Innovative financing plan for start-up software companies


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Sourceplicity introduce initiative solution for Start-up and Early Stage software development companies.

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Innovative financing plan for start-up software companies

  1. 1. PRESS RELEASE Loosdrecht, 7 July 2010. Innovative financing plan for start-up software companies. Due to the introduction of the new financial plan for Start-up and Early stage companies the innovation in the Netherlands is implemented. For those companies Sourceplicity offers to develop software using human resources. The difference between this expense and the commercial rate will be paid as the company generates revenue with the developed products. For Start-up and Early Stage companies it is expensive to develop the software themselves. Hiring programmers, if it’s available, is time consuming. The average hourly rate in the Netherlands can be a serious stumbling block. External hiring is often not possible at all because of the cost. Money for multiple programmers working simultaneously is also not present. External financing is difficult to get. The result: innovative, new ideas are suspended. With this initiative Start-up and Early Stage companies can develop their software products better and faster with a short time-to-market period at low cost using software development centre in Kaunas, Lithuania. Thus the cost of a new product is 50-70 proc. lower than would be developed in the Netherlands. The uniqueness of the model is that the companies along with Sourceplicity decide which programmers are working together on the project, until the software is delivered. At the time then the company will generate revenue Sourceplicity will pay the difference between the cost and the agreed commercial rate. This can be based upon a percentage of sales or a fixed amount per period. Also (part of) the outstanding amount can be converted to a predetermined number of shares in the company. ================================== Note to editors not for publication: For more information please contact: Jos Dikhoff Mobile phone: 0653 870907 E-mail: @ jos.dikhoff Website:
  2. 2. About Sourceplicity Sourceplicity is part of Uniplicity BV, a Dutch software company. Uniplicity has its own development team in Kaunas, Lithuania, affiliated with the Technical University there. This provides developers Uniplicity called Sourceplicity, co-sourced software development services in a unique format: all of our customers carry joint responsibility for the software developers at Sourceplicity in Kaunas. These programmers are like part of the development of the customer in the Netherlands, however big or small the team is. The customer will determine to a large extent is and how it should be developed. The customer does Sourceplicity with the daily management and therefore has a significant voice in guiding and assessing the programmers.