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SPACE Franchise Business

  2. 2. “SPACE” – An Overview  SPACE is a pioneer organization working towards the development of science and astronomy in India. It is the only company in India offering services in the field of space science. Providing educational services and products in the area of astronomy and space science to schools, colleges, NGOs, corporations and other group of masses. It is all done to gear up the students and public towards hands-on and experiential learning in every day life.  The trademark of SPACE is innovation, passion and total commitment to spread knowledge of astronomy science amongst the masses. SPACE has successfully implemented astronomy and space science curriculum in Indian education system. It constantly experiments with the latest technical and scientific advancements of world. It is globally associated with international space science agencies, observatories, government agencies. …Mysterious, mystic and immensely beautiful is the sky above us.
  4. 4. WHAT IS FRANCHISING ? “Franchising is not a business in itself, but a way of doing business.” OVERVIEW It is the practice of selling the rights to use a firm’s successful business model. It is essentially a market concept of distributing goods and services or running the brand’s business in other cities. OBLIGATIONS OF PARTIES The franchisor (owner) and franchisee (independent individual) have several interest to the project. For a business relation to work, both the parties should understand their basic obligations to establish a successful company. The franchisor has to secure the protection of its trademark, regulating the business concept, preserving the know- how. The franchisee is obligated to carry out the service for which the trademark has been made prominent. The standardization of services has to be maintained by the franchisee as to bear the franchisor’s signs, logos and trademark at important places only. It is the skill, experience and determination that both the franchisor and the franchisee bring to the table to make a franchise agreement profitable.
  5. 5. Franchising is a marketing system for creating an image in the minds of current and future customers about how the company’s products and services can help them. An investor draws the following benefits out of franchising.  Business in a Box - A pre-designed, tested and proven business model by a team of experts.  Safer investment decisions - The growth of business reflects the security and strength to make the investments.  Turning passion into profit – A proven model attracts the passion of the franchisee to put in the best-est efforts and gain higher profits.  Opportunity for growth – Enthusiastic and successful franchisee is rewarded with a bouquet of opportunities such as all the rights to develop a particular area.  High quality products and services – With the extensive research by the franchisor , all the offerings are developed of high quality for the buying public. This helps the franchisee to achieve higher revenue potential and customer satisfaction.  On-going training and franchisor support - On going training helps the franchisees to grow within the system and develop strong business operational skills. BENEFITS OF FRANCHISE BUSINESS
  6. 6. ASTRONOMY AND SPACE SCIENCE …Innovative concepts for franchise business. We feel so fascinated to see so many stars above us and wonder as how big they are, how many of them are in total. Everybody looks for the answers to questions and thus, they get to study ASTRONOMY. Even a small sight through the telescope can reveal a shining star to be the planet “SATURN” with all its glory of rings. “Mysterious, mystic and immensely beautiful is the sky above us.” What makes astronomy more interesting? Launching of satellites Truth behind the existence of celestial objects such as stars, moon and planets. Where does life exist other than our planet – Earth? Journey to the planets Kalpana Chawla, Sunita Williams, Chandrayaan mission, Mangalyaan mission,NASA, Aliens are few names that belong to space science. Space and sky related mobile apps have contributed towards raising the interest level of common man towards this concept.
  7. 7. SPACE was covered all around the media for its business expansion plans i.e. Franchising Business. SPACE , being a firm believer of creating scientific temperament among all, brought a revolutionary change in the education sector. ASTRONOMY AND SPACE SCIENCE SPACE FRANCHISE BUSINESS
  8. 8. Reading about a business model is as similar as getting answer to “ How do you plan to make money?” We are ready to answer all the questions coming in your way to think about associating with us and earning your profits out of this proven business model. This one liner question has a network of nested questions to make the information more transparent and vivid. 1. Who’s our target customer? 2. What value we deliver? 3. How will we reach and acquire the customers and keep their satisfaction level higher? 4. How can we define and differentiate our offering? The next phase will contain all the answers to the above questions. You will then get the idea of “business in a box” and how will it lead you towards our current offering for business expansion i.e SPACE Franchise Business. SPACE BUSINESS MODEL
  9. 9. A. OUR TARGET CUSTOMER Our target audience is broadly divided into the following: Schools Colleges Universities Institutes Corporate General Public Recreational Clubs NGO’s Not only educational institutions, but, the practical learning and reasoning of astronomy science has to be given around the globe. SUMMARY OF MODEL
  10. 10. B. OUR VALUES Our values meant to be what we are and how we behave in the outer world. Services – delivering of standardized services Potential – an innovative and a strong subject Accountability – if it’s done or to be done, its up to us only Collaboration – association with national and international bodies Elaborated – diversified learning of the subject C. OUR DELIVERABLES With market acceptance of 10 years, we achieved a proven business model. Upto the day, SPACE has trained about 1 lac students. The training programs are one of the dominant and prime focus area for SPACE. The scientific temperament is created in students via our defined programs like Centre for Student Excellence program ( CSE), Astronomy Club and SPACE Explorer Workshops. We have our well researched curriculum which is brought to the school as co-curricular subject for giving a higher exposure in each and every student.
  11. 11. Following are the current offerings/ programs:  CSE(Centre for Students Excellence) – For schools, it is a self sustaining and a unique model that provides hands on learning about astronomy and space science. It is a basic astronomy course.  SPACE Astronomy Club – Through our astronomy based courses, clubs aim to spread science and an attitude of rationale questioning and experimentation amongst children. The club modules and working have been designed in such a way that the student is able to learn about astronomy in a fun way.  SPACE Explorer Workshops –These are hands-on learning workshops which focus on fundamentals and application of science. • CONSULTING • EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS AND TOURS • TRAINING PROGRAMS •To institutions such as schools, colleges and so. •Teacher Training •How to become a trainer. •Specialized training • Science Project Consulting •Technical •Hospitality D. OUR OFFERINGS TO CUSTOMERS & FRANCHISE PARTNER
  12. 12. Continued…  Student Educational Tours (ASTROTOURISM)– It is the most fascinating wing of SPACE which opens up a way for students for exploration and expedition into the sphere of astronomy and space science. It gives exposure to students scientific interest, i.e. NASA, Kennedy Space Center and so on..  Astroport – It is a premium sky observation facility launched by SPACE at Sariska, Alwar Rajasthan in Sept’2013. It is an astronomy research and development lab for the concept of night star gazing.  Corporate programs – Bringing them to the reality bite of SPACE SCIENCE.  Sale of Planetarium- We design, manufacture and run mobile and fixed planetariums through our sister concern i.e. (Leo Planetaria Pvt. Ltd.)  Sale of telescopes and related products- Through highly trained sales and support staff from our sister concern.(i.e. Gnomon Astrotech Pvt. Ltd.)  Governmental Contracts- Partnering govt. on project basis.  Teacher Training- Most important link between student and knowledge. We give hands-on and practical approach to teaching.  Astronaut Training- A highly enriching astronaut training and NASA experienced program.
  13. 13. E. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION Our goal is to provide higher and maximum customer satisfaction via our programs and highly compatible staff. Following factors will make your more clear in this context:  High networking - We make students meet and get connected to the global and eminent group of scientists at different point s of time. It leads to great exposure of students being in field of astronomy science. This is one of the factors of building social image and brand building of our customers.  High level of loyalty – We have strong association with our clients which makes their comeback every year for grabbing our educational products and services.  Parent involvement program – Besides the group of learners, one should also think about approaching the people who are at their back and support them. Thus, we also organize parent involvement programs for bringing fascination into them such as Public Moon Watch program at public places, RWA and so.  Set procedures and standards for measuring customer satisfaction – We have in-built procedures for taking the customer feedback and keeping it upto the mark. We don’t want to be just the information and learning provider but to gain the maximum satisfaction of our customers also.
  14. 14. F. HOW DIFFERENT WE ARE AND OUR PRODUCT Learn how to make a comet. Observe the sun via telescope. You can learn to measure the circumference of EARTH. Come along with us to global science observatories and agencies. Make your own rocket and fly it. The following examples would clearly reflect how differently we stand in the education sector with such an innovative subject.
  15. 15. We will teach you how to be An ASTRO-PHOTOGRAPHER Milky Way Galaxy A teacher having the sun observation. There are just few examples of our practical, experiential and hands-on learning to the students and common public. Galaxy and star trails Star and its tails. Public observing the comet Giving away the awards
  16. 16. Discover the personal rewards of a owning a business with the power to change the lives of thousands of children and masses and contribute to the development of the nation through science popularization. SPACE is the only company in Education sector in India, working towards astronomy and space education for inculcating scientific temper amongst the student community. Our product range covers every market segment and has a strong brand value.  We have no competition. Thus, have been positioned us unique and attractive service providers.  We are associated with 100+ schools in Delhi/NCR and have trained about 1 lac students through our various programs and events. Unfortunately, Indian market space is missing sustainability and effective solutions to the problem of inspiring students. The solutions that inspire students, spark their imagination and a fun way to make them learn science.  Our services of Astronomy and Space sciences are effective, fun and simple to understand. It is an on-ground proven field to attract students towards science. SPACE believes that we are preparing the world, especially children for the future. WHY A SPACE FRANCHISE ONLY ?
  17. 17. Our franchise model provides numerous of benefits which support the execution of our programs and running of business. The items mentioned as below are pre- designed and provided to our channel partner(franchisee) timely. 1. Strong training plans - o New franchisee will go through an intensive and focused training that will acclimatize them into the SPACE way of work. o The company will fully train the employees of the franchisee enabling them to perform their roles well. o Special training emphasis would be on Sales and Educator’s training. 2. Academic and operational support – o Our customized curriculum, lesson plans, operational plans and formats, important notices, support material for events, media handling related documents and training, shared learning’s from other branches are some of the materials that will be constantly provided to all our franchises. To be continued… BENEFITS OF OUR MODEL
  18. 18. Continued… 3. Manual – o Flowcharts and operating procedures are given to the franchise for efficient running of the office. It is also known as the information bulletin/ booklet to give know- how about the execution of curriculum and conduction of the programs. 4. Advertising and promotion of franchisee business (depending upon the targeted product) – o Events and Branding support are available round the year. o All our franchisees have access to professionally prepare advertising, promotional and marketing material. o Materials include designs for brochures, newspaper advertisements, direct mailing letters, PR(public relation) material, leaflets, banners, etc.
  19. 19. We hold our franchise for lifetime to make a profitable entrepreneurship. Something which we see in our franchisee (channel partner) can be termed in the following manner.  A strong desire to influence the lives of thousands of children providing them the best in quality of science education. Should share the vision and mission of company. Entrepreneurial frame of mind Ability to meet our financial and operative requirements.  Should channelize team and achieve sales targets. Should manage local execution and implementation. Preferable would be the full time involvement of franchisee.  Should efficiently mange the organization and its resources.  Should motivate and train the people. A STRONG SPACE FRANCHISE PARTNER
  20. 20. You may have a look upon the following : 1. Appraisal of the franchisee - Our partnership with the investor is for sharing our business concepts, his financial and material assets and a promise to support him throughout. We admire and praise our partners in every manner. Periodic half yearly appraisal of the franchise unit will be done on the performance parameters such as: o Growth of new markets o Overall satisfaction of the employees o Sales target achieved o Launch of new products The appraisal would be done by the Regional Manager ( of zone) via prescribed format only. 2. Quality checks – o We would be conducting regular checks and visits for evaluation at franchisee office. o Pre- designed formats, questionnaires and feedback forms will be needed for collecting valuable customer feedback. To be continued…. CORE AREAS TO REMEMBER
  21. 21. Continued… 3. Reporting systems and formats o The reporting is done on monthly, half-yearly and annually basis and submitted to Regional Manager of that zone. o The CBU (City Business Unit) or Franchisee Unit will follow the prescribed reporting format only as designed by head office. 4. Head office approvals A sufficient free hand shall be provided to the franchisee to take a decision for smooth functioning of the Unit, whereas any such decision made by the Franchisee has to be subsequently endorsed by the head office within the time frame stipulated. Major areas of consent by head office would be: o Sales targets o Product launch o Marketing strategies and its budget allocation o Media interaction and handling o Legal contracts and obligations committed
  22. 22. I will fly my self made rocket ! Who says only scientist can do it? I did it !
  23. 23. CORPORATE OFFICE : SPACE Technology & Education Pvt. Ltd., WZ- 19, Asalatpur, A- 3 Block, Janakpuri West, New Delhi- 58. CONTACT DETAILS : +91- 11- 25522193, + 91-11-45086320 . For any information, please visit our website or email us at : FIND US @
  24. 24. We believe in sharing our dreams.