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SBP Brochure

  1. 1. It all began in 2005, when a group of local parents envisioned a new kind of school for Silicon Valley students — one that would challenge every student to reach his or her fullest potential and would offer them both the freedom and the security they need to spread their wings and soar to the highest levels of achievement. South Bay Preparatory, a member of EdVisions, is the realization of their collective vision. A free, public charter school serving and in the South Bay area, South Bay will open in fall, 2009. At the heart of the South Bay philosophy is the idea that true learning takes place through real and meaningful experiences. At the core of this “learn- ing by doing” philosophy are the “three Rs”: Relevance, Relationships, and a place where achievement meets potential. Real Learning. a school where students are engaged, Students create and implement their own projects, which serve as hands- lessons are relevant, and learning is active. on, multidisciplinary lessons. By giving students the freedom to design projects based on their own interests, while guided by their advisor, South Bay engages students in tangible learning with real-world applications. a place of myriad accomplishments, where At a sister school of South Bay, one student designed a project to bring high expectations are met with caring a skateboard park to his community. This involved investigating other support. skateboard parks, consulting with local government and business commu- nity mentors, drawing accurate blueprints, and researching and estimating costs. The project work was multidisciplinary, touching on construction, that teachers and families can partner in physics, graphics, writing, mathematics, civics, and research. a school where community is genuine and diversity is cherished. Relationships matter, so South Bay students learn the value of relationships, both inside and outside the school community. work personally one of Silicon Valley’s most promising with students as advisors and coaches, so they can address individual innovations. needs and ensure all students are fully challenged and supported.
  2. 2. actively participate in the school, and support their children with their learning at home. play a As a public charter school, South Bay Preparatory aims to mirror the socio- critical role, serving as mentors and volunteer project consultants. economic and multicultural differences of our region, welcoming all who Additionally, South Bay’s culture supports the professional development embrace its educational philosophy. of teachers and a strong voice for the student body, teaching students how While the public school status ensures accountability, the charter school they can directly shape their world. designation allows South Bay significant freedom to operate according to its unique charter, combining the best of with the most . The essence of South Bay is high expectations coupled South Bay Preparatory is based on the EdVisions model, a structure with comprehensive and caring support. designed to fully prepare students for college, careers and global citizen- Each student works closely with teachers and parents to design a personal ship. With replication enabled through a grant from the Bill and Melinda learning plan that addresses his or her individual academic goals. Every Gates Foundation, there are a now more than 40 EdVisions schools thriving learning plan incorporates state achievement standards satisfies nationwide. university level entrance requirements — an even higher standard than South Bay is designed to combine the proven successes of EdVisions with many of the most rigorous schools in Silicon Valley. Although consistent in the innovations for which Silicon Valley is famous, for an education that is their requirements, the plans are as individual as the students themselves, truly extraordinary. because they incorporate personal interests and learning styles. And because our high expectations are met with enthusiastic support, the & possibilities are endless for our South Bay learners. We invite you to be a part in this exciting Students what they have learned by their endeavor. Please visit our website at knowledge to accomplish real tasks, leaving no question about, or contact us at their levels of understanding or subject mastery. Since to find out more. students, parents and teachers work together closely, all are constantly aware of progress and are able to make adjustments to stay on track. In this way, South Bay takes advantage of every precious learning opportunity, fully preparing students for any option they may wish to pursue upon graduation.