Get Discovered: Optimizing Tools to Enhance Your Web Presence

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Spacetaker Artist Resource Center Workshop on Optimizing Tools to Enhance Your Web Presents for artists and arts organizations led by Caitlin Kaluza of Schipul, The Web Marketing Company. July 20, …

Spacetaker Artist Resource Center Workshop on Optimizing Tools to Enhance Your Web Presents for artists and arts organizations led by Caitlin Kaluza of Schipul, The Web Marketing Company. July 20, 2011

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  • It doesn’t matter if a million people come to your site if they never pick up the phone or make a donation or attend one of your events


  • 1. Get DiscoveredOptimizing Tools to Enhance Your Web Presence
    Caitlin Kaluza
    Search Engine Marketing Manager
    Schipul – The Web Marketing Company
    Photo credit:
  • 2. About Me
  • 3. What We’ll Go Over
    Identify Your Audience
    Optimize your Website
    Produce Great Content
    Optimize Local Listings
    Online Advertising
    6. Measure Your Success
  • 4. 1) Identify Your Audience
  • 5. “You can’t Manage what you don’t measure”
    Peter Drucker
  • 6. Set Up Analytics Tracking
  • 7. Why Google Analytics?
    Free (with Google Account)
    Data from Google
    User Access
    Easy Exports
  • 8. Dashboard Definitions
    Bounce Rate = only visited one page (then “bounced”)<50% is a good bounce rate
  • 9. Visitors Tab
    Average Schipul Client Mobile 5-7%
  • 10. Traffic Sources Tab
    Healthy Search Engines Percent is 60% - 75%
  • 11. Content Tab
    Look for “non branded keywords,” surprise keywords that are sticking, misspellings and laymen’s terms
  • 12. Monitoring Tools
    Who’s Talking About You?
    Google Alerts
    Tweet Beep
    Social Mention
  • 13. Research Your Target Audience
    • How will your target market search for you?Houston attractions, Houston things to do, Houston art gallery…
    • 14. Are you targeting a geographic area?Houston, Texas, Sugarland, South Texas, Southwest
  • Keyword Suggestion Tools
  • 15. Select 3 Key Phrases
    Three prioritized terms:
    Virginia plastic surgeon (ery)
    Cosmetic surgery Virginia
    Virginia cosmetic surgery
  • 16. 2) Optimize your Website
  • 17. How Does a Search Engine Work?
    Spider crawls content
    Catalogs in index
    Algorithm determines what shows for any search
  • 18.
  • 19.
  • 20.
  • 21.
  • 22. Search Engine Relationships
  • 23.
  • 24. What do Search Engines Look For?
    • Readable Text
    • 25. Fresh, unique content
    • 26. Good site architecture
    • 27. Unique meta info
    • 28. Relevant inbound links
  • 29. Optimizing Your Content
  • 30. Content is King.
    Photo credit:
  • 31. Keyword DensityWhat is this page about?
  • 32. Incorporate Keywords
    In your text
    In your titles
    In alt tags
    In links to other pages
  • 33. Alt Tags = Good SEO and Good Karma
    Google is deaf & blind.
  • 34. Optimize Meta on Every Page
    Meta = tags on the back end that tell Google what your page is about
  • 35. Keep Your Site Fresh
    New content ideas
    Press releases
    News updates
    Photo galleries
    Photo credit:
  • 36. 3) Produce Great Content
  • 37. Video Tells the Story
    If YouTube were a search engine it would be #2
  • 38. Optimizing Video for SEO
    Include keywords in description, tags
    Link back to your website
    Create playlists and add descriptions
    Closed Captions
  • 39. YouTube for Nonprofits
    Become an official “nonprofit” channel
    Click through call to action
    Must be 501(c)(3)
  • 40. Photos
    Photo credit: Sarah Worthy
  • 41. Online Newsletters
    Collect Email Addresses
    Keep Timing Consistent
    Try Weekends/ Off time
    Share Tips, Deals
  • 42. Online Donations
    Fractured Atlas
  • 43. Google Says “Don’t Be Evil”
    Photo credit:
  • 44. Quick Break!
  • 45. 4) Optimize local listings
  • 46. 11 Searches in One
  • 47.
  • 48.
  • 49. Google Places
    Claim & verify your listing
    Fill out the entire profile
    Ask for reviews
  • 50.
  • 51. Claim Location Listings
  • 52. 5) Online Advertising
  • 53. SEM vs. SEO
  • 54. The Power of PPC
  • 55. PPC Step by Step
    Create a paid placement budget
    Campaign Set-up
    Monitor and Tweak Campaign
  • 56. Long Tail Keywords
    Don’t pick overly competitive keywords unless you have an unlimited budget
  • 57. Campaign Set Up
    If possible, put the keyword in the title
    Use a Call-to-Action
    Consider ad testing
  • 58. Monitor and Tweak Campaign
  • 59. PPC Things to Consider
    Stay away from general terms unless your campaign is geo-targeted
    ex: plastic surgery
    Budget, ads, and keywords can be adjusted anytime
    Link ads to the most relevant page on your site; don’t dump everyone onto your home page.
  • 60. Other Paid Placement
    More like a Billboard
    Great for events or social content
    Get creative
    Market: Millenials & Baby Boomers
    Less expensive
    Interface Issues
  • 61. 6) Measure Your Success
  • 62. Track Your Success
    Segment Traffic from Paid Search
    Conversion Tracking
    Are your donations increasing?
  • 63. Visits vs. Conversions
    Visits aren’t everything – are people converting?
    Visits from Search
    Non-branded keywords (keywords that don’t include your brand name)
    Visits from social media, YouTube, etc.
    Online contact forms
    Newsletter Sign Ups
    Is the phone ringing?
  • 64.
  • 65. Caitlin KaluzaSearch Engine Marketing ManagerSchipul – The Web Marketing Company