Medical Imaging Seminar Company Presentations


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Medical Imaging - Opportunities for Business Seminar

Short Company Presentations

14 companies took the opportunity to present a short sales pitch of their work and interests to the audience.

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Medical Imaging Seminar Company Presentations

  1. 1. Medical Imaging – Opportunities for Business 24.01.12 Henry Wellcome Building University of Leicester A Space IDEAS Hub Event In association with:
  2. 2. About Space IDEAS Hub• A knowledge exchange project from the Space Research Centre of the University of Leicester• Feed expertise developed from space missions into commercial benefit for UK industry.• Delivering Innovative Design, Engineering, Analysis and Support (IDEAS) to your business.• Part financed by the European Regional Development Fund• UK companies can access and benefit from our technology and experience.If your organisation would like to benefit fromour knowledge and expertise, please contact usat
  3. 3. Session 3b – Developing you Product and Market 14:45 Two-Minute Company Presentations Various 15:30 Are you Social? The place of social media in you marketing and communication strategy Paul Dixey 15:50 Benchmarking Countries, Selecting Markets or Which Countries Should I Export To? Richard Gilbert 16:20 Closing Remarks Prof George Fraser
  4. 4. Company PresentationsTwo Minute Presentations by Companies
  5. 5. Company Presentations1. CapnaDSP2. Defect Detection Technologies3. Diagnostic Imaging Ltd4. Frazer-Nash Consultancy5. Medibord Ltd
  6. 6. Hardware Acceleration of Algorithms and Applications >> • Ultra-high performance Image Processing • World leader in high performance systems • Massively parallel compute technology (FPGA, some GPU) • Rapid prototyping and development >> CapnaDSP.comUltra-high Performance Image Processing
  7. 7. 1
  8. 8. SmartVent from Diagnostic Imaging Ltd
  9. 9. About Frazer-Nash Consultancy Ian Webb, Engineer Tel: 01306 885050 Web:  Who are we?  Engineers who enjoy tackling difficult problems!  What do we do?  Innovative solutions  Experience across several market sectors  What can we offer?  Design  Analysis  Project Support  Systems Engineering© Frazer-Nash Consultancy Ltd 2012. All rights reserved. SYSTEMS AND ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY
  10. 10. Composites with Clarity™Medibord® is a ground-breaking MRI, CT and LINACS compatible couch top andoverlay material developed as a direct response to issues with CT and MR image fusion; resulting in improved radiotherapy planning and treatment. Medibord® was developed in response to an existing need to fuse CT and MR scans in order to improve the treatment of diseases such as prostate cancer. Medibord® allows oncologists to position Patients with repeated precision to facilitate CT and MR image fusion. This has enabled NUH oncologists to achieve their long-term goal of precisely outlining prostate cancer patient scans.
  11. 11. Company Presentations5. Medical Technologies IKC6. Midven Ltd7. Montague Healthcare9. Panchromos Ltd10.Plastic Antibodies Ltd
  12. 12. Advanced Imaging for Musculoskeletal & Cardiovascular Applications Diagnostics: Outcomes: Imaging, Biosensors, Optical Sensors, Medical Devices & Bio-Functionalised Microarrays, Regenerative Therapies, Commercial Adoption, Devices & Therapies: Clinical Translation Implantable Materials, Innovation • Accelerated Innovation Stem Cells, & Knowledge • Reducing Late Failure & Total Costs • Developing Partnerships & Biological Scaffolds, Centre Integration of TechnologiesSelf-Assembling Peptides Increased: Safety, Efficacy Process Efficiency, Computer and Experimental Simulation, Regulatory Compliance, Patient Targeting, Supporting Trials, Short Term Prediction of Long Term Outcomes Viable Reimbursement Clinical Need / Market Intelligence Marcus Orton: Technology Innovation Manager – Imaging and Medical Devices • Contact us: Tel: 0113 3430921 • Follow us on Twitter:!/medtechleeds • Website:
  13. 13. Venture capital fundingTel: 0121 710 1990Email:
  14. 14. Virtual Scanning1. The light which is absorbed and emitted by proteins is a measure of the levels of proteins expressed from DNA (genotype) and the rate at which proteins react with their reactive substrates (phenotype) [reaction conditions] A > Proteins [reaction conditions] light + Proteins + substrates > Proteins* + metabolites + light 2. The reaction conditions which govern the rate at which a proteins react (pH, temperature, levels of minerals, levels of cofactors, etc) are physiologically regulated systems.
  15. 15. Product Design & Engineering
  16. 16. Plastic Antibodies have advantages over biologic counterparts Biological Antibodies Plastic Antibodies Target type Epitopes Small molecules, peptides and proteins Lead time 26 - 52 weeks 2-4 weeks Stability Poor High physicochemical stability Storage Refrigerated or frozen Ambient temperature Conjugation Established Diverse potentialCopyright © Alacrita LLP 2011 Page | 0 alacrita
  17. 17. Company Presentations9. Q Scientific Consulting10.Tactiq Ltd13.Tutela Monitoring Systems14.Warwick Design
  18. 18. Regulatory development of an imaging medicinal product to Clinical Trial Application N Shepherd from Q Scientific Consulting Ltd  an experienced drug development consultancy: Example: New Chemical Entity (NCE) for local injection  Development path to the clinical trial, microdose (dose<100µg/subject)   Less extensive regulatory requirements  Need regulatory dossiers: Clinical Trial Application (CTA) ; Investigational Medicinal Product Dossier (IMPD); Investigator Brochure (IB)  Need defined quality: for synthesis; pharmacodynamics; product (GMP); analytical methods (GMP); toxicology package (GLP)  External costs total ~£105K:  Drug substance manufacture, product formulation & analysis (£45K)  Toxicity and mutagenicity package (£30-40K)  QSCL Project management & Regulatory dossier (£28K)
  19. 19. Product Development Consultancy Applied Intelligence ISO13485 Certified•Broad medical imaging development experienceNuclear Medicine PET/CT X-Ray Endoscopy Ophthalmology OCT MRI Gamma Rays X-Rays Ultraviolet Infrared microwave10-14 10-12 10-8 10-6 10-4 10-2• Software, Electronics, User Interfaces and turnkey development• Regulatory Expertise (ISO 60601, 62304, 62366, 14971, 61508)• Clients ranging from start-ups to Global corporations like GE Healthcare• Partnership approach
  20. 20.  Wireless Monitoring Web Based 24/7 Alarm Bureau Eliminate Compliance Risk Release Valuable Resources Protect Invaluable Assets Deliver Return on Investment APPLICATIONS • HOSPITALS AND HEALTHCARE • BLOOD PLASMA & TISSUE • BIOTECH & LIFE SCIENCES • PHARMACY  Refrigerators • MEDICAL LABORATORIES Freezers Cold Rooms • MEDICAL RESEARCH Stability Chambers LN2 Chambers Contact Clean Rooms Incubators Ambient Storage Mobile: 07823 322762 The Environment Tel: 01252 406398
  21. 21. Thank you for your interest If your organisation would like to benefit fromour knowledge and expertise, please contact us. Space IDEAS Hub W: E: T: 0116 229 7700 Follow us on: