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A deck used to scare Ad Club students away from full service agencies and to join the sensible revolution.

A deck used to scare Ad Club students away from full service agencies and to join the sensible revolution.



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Ole Miss Ad Club Presentation Ole Miss Ad Club Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Ole Miss Ad Club Presentation 4.7.08
  • Southern Growth Studio
    • Clients call on the Southern Growth Studio when they are ready to leap, create new markets, or redefine the marketplace with a new product.
  • What Southern Growth Studio Does
    • Southern Growth Studio is the only company in the Mid-South to blend brand marketing and product innovation.
      • Delivers a unique fusion of creative talent and business analysis to commercialize ideas, products, and services.
      • Validates ideas, concepts, and plans that have the power to create markets and eliminate those that are not worth growing.
      • User experience, utility, useful content, clusters of play.
      • Why?
  • Missing word?
    • One dollar for the keen mind who will raise their hand and shout out the missing word.
  • Advertising
    • We tell prospective clients that “the last thing we want to do is to sell you an ad.”
    • Why say such a thing?
      • Dare to guess?
  • Clutter?
  • Broken model?
    • Pick one
  • Context: Post-industrial warp speed layers of information and interests
  • Content = Context, a test List three images from last slide
    • ___________
    • ___________
    • ___________
  • Heretic or realist? You decide.
    • “ Advertising is the tax you pay for unremarkable thinking.”
    • “ Google can advertise better than the best agency.”
  • Bands doing better than many brands
    • “ If you just stood up in a crowd and said your story—‘I came home, and this girl I was dating wasn’t there, and I was wondering where she was’—it’s not interesting, but give it a melody, give it a beat, build it all the way up to a haircut. Now people pay attention.” Jack White
  • Why? The chopping block.
    • Unlike the Record Companies, bands make a point to stay in touch with their audience.
    • Audience is, and always will be, the chopping block.
  • Audience now own the experience.
    • Control: people choose content and medium.
    • Class: people expect usable, useful products from ethical companies who strive to innovate for the better.
    • Connect: people want to play with brands, have a say, interact, mash up, syndicate, and opine.
    • Choice: consumers and business audiences will not tolerate poorly designed products, weak services, or lacking insight, relevance, and delight.
  • Shift in media
    • Push
    • Pull
    • Connect with clusters
  • So, why do brands matter?
    • Why do brands matter in this mashed up, post-industrial, post-post-modern landscape that is half digital and half physical?
  • Drucker as prophet
    • We are now living into the wise insight that Peter Drucker proclaimed years ago:
      • “ Business has only two functions--marketing and innovation.”
      • Let’s look at some recent examples of brand turnarounds or strong launches thanks to marketing and innovation.
        • Key words: useful, usable, play.
  • Products + Community = Cool
  • Products & widgets as marketing
  • Play: mixing media interactions
  • Usability: respect the audience
  • Transformations make money
  • 16 quarters of consecutive growth
  • Uploads, ratings, and participation
  • Join the conversation: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=8028397740
  • READY TO GROW? Contact the Growth Engine Michael Graber | Managing Partner 662.236.8030 | michael@southerngrowthstudio.com