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  • 1. Visual Dictionary By: Drew Tyler
  • 2. Air Barrier Paper
    • Def- a plastic or foil sheet that prevents moisture from passing from the outside to the inside of the building.
  • 3. Attic Ventilation Def- Vents that allow moisture to escape from the attic which helps to prevent condensation and rotting. Roof turbine Gable vent
  • 4. Attic Ventilation Con’t Soffit Vent Ridge Vent
  • 5. Backhoe
    • Def- a excavating equipment consisting of a digging bucket on the end of a two part articulated arm. It is a multi purpose piece of equipment used in many facets of excavation.
  • 6. Batter Boards
    • Def- pair of horizontal boards nailed to posts at the corners of an excavation used to indicate the desired level
  • 7. Brick Arches Roman
  • 8. Brick Arches Con’t Arch with keystone Centering- structure used to support an arch during construction
  • 9. Brick Bonds Common- Stretchers running all across but staggered row to row Stacked- Bricks stacked directly on top on each other
  • 10. Brick Bonds Con’t Headers Rowlocks
  • 11. Brick Bonds Con’t Soldiers
  • 12. Bulldozer
    • Def- A piece of equipment with a metal blade that is used to push large amounts of dirt, sand, gravel, etc..
  • 13. Cladding Brick EIFS
  • 14. Cladding Con’t Stone Wood board
  • 15. Cladding Con’t
    • They are wood shingles not shakes because they are sawn not split.
    Wood Shingles
  • 16. Code Requirements
    • State codes:
    • Min Width- 20in
    • Min Height-24in
    • Net opening-5.7sq ft
    • Max Height of sill- 44in
    • Actual window:
    • Width-29in
    • Height- 28in
    • Net opening- 5.638sq ft
    • Max height of sill-22in
    • The window is not to code it does not have a large enough net opening
  • 17. Concrete Joints Control Joint- Tooled joint in concrete that allows the concrete to crack there to prevent it from cracking everywhere
  • 18. Concrete Masonry Unit Def- Concrete bricks used in all sorts of construction Average size 8x8x16 in
  • 19. Decorative Concrete Masonry Unit Split Face CMU Ribbed CMU
  • 20. Exterior Doors 4 Panel door Red- Panel Blue-Stile Green-top rail Yellow- lock rail Black- bottom rail
  • 21. Exterior Doors Con’t
  • 22. Exterior Doors Con’t Transom- a bar of wood, brick, or stone across the top of a door Sidelight- a window that flanks a door
  • 23. Electrical Components Transformer Box Service Head
  • 24. Electrical Components Con’t Meter Service Panel
  • 25. Electrical Components Con’t Duplex Receptacle
  • 26. Framing Elements 1) Anchor Bolt- 2)Sill Plate
  • 27. Framing Elements Con’t 3)Floor Joist 4) Subflooring
  • 28. Framing Elements Con’t 5) Sole Plate 6) Stud
  • 29. Framing Element Con’t 7)Top Plate 8)Stringer
  • 30. Framing Con’t 9)Ceiling Joist 10)Rafter
  • 31. Framing Con’t 11) Roof Decking 12)Sheathing
  • 32. Front End Loader
    • Def- a piece of heavy equipment that pushes a bucket to load all sorts of materials. It is like a bulldozer but instead of a blade it uses a bucket
  • 33. Gypsum Board
    • Def- very multiuse material that is inexpensive and is easy to work with.
  • 34. Heat Pump
    • Compressor- the outside unit of the heat pump that pulls heat from the air or ground and it can be reversed to cool
  • 35. Heat Pump Con’t
    • Air handling unit- used to circulate hot or cold air through the ducts
    • Advantage of heat pump is it is very efficient
    • Disadvantage of heat pump is it does not work well in cold climates
  • 36. Insulation Blanket Insulation Loose Fill Insulation
  • 37. Insulation Con’t Foam Insulation Rigid Board Insulation
  • 38. Lintel
    • Def-a horizontal structural member that spans and opening
  • 39. Mortar Concave- this 3/8”joint is tooled and was on an apartment building type N Extruded- this 1/2 “ joint and is neither tooled or troweled and was on a residential house. Type N
  • 40. Oriented Strand Board Def-its nonveneered panel product made out of small wood chips pressed together
  • 41. Plumbing Drop In Sink
  • 42. Plywood
  • 43. Radiant Barrier Def- helps to prevent air from passing through the insulation
  • 44. Rebar
    • ½ inch rebar #4
    • The grooves of on the rebar help the rebar grip to the concrete
  • 45. Steep Roof Drainage Gutter- used to collect the water as it drains off the roof
  • 46. Steep Roof Drainage Con’t Downspout- collects the water and sends it down the building Splashblock – directs the water away from the building
  • 47. Steep Roof Materials Roof Paper- laid down before shingles it helps to weather proof the roof Clay tile
  • 48. Steep Roof Materials Con’t Wood Shingles- sawn wood shingles Metal Panel Roof- usually aluminum or galvanized steel Shingles are small pieces laid in an overlapping manner to form one continuous roof
  • 49. Steep Roof Shapes Gable Gambrel
  • 50. Steep Roof Shapes Con’t Hip Mansard
  • 51. Steep Roof Terms Yellow- Ridge Red- Eave Blue- Valley Green- Fascia Black-Soffit
  • 52. Stone Random Rubble
  • 53. Stones Con’t Random Ashlar Coursed Ashlar
  • 54. Vapor Retarder
  • 55. Waterproofing
    • Liquid waterproofing
  • 56. Weep Hole
    • Weep holes allow moisture to escape from behind the brick.
  • 57. Welded Wire Fabric
    • Def- helps to reinforce the concrete by adding extra strength
  • 58. Windows Awning- the hinge is at the top which means the bottom swing outwards Jalousie- window is divided horizontally and works like a normal set of blinds.
  • 59. Windows Con’t Sliding- the window slides from one side to the other