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Sp10designers 2

  1. 1. Air Barrier Unit – a membrane that is attached to the wall sheathing reducing the leakage of air between indoors and outdoors and acts as a backup waterproofing layer beneath the siding
  2. 2. Attic ventilation – used to lower the temperature and vent the attic Ridge Vent Gable Vent Soffit Vent Roof Turbine
  3. 3. Backhoe – excavating equipment that consists of a digging bucket on one end and a front loader on the other Backhoe Bucket: 24” Front End Loader
  4. 4. Brick arches Jack arch Roman arch centered with keystone
  5. 5. Brick Bonds English Garden Wall – 5 courses of running bonds wchich consist of all stretchers and the 6th course Header alternates between headers and stretchers Running Bond – courses consist of stretchers Soldier Sailor Stretcher
  6. 6. Brick Sizes 3-1/2” X15-1/2” Closest to the Engineer Norman Brick. This is different because it is a South American hand made adobe brick 7-1/2 x 2-1/4 Modular Brick
  7. 7. Cladding Wood boards Brick Wood shingle and Stone shake – a nail based sheathing material such as OSB, plywood, or waferboard that function as siding or roofing. Picture: Wood shakes
  8. 8. Concrete Joints Control Joint Crack Isolation Joint – the exterior of the building is being isolated from the slab
  9. 9. Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU) – large rectangular concrete blocks that are used as structural masonry Standard CMU – 8”
  10. 10. Decorative Concrete Masonry Split faced
  11. 11. Doors Flush Door Panel Door (1) with sidelight
  12. 12. Electrical Components Service Head - a weatherproof entry point for above-ground Meter – measures the amount of electrical electrical wiring or telephone energy consumed. It is calibrated in billing lines into a home or business units Duplex receptacle – two electrical fitting Service panel – that is connected to a the high voltage source of power and electrical equipped to receive an system’s first insert point of entry into a home beyond the meter
  13. 13. Framing Elements 1. Anchor bolt 11. Roof decking 10. Truss with ceiling joist and 2. sill plate 12. Sheathing rafter 7. Top 9. Ceiling Plateo Joist 6. Stud 3. Floor joist 4. Sub flooring 5. Sole plate
  14. 14. Front End Loader – a type of tractor that has a front mounted square wide bucket connected to the end of two booms to scoop up loose material from the ground
  15. 15. Gypsum Board • a rigid board made of layers of fiber board or paper bonded to a gypsum plaster core, used instead of plaster or wood panels in construction to form walls
  16. 16. Heat Pump compressor/ evaporator – takes in air at atmospheric pressure and delivers it at higher pressure, absorbs heat in the air in order to change the liquid refrigerant that flows through into a vapor Air handling unit – used to condition and circulate air as part of a heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning system
  17. 17. Insulation - materials that are used to reduce the rate of heat transfer Loose Fill Insulation
  18. 18. Lintel – a horizontal beam that supports the masonry above a window or door opening Angled steel lintel Concrete lintel
  19. 19. Mortar 3/8” Concave mortar joint – tooled. Used of a commercial building 3/8” extruded mortar joint – neither tooled nor troweled. Used on a residential building.
  20. 20. OSB – Oriented Strand Board - a non-veneered panel product that is formed by layereing strands or flakes of wood in specific orientation
  21. 21. Plumbing Drop-In sink
  22. 22. Plywood – a manufactured wood, made by gluing together a number of thin veneers or plies of softwood or hardwood
  23. 23. Rebar – ½” diameter or #4 rebar. The deformations is so that it would bind to the concrete
  24. 24. Steep Roof Drainage Gutter – catches water that flows down the roof Down spout – allows a way for water to exit the roof to the ground Down Spout and Splashback
  25. 25. Steep Roof Materials Metal panel roof - steel Clay tiled roof - Shingle Underlayment – tar paper used for waterproofing to prevent ingress of moisture
  26. 26. Steep Roof Shapes Mansard Roof Gable Roof Gambrel Hip roof Roof
  27. 27. Steep Roof Terms
  28. 28. Stone - Random Rubble Random Ashlar
  29. 29. Vapor Retarder • slow the rate of vapor diffusion into the thermal envelope of a structure • It is attached to each side of the insulation
  30. 30. Waterproofing – fully adhered material to resist moisture from entering the base of the building
  31. 31. Weep Holes - small openings left in the outer wall of masonryconstruction as an outlet for water inside a building to move outside the wall and evaporate
  32. 32. Windows Double hung casement – Single Hung – neither window is hinged allowing them to slide past Hinged on the side each other