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Skilrock Technologies- Company Profile
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Skilrock Technologies- Company Profile


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Published in: Business

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  • 1. SUGAL & DAMANIInnovative Product Development House with Quality Services focused on Lottery, Gaming and Commercial Services Industry 1 Private and Confidential
  • 2. The Group and a lot more… 2 Private and Confidential
  • 3. Sugal & Damani Group … Overview“To be a Globally Successful, Diversified Business Group with a Strong Commitment to Society” Market Leadership and continued focus on a core competence business of Lotteries & Gaming with 1.4B$ (2011) turnover in Indian Lottery Operations Diversified successful business group with an ability to develop strong alliances and partnerships. Targeting rapid growth through global expansion in the core competence field of lotteries, technology and commercial services The Group has expertise throughout the supply chain from technology and operations to finance and statutory control The Group has a history of strong revenue and profit generation and has been financed primarily through equity Sugal & Damani Group Lottery & Information Commercial Stock Broking Real Estate & Gaming Technology Services & Finance Infrastructure Travel & Engineering Education Jewelry Hospitality Goods 3 Private and Confidential
  • 4. Sugal & Damani Group … Focus Verticals Focus Verticals Lottery & Commercial Technology Gaming Services 4 Private and Confidential
  • 5. Lottery & Gaming … Indian Operations Sugal and Damani Group is the market leader in the Indian lottery business with a gross turnover of over US$ 1.4 billion in 2011. Punjab Only 11 states allow lottery – 4 major states Sikkim and 7 smaller states. Sugal & Damani operates in most of these, with market share up to 65% in most of the markets, it operates. In India, its lottery operations run over a West Bengal foot print of approx. 25,000 retail POSMaharashtra terminals with over 15M transactions a day. Recently awarded as one of the only three provisional licensees for Online Gambling from state of Sikkim and is building a brand in the name of KHELPLAY. KhelPlay Rummy is one of the leading Rummy Portal in India 5 Private and Confidential
  • 6. Lottery & Gaming … International Operations Journey for International Market started with bidding for UK National Lottery in year 2006–07. S&D was the only successful bidder against Camelot and considered as reserved bidder. Aggressively expanding its Gaming operations in African Continent under ‘Winlot’ brand. Successfully launched licensed lotteries operations in a number of jurisdictions. Deep understanding, interest and appreciation of gaming requirements and challenges of Emerging economies in Europe, Asia Pacific and Africa. Strategic Partnerships are explored for local support in respective jurisdictions. 6 Private and Confidential
  • 7. Lottery & Gaming … Social Gaming Social Gaming Typically Free Gaming, Game of chance without any withdrawals Revenues through virtual currency sale & advertisements Long term focus on customer acquisitions for real money gaming once regulated. Sugal & Damani recently launched its games over social gaming platform and is in its beta launch phase. With current target market of Western World. 7 Private and Confidential
  • 8. Commercial Services … Payworld – India Second largest and the only profitable commercial services business of India. Spread over 60,000 retail network, including 20,000+ directly managed. The direct one’s doing more than 10M Transactions a month. Serving a large number of products including Pre-paid Mobile Top up, DTH and other EVDs Bill Payment – Electricity, Mobile, Phone Ticketing – Railway, Air Insurance, Astrology and other VAS services Micro Finance Acts as an aggregator for a number of products to B2B partners. Mobile Money & Cash Card – licensed from RBI. Also running direct consumer e-commerce portal for the same. 8 Private and Confidential
  • 9. Technology …where Creativity meets Technology
  • 10. Technology … The Background Skilrock is the Technology Arm of Sugal & Damani Group, enjoying strong domain knowledge and financial backing. Based on 40 years of domain knowledge - Developed one of the finest modern ICT Based Lottery Solution. Extremely robust – operating under most demanding conditions. Extremely efficient – managed draw frequencies as high as 15 minutes! Highly cost effective – We directly develop in India, the Global IT Hub. Highly Flexible & Responsive – Skilrock enabled S&D to effectively compete in 7 player market and still they enjoy 54% market share! Developed & Matured over 10 years of cycle. Over 100 Developers & over 300 IT support staff. Believe and practice in open source technologies. Large Scale project roll out and migration expertise 10 Private and Confidential
  • 11. Technology …The Platform 11 Private and Confidential
  • 12. Weaver …The Gaming Platform 12 Private and Confidential
  • 13. Weaver …Retail Channel Solution Comprehensive Retail channel management with multi tier accounting and payment collection Inventory Management Responsible Gaming & Fraud Control Measures Extracting More value over Retailer Channel by multiple services Wide range of POS supported with POS Application for PC POS, Handheld Terminal, Mobile Phone and any third party terminal. 13 Private and Confidential
  • 14. Weaver …Interactive Channel Solution Comprehensive Player management, player profiling Wide range of payment options Portal - Content Management & Search Engine Optimization Affiliate Management Responsible Gaming & Fraud Control Measures Supporting PC, Mobile, SMS and other interactive devices 14 Private and Confidential
  • 15. Games … The Portfolio Serving Gaming Needs of Everyone !!! 15 Private and Confidential
  • 16. Games … Draw Games Legacy & Innovative Game Library – Lotto, Fast Lotto, Keno, Bingo, Fortune etc. Managing up to a draw frequency of 15 mins Software based Draw Machines 16 Private and Confidential
  • 17. Games … Scratch Card Games Innovative Ticket Generation System – Scratch Weaver Minimum Turn-Around Time to Generate tickets for new Games (Typical 4 month cycle reduced to 4 weeks time – PATENT PENDING) Secure & Collaborative Workspace for all Stakeholders Extensive Security Measures Working experience with a number of printers 17 Private and Confidential
  • 18. Games … Instant Win Games Ticket Generation using Scratch Weaver Innovative Skill based Lottery Games for high player involvement (Patent Pending) 18 Private and Confidential
  • 19. Games … Mobile & Tablet Games Going beyond – Play by Text Low end phones to smart phones, only limited by inherent limitations of the phone. Android, iOS and Java Compatible (Web – HTML5 / Native Apps) 19 Private and Confidential
  • 20. Weaver Other Products Bingo Slots & Casino Sports Betting (Tote System) Commercial Services (EVD, Bill Payment, Ticketing etc.) Micro Banking / Micro Finance Offline Affiliate / Agency System 20 Private and Confidential
  • 21. Technology … Services SaaS Model Hosted from the Data Centre / Servers managed by or on behalf of Skilrock Time to Market & Initial capital investment is reduced to a greater extent. IT Operations and Remote Server Management First time Server Infrastructure Setup & Support Vendor Management & Advisory Network Management Database Administration Server Monitoring & Control 21 Private and Confidential
  • 22. Technology … The Spread Development Web Applications – Java / J2EE POS Application – C / C++ / Java / Proprietary Games – Flash & Action Script Mobile / Tablet – Android, iOS, Java Open Source Tools Testing Manual & Automated Testing Performance & Load Testing IT Operational Support Open Source and Proprietary Tools for Server, Network Management 22 Private and Confidential
  • 23. Technology … Certifications CMMI Level 3 Scope of Certification : Quality of Software Development & Project Management Body Associated: SEI (Software Engineering Institute) / KPMG as Auditor & Consultant Status : Certification Secured in May, 2010 RNG Certification Scope of Certification : Fairness in Randomness for PRNG & Hardware RNG Body Associated: iTech Labs, Australia Status : Certification Secured Scratch Weaver – ITGS Scope of Certification : Fair Play & RTP as per UKGC, IOM, Alderney etc. Body Associated: iTech Labs, Australia Status : Certification Secured Security Scope of Certification : UKGC Security Compliance & ISO 27001 Body Associated: BEI & GC, UK Status : Certification Secured 23 Private and Confidential
  • 24. Technology … Patent Patent # 01 Scope of Patent : Instant Ticket Generator (ITGS) Body Associated: Filed under PCT at WIPO, Geneva Status : Published by WIPO; Country Selection & National Phase in process Patent # 02 Scope of Patent : Player Interactive Games (Skill Based Lottery Games) Body Associated: Filed under PCT at WIPO, Geneva Status : Published by WIPO; Country Selection & National Phase in process Patent # 03 Scope of Patent : Scratch Lotto Games Body Associated: Filed under PCT at WIPO, Geneva Status : Published by WIPO; Country Selection & National Phase in process 24 Private and Confidential