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Space Funding Network is a platform for ahead of the curve investors to mentor and invest in ideas that will transform the space and allied industries. Investors get ROI in an upcoming sector and entrepreneurs get access to funds, experience and mentoring.

SPACE has far reaching impact and exploration has led to technology development and many innovations, that make a difference today to our lives.

New Space includes satellites, education, product innovation, research, astronautics, tourism, adventure, entertainment and not the least space exploration.

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  1. 1. SPACE FUNDING NETWORK Is the nebulae of business ideas that will transform the Space Industry. A platform for space entrepreneurs to seek funding , mentorship and guidance; to turn to reality ideas, worth humanity. It has been the Sky , the Cosmos that have inspired humanity and there is nothing else a human was born to do, than EXPLORE
  3. 3. SPACE HAS TRANSFORMED LIVES •Major breakthroughs of 20th century have come from space. •Spin offs have been immensely useful •Technology impacted us in every way •Applications and Allied industries have been the money spinners •In 21st century, this is the big business! Diapers are gift from Space Research !
  4. 4. SPACE APPLICATIONS AND ALLIED INDUSTRIES It is about innovation, experimentation, collaboration and development. It is not just about sending Rockets to space. Industries that get impacted 1. Satellite 2. Aerospace & aviation 3. Adventure 4. Tourism 5. Hospitality 6. Entertainment 7. Education 8. Energy 9. Robotics 10. Media 11. Mobile applications 12. Biotechnology 13. Information systems 14. Data Management 15. Informatics 16. Engineering 17. Nanotechnology 18. Medicine 19. Information Technology 20.Consumer Products 21. Chemicals and Alloys and many more... ALL THESE ARE BIG BUSINESSES
  5. 5. SPACE FUNDING NETWORK Aims to cater to the vast domain of space and allied developments. If you have an idea connected to Space , SFN is available There are success stories .... Space companies do get funded!!
  6. 6. Courtesy: Space Angels Network website
  7. 7. SPACE FUNDING NETWORK What is right now? India view India is not perceived as an innovation hub or for high end research or ideas that have huge impact on people. Youth need science inspiration, there is yet to be an Indian Astronaut launching out of India & general public is not impacted by space. There are numerous untapped areas that can be unlocked for business success, like weather forecasting, mobile applications, navigation technologies, space themed entertainment and tourism, etc. India has a huge mass of people who are willing to spend!
  8. 8. SPACE FUNDING NETWORK What is right now? International View Youth worldwide need science inspiration, People are not excited about space (with economic and political uncertainties) and new ideas that impact daily lives are needed. There is a global audience for exciting business ideas. New Space needs New ways to access Funding, that are not available right now.
  9. 9. SPACE FUNDING NETWORK What is predictable if no action is taken? India View Economic growth and employment in space sector will continue to be slow and low Innovation and R & D will continue to be elusive for Indians to prosper in. Uninspired Youth for Science Global shift in space industry will happen without India boarding the Bus! New Businesses in this domain will not be set up or if they are not by Indians, but by other nationals in India.
  10. 10. SPACE FUNDING NETWORK What is predictable if no action is taken? International View New Space Ideas will be slow in germination and development. A sectored approach towards funding and mentoring will be tough. Emerging Markets will not ride the space bus & that is where the real money is !! ROI of the industry will be long term only and will not get the boost that this needs.
  11. 11. SPACE FUNDING NETWORK What is possible if action is taken? India View New Space Ideas will be money spinners in India for Indian businessmen Technology and Applications will revolutionise the society and unlock the demographic potential for the country. Innovation and R&D will get its due respect and will attract people, corporations, government and funding. And more patents! An India led surge will be seen in space industry, making India centre of the next wave of development for mankind. An Indian Astronaut to Mars would inspire billions and the nation!
  12. 12. SPACE FUNDING NETWORK What is possible if action is taken? International View Cohesive and structured approach to space industry development Funding is available for start-ups and existing enterprises, with stakeholders and investors emerging from within the space industry. Global enterprises are able to unlock swiftly the ‘potential to pay markets’ beyond USA. Financial performance of the Space Industry will improve, with spread out investments and small & big returns making an impactful difference to industry’s ROI. Renaissance will truly happen!
  13. 13. SPACE FUNDING NETWORK SFN wants to create an ecosystem Of ‘ahead of the curve investors’ Of ‘space industry stalwarts’ Of ‘mentors and strategists’ Of ‘bright entrepreneurs’ Of ‘transformational ideas’ the NEBULAE that will transform the space industry and humanity. It is a chance for YOU to be part of true renaissance and really make a difference to how we shape our future with space and exploration. YOU could be ‘the investor’ or ‘our evangelist’ or ‘the entrepreneur’ ; Join SFN right now and become the transformation.
  14. 14. Y o u l i ve o n , b y t h e l e gacy y o u c r eate Y o ur f o o tprint r e s ts i n e t e rnity, a s A r m strong’s f o o t o n t h e m o o n. I t i s y o u r c h a nce t o a l t er t h e w o r ld & m a ke a d i f ference t o t h e s p a ce i n d u stry. B e t h e P e r son w h o w o uld r e alise t h e d r e ams o f m a n y s p a ce e n t repreneurs & e s tablish a n e w r e a lm f o r t h e i n d ustry. J o in S F N
  15. 15. Start connecting Register tod ay, by emailin g you r interest an d b io, to s p acetech ed u @gmail. com Join th e L in ked I n grou p : “ Sp ace F u n d in g Network” L ike th e Faceb ook p age : “ Sp ace F u n d in g Network” EXPLORAT I ON into th e UNKNOWN h as wh at ALWAYS mad e HUMANS SUCCESSF UL