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SPACE Newsletter-Oct-Dec-2012

SPACE Newsletter-Oct-Dec-2012



Quarterly Newsletter of SPACE Group

Quarterly Newsletter of SPACE Group



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    SPACE Newsletter-Oct-Dec-2012 SPACE Newsletter-Oct-Dec-2012 Presentation Transcript

    • SPACE NEWSLETTER OCT – DEC „12 Cover Story: Bihar – First Global Destination for Astro Tourism in India Guest Article: Neil Armstrong A Reluctant Hero CONTENTS : EDUCATION | EVENTS | ASTROTOURISM | ANNOUNCEMENTSChief Editor : Sachin Bahmba, Editors : Amit Verma & Divya Kanchanbaras
    • Bihar – First Global Destination for Astro Tourism in IndiaBihar Government has announced a mega tourism project to build Astro-Tourism in the State. The aim is to develop theareas of Taregana, Taregana Top and Khagaul in the field of astronomy and space science tourism. The state has madean official announcement during September 2012, to call for proposals for selection of consultancy firm for developmentof an Astro-Tourism project in Bihar. The proclamation transcends back in time to the promise made by the then and nowHonorable Chief Minister of Bihar, Shri Nitish Kumar, addressed to SPACE India. It has been sheer commendableperseverance on behalf of the CM to keep up to this pledge that he made during the 21st century‟s longest Total SolarEclipse, on July 22 2009 at Taregana. Bihar is the first state in the country to have started with endeavor by agovernment and is now set to race-past others in India& the world in Astro-Tourism.Landmark Total Solar Eclipse at Taregana, Patna on 22 July 2009During 2008, SPACE India conducted an international workshop on Total Solar Eclipse to discuss about the then mostawaited, longest Total Solar Eclipse of the century to be occurred in July 2009. Eminent astronomers and spacescientists from different parts of the world participated as speakers and guests in the workshop. A site visit atTaregana, Bihar was organised for the delegates. It was during the scouting of this place that SPACE Team concluded itto be the best location world-over to view the eclipse. The celestial event saw a major media lobby about theplace, Taregana and the occurrence, Total Solar Eclipse, amongst the masses and bureaucrats. A public watch on agigantic level for the first time in India was organised by SPACE at Taregana. Researchers and tourists from India andabroad had gathered to watch the rare Total Solar Eclipse on July 22, 2009. Honorable CM of Bihar was the chief guestand a mammoth crowd of around 80, 000 people had gathered to witness the eclipse. Moved by the turn out as a resultof mass scientific inquisitiveness, following are excerpts from CM‟s speech at the event –To create scientific temper among masses is important. There are lot of myths about planets which are critical to bust.The celestial movements, making observations and noting readings, acquiring new information and analysis of thisinformation can be of vital usage. To develop scientific thinking is a big task. And, coming to Biharfor the total solar eclipse and doing such arrangements for people to view and learn about the eclipseis an impressive task undertaken by SPACE. It’s significant to spread scientific temper amongst masses. 2
    • I expect SPACE to help us develop the birth place of Aryabhatta, places like Taregana, Khagaul and Som river, wherehe use to carry out his observations and has made major contributions to the mankind. SPACE should supportus, suggest us, on the basis of it we would like to develop the entire place so that generations to come get to knowabout aryabhatta and most important aspect is to reproduce scientific temper. My best wishes to SPACE. The iconic celestial occurrence brought the spotlight on Taregana, lost in the pages of history, a vital Astro-Tourism destination to emerge for generations to come to know the remarkable work of the man who gave the world the power of number zero “0”.The event marked the awakening of the Bihar government to tap the enormous Astro-tourism potential of the trio places Taregana, Khagaul and Som river, the Karma-Bhoomi of Aryabhatta. It was here he had set up an astronomical observatory in the Sun Temple during the 6th century, proposed the Heliocentric Model, and suggested for the first time in history that Earth revolves around the Sun. Aryabhatta at the age of 23 wrote his monumental work Aryabhatiyam. The famous sixth century astronomer-mathematician camped at Taregna and nearby Khagaul to carry out his studies on celestial bodies. The names of both the places have astronomicalKhagaul, Taregana (Masaudhi) and Taregana Top (Maner) were the associations, Taregana coming from tarecenters for all astronomical studies conducted by Aryabhata, are (stars) and Khagaul from khagshastramutually thirty(30) kilometers from each other (the approximate aerial (astronomy).distance from each other forms nearly an equilateral triangle) 3*the actual map may vary from the illustration above
    • GLIMSES OF THE HISTORIC TSE BIHAR, 2009 The crowd assembled minutes before to view the eclipse at 6:16amHonorable CM of Bihar Shri Nitish Kumar with SPACE Team The area plunges in darkness during the total eclipse at 6:27am 4 CM observing the eclipse through a telescope
    • Astro-Tourism is a novel concept designed to integrate Tourism with Astronomy & Science activities. It is the brain childof SPACE that brings together the thrilling sphere of travel, exploration and expedition with an equally exhilaratingsphere of astronomy, space sciences and unraveling the wonders of the sky. It is an exciting domain already extremelypopular among travelers and industry professionals worldwide, tourism boards are also waking up to this opportunity. Itis becoming increasingly big business - identified as a World Travel Trend last year by Euromonitor ahead of the WorldTravel Market and already worth millions to places such as Hawaii, Chile and Australia. This concept has gainedtraction in India and worldwide due to the unrelenting and path breaking initiatives of SPACE India (and its subsidiaryAstro Tourism India Pvt. Ltd.). Over the past 5 years, it has showcased to the travel industry and the world at large, thevast commercial potential „Astro-Tourism‟ holds for the industry.Astrotourism in BiharBihar aspires to develop the state, create tourism jobs, preserve astronomical history and heritage and most importantto celebrate the landmark works of the most poignant astronomer and mathematician of India, Aryabhatta. Thegovernment envisages building a robust tourism market for Bihar and bringing it on the world map for travelers, andcontributing towards the state‟s socio-economic growth. The states propose that the three centers Taregana, Khagauland Som river, would showcase of various concepts theories and models formed by Aryabhatta in the form ofinteractive demonstration centre (mini museum) and one of the locations will be equipped with facilities and latestequipments to facilitate further studies and repository in the field of astronomy. SPACE India has been invited by thegovernment of Bihar to foster the development of Astro-Tourism in the state. SPACE is already working in full swingtowards its dream project; under its sleeve are preparation of a concept presentation and formulation of a consortiumwith architects, urban and eco planners. 5
    • NEWS IN FOCUS - UNIVERSE IN THE SCHOOL I. Centre For Student ExcellenceAstronomy Assembly at GD Goenka, RohiniCentre For students Excellence (CSE) GD GoenkaSchool, Rohini conducted an Astronomy assembly on7th September in the School‟s courtyard. It waspresented by Astronomy club students and wasconducted exclusively for all young aspiring studentswith the aim to showcase the wide panorama of theactivities and projects performed by the students inAstronomy Club. Aim was to spread awareness aboutthe club happenings and make students aware aboutthe achievements of club students. Rocket – Get Set Go! An air-rocketry session was organized as a special attraction for the assembly in the school courtyard. Students of class X Shrishti and Bhavya demonstrated how the air rocket works. A rocket was launched by the honorary Principal. The CSE enthusiastic students explained all the students about the basic principles of rocketry, how is it launched, etc. Make Your Own Comet Astronomy Exhibition at Indraprastha School, DwarkaStudents demonstrated the formation of a comet by The CSE school International school Dwarka organised anComet kitchen. The process of making a comet using astronomy exhibition on 25th August,12, showcased 6raw materials present in a real comet was explained in the astronomy activities during the Parents teachersthe assembly. meeting.
    • A lot of scientific activities were showcased to parents and Inter house Hydrorocketry Competition at Balstudents that communicated science in an easy and Bharti Public School, Pitampuraeffective manner. The achievements of the students werehighlighted. An Inter-house Hydrorocketry Competition was held on 28th August 2012 at BBPS, Pitampura to celebrate Science Week (27th August – 31st August 2012). Four teams representing the four Houses – Gurunanak, Dayanand, Vivekanand, Kabir were chosen for the competition. The Winner of the Inter- house Hydrorocketry Competition was Vivekanand House. The winning team will now participate in CSE Hydrorocketry Competition that is going to be held on 27th November 2012 where all CSE schools will be competing. Parents participating in the exhibition Students launchingIntra Club Quiz Competition at GD Goenka Public HydrorocketsSchool, RohiniCentre For Students Excellence (CSE) GD GoenkaSchool, Rohini organized Intra Club Quiz in the last weekof Aug, 12. Quiz was for all young aspiring students of the Hydro rocketclub from grade III to X , aimed to test astronomy launching byknowledge and motivate children to explore astronomy in Ms. Meenua fun and informative way. The Quiz had interesting Goswami, Princippicture identification and MCQ rounds. Students al BBPSthoroughly enjoyed the quiz-time. 7
    • Evening Observation-Hands on Telescope, Step byStep school, NoidaOn 23rd July 2012, a special evening session cumobservation was organized by SPACE for astronomyclub students of SBS. The objective of session was totrain the kids in handling a telescope. 17 students fromthe school participated in the session , enjoyedexploring the sky through telescopes with educators. Kids pointing their telescopes at various targets 8 Kids observing Moon through their telescopes and learning basics of a telescope
    • Insight 2012, Indraprastha World School, Paschim ViharCentre For students Excellence (CSE) Indraprastha World School, Paschim Vihar celebrated Science Fair as apart of their Annual Expo - “Insight” on 28th July, 2012. It was celebrated exclusively for all young aspiringstudents and parents with the aim to showcase the wide panorama of the activities and projects performed bythe students in different subjects such as nature, science, astronomy, maths, health & many more. The eventhad mass participation of the students, aim was to spreads awareness about the work done in the school andvarious clubs. The Chief Guest at the exhibition was Mr. R. P. Sharma (CBSE Advisory Board). Other dignitariespresent were Dr. Rajesh Hassija (Director, Indraprastha School, Paschim Vihar), Mrs. Shikha Arora (PrincipalIndraprastha School, Paschim Vihar) , Mr. Sachin Bhamba (CMD, SPACE) and Mrs. Shalini Bhamba (CSEHead, SPACE).An exciting hydro-rocketry session wasorganized as a special attraction for theevent in the school playground. The rocketwas launched by honorary guest Mr. R.P.Sharma. The CSE students enthusiasticallyelucidate the visitors about the basicprinciples of rocketry, how is it made, etc.CSE had put up an astronomy stall, whereedutainment acts like “Know your weight inthe solar system”, “Be an Astronaut”, “Whywe have 12 zodiacs”, etc were showcased.Students organized 3 different types ofastronomy quizzes which attracted a lot ofspectators. Mr. R.P Sharma (CBSE Advisory Board) launched the hydro-rocket to declare the event open 9
    • NEWS IN FOCUS - UNIVERSE IN THE SCHOOL II. Space Club III. Space ExplorersCRPF Dwarka Basics of Rocketry and Solar Hydrorocketry demo workshop at DPS FaridabadSystem Walk DPS, Faridabad on 18th August 2012 at their “AnnualCRPF Dwarka Basics of Rocketry and Solar System Inter DPS Science Exhibition” organized Hydro RocketryWalk was organised on 11th Sep, 2012. Students Demo Launches as a part of their event activities.participated with lot of enthusiasm, During the event, a Selected students from the school participated and taughtrocket was launched by the principal - Mrs. Meenu about functioning and principles involved inTiwari. A thrilled Ms. Tiwari quoted :- "It was a great Hydrorocketry. Guest of honors of the event were Mr.learning experience for the students. The rocket Ashok Chandra (Chairman, DPS Society), Prof B Plaunching session went off well. It was well planned Khandelwal (Vice Chairman, DPS Faridabad) and Msand very well executed.” Renu Mital (Director, DPS Society). Total 26 DPS Schools of the nearby territories participated in the exhibition. All the guest of honor‟s, participatory schools and the DPS Faridabad School management was highly impressed and congratulated SPACE for showcasing the science concept through hands on learning . CRPF Principal Students learning launching the about launcher and rocket the safety Chairman, Mr. Ashok Chandra launching the 10 rocket and interacting with the student
    • NEWS IN FOCUS - EVENTS I. Past EventsAll India Asteroid Search Campaign 2012Achievements in this unique program in 2010, 2011 and now in 2012 have proved that with the right platform, regularguidance and hard work the sky is indeed the limit for students and amateur astronomers. SPACE feels immenselyproud in sharing that this year the remarkable achievements by our students have marked our country‟s name in thescientific hall of fame, and has been applauded by our entire science and educational fraternity. In 2012, SPACEcoordinated 78 teams across India in this program which enabled students to access astronomy data taken throughtelescopes in the US and look for asteroids using complex software. More than 600 observations were submitted by theparticipants out of which there were 3 Provisional and 37 Preliminary discoveries of asteroids, 9 Near Earth ObjectConfirmations and 571 NEO Observations of asteroids. Chief Minister of Delhi, Smt. Sheila Dikshit met andcongratulated SPACE and the discoverers – “Space is not just the current but has unimaginable future for the entireuniverse. Our planet cannot just try to understand its magnificence but also learn from its knowledge. Bless all of youwho have ventured into this exciting adventure" 11 AIASC participants with SPACE team Students during the AIASC workshop
    • Felicitation Ceremony of All India Asteroid Search Campaign 2012The 2012 Asteroid hunters gathered at Radisson Blu, Paschim Vihar on 07th September, 2012, for the culmination of AllIndia Asteroid Search Campaign 2012, organized by SPACE. The Chief Guest for the ceremony was Dr. SubodhMahanti, Director of Vigyan Prasar. Other special guests were Mr. Subodh Sharma, Assistant Superintendent(Philately), Delhi Postal Circle and Dr. Gupta, Indian National Science Congress Association. All participants receivedawards recognizing the hard work done by them over 3 months. The school teachers and all the students thankedSPACE for providing the opportunity to participate in a real science project at an international level. They appreciatedthat SPACE is successfully developing a space science and astronomy attitude in the students and encouraging them topursue it as a career. The ceremony concluded with a small quiz which was organized for parents, teachers andstudents and concluded by a lunch. Chief Guest Dr. ahanti opened the ceremony with his words of encouragement “Icongratulate SPACE for providing such a platform to students in our country. It is a great feeling to be among achievers”These young budding astronomers looked excited at their achievements and expressed interest in participation in the AllIndia Asteroid Search Campaign 2013. 12 Glimpses of the AIASC 2012 function
    • SPACE celebrated Autumn Equinox on 22nd September at Jantar MantarSPACE embarked on yet another International Citizen Science project on Autumn Equinox, 22nd September. DuringAutumn Equinox, the day and night are of approximately equal length. For example, sunrise on Sept. 22nd was at 6:10am and sunset was at 6:18 pm making it a day which was almost of 12 hours duration.SPACE Foundation celebrated this day by conducting Eratosthenes experiment - Measure the circumference of Earthand Scientific Heritage Walk at 300 years old scientific observatory, Jantar Mantar. Under the Eratosthenes experimentparticipants replicated and in fact took actual measurements of the shadows made by Sun to measure the size of Earthas done 2300 years back by astronomer - Eratosthenes. There were around 300 people present at Jantar Mantar, Delhiwho had come out of curiosity to learn about the method to measure the Earth. Students from ASN School, NewDelhi, St. Columba‟s School, The Air Force School were present in large numbers. An NGO for underprivileged children -AAAM Foundation also joined with 60 students. The experiment was conducted by Mr. Sachin Bahmba, CMD, SPACEand several educators from SPACE including Sneh Kesari, Robin Chhabra, Pooja Kumar.Post experiment Scientific Heritage Walk was alsoconducted by President of SPACE, Mr. CB Devgun so theparticipants also learned about the working of ancientinstruments like Jai Prakash Yantra, Ram Yantra, SamratYantra and Mishra Yantra. They were excited to know thathow one can calculate time by reading them from theinstruments like ancient times. They were also shown howthe instruments were used to track the motion of the planetsand stars. Students conducting the experiment with gnomon stick 13
    • Moon observation by SPACE at India Gate on NEWS IN FOCUS - EVENTSInternational Observe the Moon Night Delhi II. Ongoing EventsPublic had a closer view of the Moon at India Gate on World Space Weekthe nights of 22nd September 7-9 PM, as SPACEcelebrated the International Observe the Moon Night. World Space Week is an annual observance held fromSPACE had set up about 15 telescopes at the busy October 4 to October 10 established by the UnitedIndia Gate lawns for the general public to observe the Nations General Assembly to be an internationalmoon. The public were attracted by the line of celebration of science and technology and theirtelescopes and large numbers of upto 500 people contribution to the betterment of the human condition. Thegathered to get close up views of the crescent moon. theme for WSW 2012 is "Space for Human Safety andChildren were especially enthusiastic to get this Security". SPACE in order to achieve its goal to promoteopportunity! International Observe the Moon Night - space science activities is planning to organize and„Under the Same Moon‟ is an event conducted by conduct different Astronomy themed events throughoutAstronomy Society of the Pacific and NASA Night sky the week that include school students, amateurnetwork around the world to bring to everyone‟s astronomers and public around Delhi and NCR. Thenotice the captivating features of the moon and to events will include astronomy talks, competitions, scienceshare that experience with all. fairs, sky observations and for the younger crowd fun activities such as face painting and astronomy themed art. 14Public observing moon through telescope at India gate
    • NEWS IN FOCUS - EVENTS III. Upcoming EventsHydro –rocketrySPACE will conduct an Inter school competition on Hydro – rocketry inDelhi, during the last week of Nov, 2012. This competition involvesteams of students launching plastic bottles filled with water under highpressure using a wooden launcher. This simulates a rocket and itslaunch path and illustrates Newton‟s third law of motion. Thecompetition is judged on parameters such as distance, aesthetics anddeviation from the straight line. The objective is to arouse enthusiasmamongst students towards Rocketry and to demonstrate the scientificprinciples of rocketry and aeronautics in a „Hands on Activity‟ fashion. 15
    • NEWS FLASH ! Former SPACE Club student Prafull Sharma discovers Comet SOHO!A former SPACE Club student Prafull Sharma from Ahlcon PublicSchool, Mayur Vihar, Delhi has successfully penned down his name in thehistory of a comet discovery. Young astronomy enthusiast (16 yearsold), Prafull Sharma, studying in 12th grade has become the 3rd Indian andthe 84th person in the world to discover a “SOHO Comet” (Solar andHeliospheric Observatory), as a part of Sungrazer program.Comets, sometimes termed as dirty snowballs, are mixture of ices and dustthat potentially impact the Earth. So it is important to correctly identify themand study their orbits.Prafull Sharma, started learning astronomy with the SPACE club, run by theschool in association with SPACE (Science Popularisation association ofCommunicators and Educators), Delhi in 2010. He has a keen interest in thissubject, thus he participated in many astronomy projects conducted bySPACE. He has chased two eclipse, attended International Solar EclipseConference held in Dec, 2011 at New Delhi, Participated in All India AsteroidSearch Campaign 2010, 2011 & 2012 done in collaboration of IASC(International Astronomical Search Campaign). He had discovered oneprovisional asteroid (QH80) and three preliminary asteroids during thesecampaigns. He is also an active member of Astronomica group, a group ofamateur astronomers headed by SPACE.For the 16-year-old Prafull Sharma, witnessing the fragmentation of a comet he was studying, became the highlight of asummer work experience program using the Sungrazer Project. However, that was just the icing on the cake; SPACEhas always assisted him to contribute towards scientific discoveries by providing him a platform where he can performwith a help of suitable equipments as a part of his studies. This discovery has notonly brought laurels to the school and SPACE but has also positioned India on the world map in the 16field of astronomy and space science education.
    • ASTRONOMY DAYThe Space Astronomy Club is a very popular program run in schools of Delhi, since 2001.All these years it haschanged its shape to provide optimum value to students, continuous up-gradation cum evaluation of the programs isundertaken to connect them to international educational astronomy projects such as All India Asteroid SearchCampaign ISS EarthKam, GRAIL MoonKAM, and Live Internet Telescope.A club functions as per the acdemic year of an institution. The year 2012 adds the closing of club, by celebrating anAstronomy Day by the club members, in the form of an astronomy fair organised within the premises of the school.It is a culmination of the space astronomy club. At the fair the club showcase all their astronomy learnings to otherschool students. This is a very joyful recapitulation of concepts for club students. Their learning gets strengthened byteaching and showcasing the same. All in all its a treat for the audience as interesting activities like hydrorocketry, solar walk, astronomy quizzing, movie screening, solar observation are performed with full zeal and zest bythe club members.It‟s a chance for students to experience to thrill of astronomy education through this fair. This is open to all schoolstudents and teachers. This event is organized on special days like parent teacher meeting so as to involveparents and make them aware about the activities of the club and their child‟s learning and participation in clubactivities. Shalini Bahmba, Department of Education 17
    • ASTRO-INQUISITES Why is the sky blue in color?Answer: The blue color of the sky is due to the scattering of light by small particles of theatmosphere (air molecules). when the light falls on these particles of the atmosphere whichare smaller in size than the wavelength of light, it gets scattered. Since the wavelength ofblue color is smallest, it gets scattered the most and thus makes the sky to look blue. 18
    • The 1st Footprint on the Moon Neil Armstrong - A Reluctant HeroLast month, the world marked the memory of two greatevents that shaped the history of space exploration. A halfcentury ago in Sept. 1962, President John Kennedy gavehis awe inspiring historic address “To the Moon” at RiceUniversity, Texas thus propelling USA‟s space race andsetting the goals to reach the moon. On August 25th, 2012the world mourned the passing of Neil Armstrong, the manwho brought to fruition that American dream and lefthumanity‟s first footprint on the moon. He was a hero togenerations of Americans and the world, although hespurned the spotlights.Armstrong was born in Ohio, and earned his Bachelor‟sdegree at Purdue University. He joined the United StatesNavy and served in the Korean War. After the war, he wasa test pilot for the National Advisory Committee forAeronautics (NACA) High-Speed Flight Station, andlogged over 900 flights there! He later completed hisgraduate studies from the University of SouthernCalifornia.Armstrong joined NASA‟s second Astronaut class in1962.He made his first flight to space as Command Pilot ofGemini 8 in 1966, becoming NASAs first civilian astronautto fly in space. He achieved the first docking of two spacecraft with pilot David Scott, but this mission ran intoproblems and he had to control his capsule that spun out 19of control and bring it back in an emergency landing.
    • In July 1969, Armstrong went on his second and last space flight as Mission Commander of Apollo 11. On this historicmission, Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin descended to the lunar surface in a lunar module, landed at the Sea of Tranquilityand spent two and a half hours exploring and collecting samples, while Michael Collins remained in lunar orbit in theCommand Module. Armstrong said that moving in the lunar gravity, one-sixth of Earths, was "even perhaps easier thanthe simulations... Its absolutely no trouble to walk around". They left behind scientific instruments, an American flag, amission patch and a plaque bearing the inscription “Here Men From The Planet Earth First Set Foot Upon theMoon, July 1969 A.D. We Came in Peace For All Mankind.” Asked about his experience on the moon, he said: "Its aninteresting place to be. I recommend it.“Armstrong‟s walk on the moon was witnessed by millions around the planet and triggered hopes for the future of humanspace travel. The "one small step" established the supremacy of the US in the superpower space race with the SovietUnion, but also set a model for peaceful cooperation in space as in the inscription. He received numerous recognitionssuch as the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Richard Nixon, the Congressional Space Medal of Honor byPresident Jimmy Carter in 1978, and the Congressional Gold Medal in 2009.Armstrong died on the morning of August 25, 2012, at the age of 82 from surgery complications. He leaves a longbequest of knowledge and research and the iconic phrase made after landing, "Thats one small step for (a) man, onegiant leap for mankind." NASA Administrator Charles Bolden said Armstrong "will always be remembered for takinghumankinds first small step on a world beyond our own, but it was his courage, grace, and humility before, during andafter his historic Apollo 11 mission that has continued to lift him and all of us far beyond that breakthrough achievement." Mila Mitra, Scientific Officer 20
    • SPACE GROUP Subscribe now to SPACE Newsletter- Email us at getintouch@space-india.com FB user : Spacian Twitter : Spacianwww.space-india.com www.space-india.org www.spacearcade.in www.leoplanetaria.com www.eclipsechasers.in www.astronomica.in WZ-19, Asalatpur, A3 Block, Janak Puri, New Delhi-110058. Ph: +91-11-45086320, 25522193 21