HUB:BLE-1 Boosting Local Enterprise - Business Advice


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HUB:BLE-1 Boosting Local Enterprise -
Session 2 - Business Advice
Including: Business loans without banks, export marketing research, supportive environments for business and satellite applications catapult

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  • …… and as we’ve gone through the process we’ve tried to keep people up to speed with developments
  • Starting to appoint CEO, Chair, Boards etcWorking with wider stakeholder communities and interim advisory groups to identify initial projects and longer-term objectivesDeep consultation with business communities to ensure that the Catapults will meet the needs of business, address the right challenges and maximise the opportunities. HVM - provides access to world-class assets and talent, with co-location of engineers and scientists to enable cross-sector now operationalUniquely, provides industry with the ability to:- De-risk investment in manufacturing process innovation Inspire, train and up-skill manufacturing engineersShape & drive the research agenda (UK & EU) and influence Government investment in innovationMake the UK a global leader in development, delivery & commercialisation of cell therapyEnabling regeneration of cells tissues or organs;Cells as delivery vehicles for other therapies;Modulating the immune system to prevent infectionsor treat cancers Taking therapies into clinical trial, so de-risking future investments Access to clinical expertise in NHS Provide technical expertise & infrastructure to develop processes for GMP Help businesses manage the regulatory environmentOffshore windTransferring knowledge from established offshore engineering and linking to other UK strengthsMarine Power Covering Tidal and Wave Will grow in importance as sector evolvesInfrastructure ‘to shoreline’ and underpinning technologiesHeadquarters in Glasgowand operational centre in NE of England (Narec)Make the UK the place where companies innovate,try out new ideas and find ways to make money in the digital economyNew and sustainable ways to create wealth from digital media & contentDrive digital service adoption in sectors newer to the internet economyNew applications & services based on merging of physical and the digital worldsMake the UK the first place in the world where companiesDevelop and deploy their next generation of Integrated solutions for transport.Modal Integration & more effective use of combined capabilitySystem Performance, including smart infrastructure asset managementNew Business Models to unlock new value chainsIncrease take-up of Real-time InformationTo help UK businesses develop integrated urban solutionsand sell those to the worldConnecting city systems to enable integration and interoperabilityIncreasing city density and population without congestionTransition to resource-efficient, low-carbon citiesResilient energy systemsReal time analysis & control and a “cities observatory”
  • One of seven independent centres, part-funded by the Technology Strategy BoardDriving economic growth through commercialisation of researchIs a not for profit Research and Technology OrganisationBusiness-focused technology and innovation centre that makes world-leading technical capability available to businesses to solve their technical challengesProvides Access to world-leading technology & expertiseReach into the knowledge base for world-class scienceCapability to undertake collaborative R&D projects with businessCapability to undertake contract research for businessStrongly business-focused with a professional delivery ethosCreate a critical mass of activity Skills development at all levelsIt is all aboutClosing the gap between conception and commercialisation.How businesses can get to market sooner - and more effectively Connecting the innovation landscape. Helping companies to find the best answers, expertise and helpProvide facilities and expertise to lower barriers to innovation.
  • Mission platforms to allow demonstration of new technology and applicationsApplication development platforms to provide ease of access and use for innovation and commercialisation of satellite applications.Number of other facilities underpinning this to enable activities to occur.
  • The Catapult is being created as a stepping stone between the research base and industry, to help pull early stage research toward commercialisation. The UK research base is already very active in this area across the whole space sector. The Catapult will help to promote the research base’s activities, linking industry to academic expertiseThe Catapult will work with the research base to help their efforts to support industry through networking, events, training and collaborative projects.A particular focus for the Catapult is the exchange of people. The Catapult has identified a number of mechanisms to deliver a dynamic organisation with staff moving between the Catapult and industry or the research base through secondments and placements.In addition, the Catapult will fund Knowledge Exchange Fellowships and will provide PhD bursaries aligned to its programmes to provide routes to engage the best knowledge available within the research base.The Catapult will work with the Technology Strategy Board and key universities to leverage Knowledge Transfer Partnership scheme with a view to building KTP clusters where projects can build upon each other. It will seek specific competitions aligned to its key activities as has been demonstrated by the Offshore Renewable Energies Catapult.The Catapult will also provide a location for student placements and projects, providing valuable interactions with industry.
  • Maximise the utility of the Core Grant by leveraging the funding from the outset...Provide effective support to SMEsProvide strong rationale for engagement by Centres of Excellence and UniversitiesProvide means of leveraging ESA ARTES fundingProvide rationale for inwards industry investment
  • Creative sector growing at twice rate of rest of economyLCB Depot been a crucial stimulant to Cultural Qrtr. Opened 2004, £4.75m‘workspace’ offer alongside parallel business support offer. Supports wider network of over 700 SMEsDepot self sufficient after 18 mths - target was 3 yrsVery high survival rateRegional Exemplar project
  • 82 Rutland Street – just by CurveHeart of cultural quarterRemotely managed by LCB Depot – 100 m away.
  • New workspace centre for innovation and technology businesses. 54 brand new, quality workspaces, 20-70m2. BREEM Excellent expectationDue to open Oct 2013 - In week 28 of 45 week build. On time and on budget. Part of a new innovation and technology park. “Science and technology version of LCB Depot and cultural quarter”Leicester Innovation Workspace54 managed offices within a high growth, high tech business communityBusiness growth support and networking events programmeMeeting rooms for businesses and Council staffOffices 20 - 70 m2 – perfect for SMEsWider Innovation & Technology ParkGrade A office space developmentMultiple parcels of land for developmentASDA, Bellway Homes
  • North Leicester. Largest unused employment land in the cityOff Abbey Lane, by Space Centre, riverside link Brownfield site intended to be wider innovation and technology park, attracting external investment. X = Leicester Innovation WorkspaceWorkspace links to cycle way into city centre HCA has sold off the front plot of land to the Sowden Group to make grade A offices. HCA owns land at present.New officer David Wright will join Council to work on generating investment in this specific area.
  • Ha ha! these pictures illustrate single country to global presence! The original was about growing from a single customer within a country to market presence within that one country
  • HUB:BLE-1 Boosting Local Enterprise - Business Advice

    1. 1. 6th June 2013Boosting Local Enterprise
    2. 2. Keynote: Prof Nick Veck– Satellite Applications CatapultKevin Caley– ThinCats.comLuke Pulford– Leicester City CouncilRobin Godfrey– UKTISession 2 – Business Advice
    3. 3. Satellite Applications CatapultProf. Nick Veck
    4. 4. Catapult is a Technology Strategy Board programmeThe Satellite ApplicationsCatapult centre– potentialopportunities for applicationdevelopmentNick VeckLeicesterJune 2013
    5. 5. Closing the gap betweenconcept and commercialisationThe vision: a network of world-leading centresBringing research and business together – acceleratingcommercialisationA £200m investment in the future of the UK economy - for the longterm
    6. 6. Background
    7. 7. The Catapult centres – now operational2011• High Value Manufacturing2012/13• Cell Therapy• Satellite Applications• Offshore Renewable Energy• Connected Digital Economy• Transport Systems• Future Cities
    8. 8. • Easy access to world-leading technology,expertise and science• Stimulating collaborative, business led R&D• Delivering contract research for business andgovernment• Platforms and services to accelerate businessrealisation• Provide a coalescing force for the sectorPioneering, Agile, Collaborative, EntrepreneurialThe Satellite Applications Catapult – What is it?
    9. 9. Location – the Harwell Space ClusterVarious organisations are now co-located at Harwell, Oxfordshire (inhistoric order):– RAL space (STFC)– ISIC – evolving into the Satellite Applications Catapult– ESA Centre (Telcoms Directorate, Integrated Applications PromotionProgramme, Earth Observation Climate Change Initiative, Small BusinessIncubator)– Companies lease offices in Electron Building (with Catapult):– Astrium (+SSTL); Telespazio Vega, Magellium, CGI(Logica), Rezatec,...– Also STFC, NERC, UKSA, MoD.
    10. 10. UniversityIndustry(Large & SME’s)ResearchCentreTechnology Strategy BoardRTOsCROIntegrated ProgrammesTechnology Readiness LevelsTest & DTRL: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9UniversitiesCatapult centres/ InstitutesIndustry
    11. 11. Markets and UK OpportunityMappingSatcoms EO GNSSDistance learning and telemedicineE‐commerce, incl. home and remote workingEntertainmentLocation‐based consumer servicesTraffic management, incl. fleet managementNatural resources management,incl. energy, farming, food and fisheriesUrban planningDisaster prevention and managementMeteorology and climate changeSecurityFinancial services and insurance
    12. 12. Initial Expressions of Interestfrom the UK Space CommunitySatcoms EO GNSSDistance learning and telemedicine2 2 1E‐commerce, incl. home and remote working4 0 0Entertainment 1 1 0Location‐based consumer services0 0 1Traffic management, incl. fleet management6 12 10Natural resources management,incl. energy, farming, food and fisheries5 21 11Urban planning 2 6 2Disaster prevention and management3 11 1Meteorology and climate change 1 17 3Security 3 7 3Financial services and insurance 0 2 2
    13. 13. Further analysis:Initial Catapult Programmes for 201313MarketGrowthAcademicBaseInternationalCompetitionCommunityInterestTransportSecurity & Civil ProtectionNatural Resources, Energy & ClimateInternet of ThingsMarket-ledTechnology DrivenAdditional Criteria:Opportunity for Catapult “value-add and potential for UK exploitationAddresses a Market-failureUK National Interest
    14. 14. Project Types14Small-scale, shortduration, definedby market groupsLarge-scale, longduration, informedby Advisory Group
    15. 15. Proposed Catapult facilities forApplication development
    16. 16. Programme and Facility Rationale 16In-OrbitDemonstratorAirborneDemonstratorApps TestFacilityDownstreamMarketsDownstreamUpstream= Example Facilities= Market Led Programmes= Underpinning ProgrammesDriveDemandLower barriers oflearning and costs ofinnovation
    17. 17. Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) for Water Catchment MonitoringMonitoring Road and Rail infrastructure using SatellitesSatellite Mapping of Offshore Wind ResourcesSatellite-enabled Smart Grid StabilityCoastal Ka-band ApplicationsInitial Projects
    18. 18. Support for Knowledge Exchange 18Promotion of expertise in the research baseNetworking, events, training, collaborative projectsPeople exchange schemesResearchBaseIndustrySecondmentsPlacementsKnowledge ExchangeFellowshipsKnowledge TransferPartnershipsPhD bursariesStudent placements
    19. 19. From Consultation to Project Delivery
    20. 20. CapabilityCredibility CapacityCatapult Implementation Timeline• Goals& plans• Location• Core Competencies• Pilot Programmes• ProcurementCreate• Key Facilities• Development Teams• Relationships• Programme PortfolioEstablish • Applications• Technologies• CollaborationsDeliver• Contract Portfolio• Spin-outs, IPR• Education,• Inform PolicyGrowth202012 2013 2014 2015
    21. 21. Catapult is a Technology Strategy Board programmeThank-youNick Veck(Astrium Geo Information Services)Satellite Applications Catapult Delivery Team21
    22. 22. Business Loans without BanksKevin Caley
    23. 23. An on-line market for SECUREDloans to businessesThinCats.comBusiness loans withoutbanksKevin Caley MD
    24. 24. The shortage of bank funding forsmaller businesses.Historically low deposit interest ratesand financial market volatility forsavers.ThinCats addresses twoproblems:
    25. 25.  ThinCats bypasses banks - allowsexperienced investors to make securedloans directly to established businesses Both lender and borrower get an attractivedeal. Loans of £50k to £3m+ over periods of 6months to 10 years ThinCats auctions the loan and creates asyndicate from the best offersBrief Overview
    26. 26.  Loans when the banks are not interested Rapid response – 5 weeks c.f. 8 weeks Personal relationship/support with a‘Sponsor’ Flexible approach – not credit score driven A chance to ‘unlock profitability’ Competitive fixed rate of interest No early repayment penalty No legal fees (for standard documents)The Borrower gets:
    27. 27. ThinCatsbehaves like abank should doSummary:
    28. 28.  A detailed Information Pack - to make theirown lending decision ‘Pick Your Own’ interest rate and amount tolend (minimum £1,000 - no maximum) Legal documentation, deal management,monitoring and collections. Between 7% and 15% interest with Security No feesThe Lender Gets
    29. 29. Low risk – secured loansNon VolatileRegular monthly incomeInterest set by the lenderIt’s a New Investment Class:
    30. 30. They act for the borrower•Reputation is key to their long term success•Assess the opportunity and suggestimprovements•Write the Information Pack•Monitor the loans and help if there are problems•Get a ‘success fee’ of (2-6%)Accredited Sponsors
    31. 31.  Usually established, profitable businesses;the type that banks used to support! We require good security - but we can beflexible. Loans range: from £50k to £3m This is NOT an alternative to equity funding We look beyond the credit scores and take aflexible view of security and track recordThe Deals we are looking for:
    32. 32. Borrowers apply through a SponsorThe Sponsor works with the borrowerto prepare and Information PackA loan only gets auctioned if theSponsor puts their reputation ‘on theline’How does ThinCats work?
    33. 33. Fixed interest rateOver 6 months to 10 yearsNormally equal monthlyrepayments of capital andinterestAlways securedThe Loan:
    34. 34. Borrower seeking (say) £250kSpecifies the target interest rate (say10%)Loan is auctioned for between 7 and14 days.Listing fee of £450 (payable onsuccess)Example Auction:
    35. 35.  Download the Information pack and decide ifthey are interested. Put funds into their client account ready tobid (Min £1,000) Offer to lend a specific amount at the interestrate they choose (say £1k at 11.40%) At the end of the auction ThinCats takes thelowest bids needed to make up the amountneeded – lenders get what they actually bidIndividual Lenders:
    36. 36. June 2012(after 17months)June 2013(after 29months)Growth%No. Loans 41 127 210%Value of Loans £5.37m £25.26m 370%Maximum Loan £500k £750k 50%No. Members 555 1,647 197%Members withfunds230 773 236%AmountDeposited£6.54m £26.08m 299%ThinCats Progress:
    37. 37. Supportive Environments forBusinessLuke Pulford
    38. 38. Supportive BusinessEnvironments in LeicesterHUB:BLE – 1 – Thursday 6th June2013By Luke Pulford
    39. 39. Introduction• About me.• My role now.• Previous roles and experience.• Why I believe in what we are doing.
    40. 40. Overview• LCC mission and goals• Plan to achieve• Creative regeneration portfolio• Creative workspaces info• Locations• Opportunities to develop• New sector specific building aimed at YOU!• Introduction to and location of building• Update and offer• Portfolio wide business support offer
    41. 41. LCC mission• It builds on the strong entrepreneurial spirit of Leicesters BusinessCommunity, its location and connectivity with the rest of the UK and theworld by 2020.• Our ambitions are to:• Secure £60 million investment for Jobs and Growth in the City• Create four Leicester Business Investment Areas• Create and safeguard 8,500 Jobs• Create 800 New Apprenticeship/Work Placement and InternshipOpportunities• Create 800 New Businesses• Support 1,800 BusinessesTo read the economic regeneration plan please visit the City Mayors website.
    42. 42. How?• A significant part of the plan is supported byinvesting in supportive environments that theprivate sector doesn’t build.• There are currently 3 centres in operation andanother planned for this Autumn.
    43. 43. ‘Creative Regeneration’ portfolioScheme SizeSq ftBusinessUnitsJobs Created*Yrsopen%occupiedLCB Depot 21,500 53 382 8 95%Phoenix Square 11,000 22 74 2 90%Makers Yard 7,500 10 5 <1 80%Total 39,000 85 461
    44. 44. Makers Yard Phoenix Square LCB DepotCreative Workspaces
    45. 45. Location of Creative WorkspacesMakers’Yard
    46. 46. Need to create opportunities forInnovation and Technology Businesses• We have three fantastic universities locally.• Yes as an area we struggle with graduateretention.• Obvious gap in the market is for high growth, hightech and high salary businesses within the HighTech Manufacturing, High Tech Technologies andKnowledge Intensive Services.• Lead to finalising development of Innovation andTechnology Park and LIW.
    47. 47. Leicester Innovation Workspace• 3,300 sq. m. of prime mixed us space.• Lots of onsite parking.• Situated next to NSC and at heart of park.• Aim to create a community of excitingorganisations.• Entry criteria to ensure quality businesses.• Construction began October 2012.
    48. 48. Location of Leicester InnovationCentreBellway HomesResidentialNational SpaceCentreGrade AOfficesASDAXX = Leicester Innovation Workspace
    49. 49. Construction update• Now in week 32 / 45. Due to open in October.
    50. 50. LIW Offer• 54 offices and two business lounges from 20m to70m at a prestigious address.• Conference facilities.• Great value space at average price of £150 sq mp.a.• Over 10% of space already let.• Looking for the most exciting businesses whowant to join the collaboration and community.• Who should we be speaking to?
    51. 51. Business Support• Available across all sites.• 1-2-1 coaching and bespoke advice.• Incubation, hot-desking and accelerator.• A program of networking and events.• Business workshops.• Grant scheme to open later this year.• For more info contact:•
    52. 52. Thank you for listening• Questions?• Ideas?• Introductions?• Opportunities?
    53. 53. Research and Prosper –Export Marketing Research SchemeRobin Godfrey
    54. 54. Research and ProsperExport Marketing Research Scheme 60Robin GodfreyThe Export Marketing Research Scheme
    55. 55. Contents• Research and Prosper• Types of exporters• Strategic exporter• Information at your fingertips• UKTI’s Export Marketing Research SchemeExport Marketing Research Scheme 61
    56. 56. What is export marketing research?The systematic and objective search for and interpretation ofinformation to develop a market entry strategy for an overseasmarket.Export Marketing Research Scheme 62Single Customer MarketingResearchMarket Presence
    57. 57. Three types of exporter - Theo Paphitis• Those who do no research• Those who do• Those who do and act upon itExport Marketing Research Scheme 63
    58. 58. 07/06/2013 64Research and prosperTrend 2000It clearly demonstrated thatthere is a valuable market forour products in Australia.This is expected to generatean additional £½m - £1m perannum in turnover once fullyestablished.
    59. 59. 07/06/2013 65Research and prosperImages and Editions“The marketing researchconfirmed our initial belief thatour key markets - departmentand chain stores – expect a highlevel of personal service and aUS-based distribution channel.Acting on these findings, we havebeen able to generate anadditional £200,000 of sales inthe first six months and this isgrowing all the time.”
    60. 60. 07/06/2013 66Research and prosperLobo SystemsA research visit revealed almost unlimited market potential for ourproduct and we have already begun to capitalise on this. Over the nexttwo to three years, I expect that export sales to the USA will build toaround $1million a year
    61. 61. Benefits of export marketing researchSave:• Money• Time• Hassle• EmbarrassmentExport Marketing Research Scheme 67Gain:• Negotiation power• Confidence• Credibility• Effective & Efficient Strategy• RespectTake control of export markets & lower your risks
    62. 62. WHY… export marketing researchWhether or not toproceed in thiscountry…If so, how?Export Marketing Research Scheme 68
    63. 63. WHAT... information requiredExport Marketing Research Scheme 69•Market Size•Segmentation•Channels of Distribution•Trends•Competitors•Customer Needs•Regulations and Legislation•Cultural understanding
    64. 64. HOW…export marketing researchPlanningDesk ResearchField ResearchConclusionsExport Marketing Research Scheme 70
    65. 65. Information at your fingertips• Internal resources• UK and foreign Governments• Statistical organisations• Publishers of market reports• Trade Associations• Chambers of Commerce• Company directories• Press and trade journals• Trade ShowsExport Marketing Research Scheme 71
    66. 66. The Export Marketing Research SchemeFree Advice on• Selecting Markets• Designing a research project• Choosing market researchagencies• Desk research sources• Planning Field work• Writing research reportsExport Marketing Research Scheme 72
    67. 67. What they say...thoughtful country selectionExport Marketing Research Scheme 73California was identified ashaving the right market profile.It has a high concentration ofretail outlets and a wealthyconsumer base with a keeninterest in fashion.Piatonna
    68. 68. What they say... higher marginsExport Marketing Research Scheme 74The potential market wasmuch bigger than we hadinitially thought, whichallowed us to retain controlby establishing MaceIndustries Inc rather thanhanding everything over toagents.
    69. 69. What they say... Towards a presence in the marketExport Marketing Research Scheme 75In the light of this information, we have invested severalyears, many thousands of pounds, developing a Clean AirBlanket system specifically for the Australian termite controlmarket. PA Geotechnical
    70. 70. What they say… structured approachExport Marketing Research Scheme 76The research showedwe were right in ourbelief that Germany isthe right export marketfor us. Ours is a slowburn market and wedon’t expect quickresults.Clean Modules
    71. 71. Funding• Published Marketing ResearchReports– 33%• In House Research Visit– 50% of all travel & subsistencecosts• Market Research Agency– 50% toward field research– 33% toward desk researchExport Marketing Research Scheme 77
    72. 72. Who is eligible for a grantCompanies• With between 5 and 250 employees• Trading for at least two years• Products / services with a proven track record• Researching a specific market for these productsand servicesExport Marketing Research Scheme 78
    73. 73. The paperworkWHY?• Purpose for the research – what decisions need tobe made about the marketWHAT?• Identify information needed to make thesedecisionsHow• How you will do the researchExport Marketing Research Scheme 79Timings and Cost
    74. 74. Where to get further informationVisit our website or contact us by phone or emailResearch Adviser: 342111Export Marketing Research Scheme 80
    75. 75. www.spaceideashub.comenquiries@spaceideashub.com0116 229 7700Contact us for a FREE 2-dayproject, problem evaluation and consulting@spaceideashubFollow us onSpace IDEAS Hub