remis) from the Airport $200 Taxi (15 blocks) $50 Water, Soda (500ml) $12 Daily menu in a restaurant $70-$90 Sandwich (on the street) $20-$35 Coffee (small cup) $25 Breakfast (coffee+2 croissants) $40-$60 Ice-cream (3 scoops) $40-$50 Hamburger $90 Cinema Ticket $75 ! Weekend excursions or day trips ranging from 300 to 1000 ARG pesos. ★ With our school students can get advantage of discounts and benefits in local shops, restaurants and travel agencies. *Approximate prices as of June 2015
  16. 16. + What to Pack Winter (June – Aug): Bariloche is the home for the biggest ski center in South America.There is a lot of snow in winter so students need to bring warm clothes and boots, and ski/ snowboard gear. (It can also rented here.) ü  Warm Boots ü  Thermal Clothes ü  Ski Gear ü  Gloves, Hat, Scarf ü  Backpack ü  Sunscreen ü  Sleeping Bag ü  Trekking Shoes ü  Tent ü  Sunscreen ü  Backpack ü  Rain/Wind Jacket ü  Beach towel Summer (Dec – Feb): Summers can be nice and warm but a jacket is always necessary because the weather in the mountains is unstable and windy. There are plenty of opportunities for camping and outdoor activities so advise students to bring comfortable clothing and camping & sports gear.
  17. 17. + Arriving to Bariloche n  From Buenos Aires: o  By Plane: 2h flight o  Airlines: LAN, Aerolineas Argentinas/Austral o  By car or Bus: 1650 km o  20h in comfortable buses n  Distance to other cities in Argentina: o  Mendoza - 1287km o  Córdoba – 1588km o  Puerto Madryn - 960km o  El Bolsón – 131km n  Distance to cities in Chile: o  Santiago - 1140 km o  Osorno - 250km, 4h bus/car o  Puerto Montt - 390km, 6h bus/car o  Pucón – 353km, 4.5h bus/car BARILOCHE
  18. 18. +Price List MAIN COURSES Accommodation Per week Homestay (shared room) $250 Hostel dorm room $165 Other Per hour Private Class $27 Semi-private $20 / person INTENSIVE SPANISH COURSE PRICE ($US) 1 week $210 2 weeks $420 3 weeks $610 4 weeks $810 5 weeks $1010 6 weeks $1200 7 weeks $1400 8 weeks $1600 SUPER INTENSIVE SPANISH COURSE PRICE ($US) 1 week $410 2 weeks $820 3 weeks $1215 4 weeks $1620 5 weeks $2025 6 weeks $2400 7 weeks $2800 8 weeks $3200
  19. 19. + Get in Touch: 251 Elflein, 2do Piso, San Carlos de Bariloche, 8400 Rio Negro, Argentina La Montaña Spanish School @LaMontanaBRC @SpanishinBRC VERONICA.LEONE +54 9 294 4318230