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  1. 1. Amity Global Business School Project report on:Awareness, Perception and Satisfaction of Retailers with Airtel Products With respect to Airtel, Bhubaneswar A report Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of Master in Business Administration Programme Submitted by: Soumya Ranjan Sahoo Enroll no: A30401910007 Batch: 2010-2012
  2. 2. DECLARATIONI do here declare that, the project work entitled “Perception and Awareness ofthe Retailers for Airtel Products, Services, Marketing Communication andtheir Benefits from the Company and Channel Satisfaction and ClaimSettlement” is submitted by me and has been carried out at “Bharti Airtel Limited,Bhubaneswar” under the guidance of Mr. Manoj Kumar Patra, Territory SalesManager (TSM), Mr. Vivek Kumar ,Zonal Sales Manager (ZSM), Mr. RakeshKumar Singh, Zonal Business Manager (ZBM), Bharti Airtel (Orissa)Limited andMr. Dipti Ranjan Sadangi, faculty of Amity Global Business School,Bhubaneswar, is a original work done by me and has not been published in anyform till date.Date- Soumya Ranjan Sahoo Enroll no: A30401910007Place-Bhubaneswar Batch: 2010-2012
  3. 3. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT“No man is indispensable, but there are certain mortals without whom the qualityof work suffers. Their guidance becomes indispensable in acquiring quality result”.I would like to thank our faculties and my internal guide Mr. Dipti RanjanSadangi, because without his valuable guidance, encouragement and co-operationthis project could not have been possible.My heartfelt thanks toMr. Rakesh Kumar Singh, Zonal Business Manager(ZBM), Mr. Vivek Kumar ,Zonal Sales Manager (ZSM), Mr. Manoj KumarPatra, Territory Sales Manager (TSM) , who gave me most valuable time forproviding me with the right kind of training and information that was helpful formy project.My deepest regard to my parents who have always encouraged me in pursuit ofhigher education. They have been immense source of inspiration and support tome, as well without which completing the course of this study could have beendifficult. Soumya ranjan sahoo
  4. 4. Table of Particular 1 Declaration 2 Acknowledgement 3 Executive summary 4 Introduction 5 Company Profile 6 Distribution Procedure & Sales Force 7 Products of Airtel, Outlet Categorize & Target Setting 8 Data Analysis and Interpretation 9 Conclusion and Recommendations 10 Questionnaire 11 Bibliography
  5. 5. Executive SummaryIt is no wonder that in today‟s aggressive business environment, the challenges of sustaining inthese competitive surroundings, preoccupies the minds of many Business leaders. Customershave many options to choose their telecom operator from competitive market. Furthermore, theyoften perceive that what they are purchasing is, for all practical purposes, a commodity that canbe easily obtained from other companies, if need be. So, how does a corporation distinguish itselfin a highly commoditized and competitive market? Today‟s business is more dependent, thanever before, on their top performing product to be innovate and provide services thatdifferentiate a company from its fierce competitors. In other words, corporations rely upon theirproduct and human assets to survive and thrive.Airtel is one of the leading telecom firms of the country. Airtel is providing intermediate servicesto the people of India since 1995. The company is largest cellular service provider in India andfifth largest in the world in the field of various telecom services like Mobile network, wireless,landline, broadband, satellite television, etc. The company is famous for world presence, vastnetwork coverage, excellent service and brand image managed by experts.This project was carried out for Bharti house, Infocity, Patia, Bhubaneswar, Odisha. This is oneof the leading centers for marketing and sale of Airtel product and services in eastern region. Theproject was carried out for 45 days as summer internship program in a systematic manner.This project report contains various section where I‟ve discussed about company profile, itspresent strength, methodology used, sample size, sample unit, analysis and discussion,questionnaire, and annexure. I have used various quantitative techniques to find out the relationbetween various factors that contribute to awareness & perception of retailer.After market study it can be said there is very tough competition between various telecom firmslike Airtel, Vodafone, Aircel, BSNL, Stel, Smart, etc. But still Airtel is leading the market ofBhubaneswar. Through this study I‟ve tried to find out the awareness level of retailers for airtelproduct and services at the same time I‟ve also focused on perception of retailers for same. As achannel partner for sale of product it is essential to know about present awareness of retailer. By
  6. 6. this we are able to find the proficiency of FSE‟s in communicating various offers and schemes ofAirtel. At the same time we are getting information about the need for any further improvementin marketing and sale of airtel product to grasp opportunity for new customer base and retainingold customer base.
  8. 8. INTRODUCTIONThe bigger challenge for the Company, however, is in building a unified globalcharacter embodying the highest standards of corporate governance that Airtel is soproud of. In the last ten months, we have initiated synchronized action on multiplefronts – people leadership, brand presence and the business eco-system. Sunil Bharti MittalBharti Airtel limited is a leading global telecommunications company with operations in 19countries across Asia and Africa. The company offers mobile voice & data services, fixed line,high speed broadband, IPTV, DTH, turnkey telecom solutions for enterprises and national &international long distance services to carriers. Bharti Airtel has been ranked among the six bestperforming technology companies in the world by business week. Bharti Airtel had 200 millioncustomers across its operations.Airtel the biggest telecom player in Indian market in terms of subscribers and revenue. From thedays of initiation Airtel maintained an image of better networking, better consumer service interms of CRM and a brand of high image which in other words can be said as Airtel USP. InOdisha market Airtel entered in the year of 2004 December and within three years of time itcaptured a lion‟s share in the market. In some of the major cities Airtel is a market leader. After four years of operation in Odisha market Airtel played a game as it reduces the marginfrom distributor to retailer because it got the brand loyalty from the subscribers and succeededwith its PULLING strategy in the market also with some highly innovative value added schemes.Provides telemedia services (fixed line and broadband services through DSL) in 87 cities inIndia. Provides an integrated suite of Enterprise solutions, in addition to providing long distanceconnectivity both Nationally and Internationally.In particular Bhubaneswar market the Airtel faced a great challenge after the reduction inmargin. Lots of strikes were done against company and many retailers refused to sale Airtelproducts and this made Bhubaneswar the toughest market in the Eastern part of the country. Itput a challenge in front of the sales team to maximize the sales. Though Airtel has 32% marketshare in Bhubaneswar but it still facing tough challenge from its rivals.Airtel Subscribers:1. Total number of subscribers in India 21, 19.19,000 GSM mobile, 32, 96,000 Telemediacustomers and 5,663,000 Digital TV Services.2. Airtel has a market share of 35.3% of total 147,346,606 GSM customers.3. Airtel has 23 circles in India, has agreement all over the country except North East provision to the country.4. Airtel started its operation in Orissa in the year of 2004, 4th Dec.5. Up to the latest report Airtel has a total 22,691,429 subscribers in Orissa.
  9. 9. Airtel in Bhubaneswar: Population of Bhubaneswar is nearly 904,225 and 40% of this total population uses mobile phones. From total mobile subscribers Airtel has a market share of 22%, having highest market share in the Bhubaneswar region. Airtel has setup 55 BTS (towers), showing its quality and reputation of network coverage. Over 1620 Retailers (registered up to 6th May 2009) available in this Urban area and many more retailers‟ sales Airtel vouchers also (these are not registered). (Those retailers sale Airtel sim are considered to be registered)NEED OF THE STUDYAirtel is an old & fastest growing company & leading in the communication market providingever best possible service to the customers. New & advance facilities & plans are beingintroduced day by day & those are only to satisfy customers taking care of customers need.OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY1. To understand the awareness of Airtel products among retailers in the market.2. To create interest as well as find out the potential new retail outlets3. To analyze the retailer‟s perception towards Airtel4. To know the satisfaction level of Retailers towards Airtel products and services.5. To maximize retail outlets through traditional channel that will increase the sales in future.6. To create more numbers of Airtel subscribers.METHODOLOGYData collection:Our study used both primary & secondary data.Secondary DataI have collected all the details from the FSEs and the team leader of the hindustan Agencydistributor.Sources of Data1. Hindustan Agency team leader‟s personal data.2. Territory managers personal report behalf of exploration of business.Primary DataPrimary data has been collected from the new retail outlets and existing outlets and new.Methodology1. Meeting all the retailers (Those who are interested to sale Airtel products).2. Explaining about the business and how to incur profit and giving them competitors‟ feedback through one to one interaction.3. Creating interest to become a new Airtel outlet by showing leaflets of different features.4. Finding out the retailers through schedule method.5. Convincing & creating interest through pushing strategy.6. All the procedures were recorded through proper questionnaires.
  10. 10. SCOPE OF THE STUDYBy this study satisfaction as well as attitude towards the Airtel has been found out, which can beused in strategy formulation in Cuttack, Orissa.1. Lacking & factor for dissatisfaction has been studied from Retailer point of view which can be taken care & improved.2. Getting an opportunity to convince & interact with the Retailers.3. Creating awareness & finding out potential Retailers for Airtel.LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDYAt most attention was taken to eliminate any kind of biasness & misinterpretation in the study toget optimum result. Even though the following limitations could have certain degree of impacton the findings.1. The study was confined to Bhubaneswar, Hindustan agency only which may not represent the real picture of the entire Cuttack market.2. Many retailers were not interested in Airtel because of steep competition in the locality among retailers.Data collected about satisfaction & awareness level may not represent the real picture as thesample size covered only 200 retailers. Type of Research: A descriptive research has been followed for the study Sampling technique: A cluster sampling has been used for the study.Sample Size:1. Survey for Retail outlets: 2002. Survey for New Subscribers: 8623. Airtel special scheme promotion: 11SCHEDULE DESIGNThere were different question patterns were designed for individual tasks and informalinterviews were also conducted in case of new scheme promotion. Questions those have beenfilled by us according to the response of the respondents about the different questions & in themean while their reaction towards the different perceptions towards different communicationcompanies have been observed.There are some general questions to make them comfortable to answer.The parameters that are measured1. Retailer reliability2. Customer awareness3. Customer satisfaction4. Factor PreferenceQuestions were designed for:1. Opening up New Retail Outlets2. New Airtel Subscribers
  12. 12. COMPANY PROFILEBharti AirtelType: Public, Listed on BSE and NSEFounded: 1985Headquarters: New Delhi, IndiaKey people: Sunil Bharti Mittal (Chairman and CEO)Industry: TelecommunicationProducts: Mobile Network, Wireless, Landline, Broadband, Satellite TelevisionRevenue: $13,319 BillionProfit: $ 3,983billion (2010)Total assets: $15.527 billion (2010)Total equity: $9.491 billion (2010)Employees: 24,501 (December 2010) Parent: Bharti Enterprises (63.45%) SingTel (32.15%) Vodafone (4.4%)Website: Airtel Limited commonly known as Airtel, is an Indian telecommunications companythat operates in 19 countries across South Asia, Africa and the Channel Islands. It operates aGSM network in all countries, providing 2G or 3G services depending upon the country ofoperation. Airtel is the fifth largest telecom operator in the world with over 207.8 millionsubscribers across 19 countries at the end of 2010. It is the largest cellular service provider inIndia, with over 164.61 million subscribers at the end of 2011 April. Airtel is the 3rd largest in-country mobile operator by subscriber base, behind China Mobile and China Unicom.Airtel also offers fixed line services and broadband services. It offers its telecom services underthe Airtel brand and is headed by Sunil Bharti Mittal. Bharti Airtel is the first Indian telecomservice provider to achieve this Cisco Gold Certification. To earn Gold Certification, BhartiAirtel had to meet rigorous standards for networking competency, service, support and customersatisfaction set forth by Cisco. The company also provides land-line telephone services andbroadband Internet access (DSL) in over 96 cities in India. It also acts as a carrier for nationaland international long distance communication services. The company has a submarine cablelanding station at Chennai, which connects the submarine cable connecting Chennai andSingapore.It is known for being the first mobile phone company in the world to outsource everything exceptmarketing and sales and finance. Its network (base stations, microwave links, etc.) aremaintained by Ericsson, Nokia Siemens Network and Hawai, business support by IBM andtransmission towers by another company (Bharti Infratel Ltd. in India). Ericsson agreed for thefirst time, to be paid by the minute for installation and maintenance of their equipment ratherthan being paid up front. This enabled the company to provide pan-India phone call rates of Rs.1/minute (U$0.02/minute). Call rates have come down much further. During the last financial
  13. 13. year [2009-10], Bharti has roped in a strategic partner Alcatel-Lucent to manage the networkinfrastructure for the Telemedia Business.Bharti is the “total telecom provider” for India‟s large enterprises. It harnesses the power ofalliances to combine with ownership of media and technologies to create business-enabling end-to-end solutions. Bharti work closely with their enterprise customers to uniquely address all theirstrategic connectivity needs, by using a mix application of technologies. The entire organizationis tailored to bring focus to our customers‟ need through a unique multi-dimensional structure;Airtel‟ philosophy is “Value Creation” for the customers. Therefore it creates solutions that areflexible, scalable, robust Business process management system which helps in monitoring ofoutput performance of processes in the form of Non Financial Parameters which are reviewed atdifferent levels i.e. Location, Regional, Functional, National and crop office level.Continuous process improvement happens within the organization based on Voice of customersusing six sigma methodology and knowledge management. The organization has been in sixsigma champions, black belt, green belts, and yellow belts. All AES employees are trained in thestrategy, statistical tools and techniques of Six Sigma quality.Business Strategy“To capitalize on the growth opportunities that the company believes are available in the Indiantelecommunication market and consolidate its position to be the leading integratedtelecommunication services provider in the key market in the India, with a focus on providingmobile services”. Focus on maximizing revenues and margins. Capture maximum telecommunication revenue potential with minimum geographical coverage. Offer multiple telecommunication services to provide customers with a “one-stop shopsolution. Position itself to tap data transmission opportunities and offer advanced mobile data services. Focus on satisfying and retaining customers by ensuring high level customer satisfaction. Leverage strengths of its strategic and financial partners.Awards and recognitionBharti Airtel has received recognition for its innovative practices across the world, some are asFollows: 3rd Largest Wireless Operator In The World, Largest Private Integrated Telecom Company In India, Largest Wireless Operator In India, Largest Private Fixed Line Operator In India, Largest Telecom Company Listed On Indian Stock Exchanges. Sunil Bharti Mittal, - GSM Association Chairman‟s Award 2008, Padma Bhushan Awards In 2007. airtel ranked second in the Economic Times-Brand Equity Most Trusted Brand Survey 2009. Bharti airtel ranked India‟s second most valuable company, by Business Today in 2009.
  14. 14. Bharti airtel listed in Forbes Asia‟s Fabulous 50 companies, 2009 on number sixthposition.Bharti airtel was recognized as the „Service Provider of the Year‟ and „Wireless ServiceProvider of the Year‟ at the Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific ICT Awards 2009.Bharti airtel bagged the Best Carrier India Award and the Ovum Telco-TransformationAward at the Telecom Asia Awards 2009.Bharti airtel was ranked sixth among the top 100 best performing technology companiesin the world, compiled by Business Week for the year 2009. The company is placedahead of global technology leaders like Apple (19), Microsoft (22) and Google (37) inthis exclusive list.Sunil Mittal received the Madras Management Association (MMA) Business LeadershipAward for 2008-09 for revolutionizing Indian telecom.Bharti airtel was selected as one of the top 10 winners of the IDC Enterprise InnovationIT Awards 2009 across APAC region for its BSS Transformation Project.Sunil Mittal was awarded the Global Economy Prize by The Kiel Institute (Germany).Sunil Mittal was conferred with the degree of Doctor of Laws Honoris Causa by theUniversity of Leeds, UK.Bharti airtel received the „Best Content Service‟ Award for the airtel-IFFCO FarmerInformation Dissemination Platform at the World Communications Awards in London.Bharti airtel low cost computing device airtel Net PC was recognized by HindustanTimes as one of the „Top 9 Best Tech Products of 2009‟.Bharti airtel has been ranked among six best performing technology companies in theworld by Business Week. Bharti airtel was awarded the Most Preferred CellularService Provider Award at the CNBC Awaaz Consumer Awards 2009.Bharti airtel bagged top honors in the Voice & Data 100 Survey, winning five of theVoice & Data Telecom Awards 2009. Bharti airtel was named the Top TelecomServices Provider of the Year 2009. Manoj Kohli, CEO and Joint MD of Bharti airtel,was named the Voice & Data Telecom Person of the Year 2009. The Awards also namedBharti airtel, the Top VSAT Player 2009, the Top NLD Player 2009 and Top CellularServices Provider 2009.Bharti airtel has recently won multiple recognitions in the field of InformationTechnology such as Spamhaus Group Whitehat Network Star, Security Strategist Award(Technology Senate 2009), Intelligent Enterprise Award (Technology Senate 2009) &CIO hall of fame.Bharti airtel has received the prestigious Business world-FICCI-SEDF Corporate SocialResponsibility Award 2009-2010. The FICCI Socio Economic Development Foundation(FICCI-SEDF) and Business world CSR award was instituted in 1999 to recognizeexemplary responsible business practices by the Indian industryairtel has won the „Most Preferred Cellular Service Provider Brand‟ award at the CNBCAwaaz Consumer Awards in Mumbai. This is 6th year in a row that airtel has won theaward in this category.(10-11)Economic Times Telecom Awards 2011- Innovative Product Value Added Service- Customer Experience EnhancementNDTV Profit Business Leadership Awards 2010-11
  15. 15. - Top Telecom Company - Sunil Bharti Mittal - Business Innovator of the Year - India‟s Most Innovative company - Wall Street Journal Telecom Operator award 2011 - Won in 5 categories. - Most Admired company - Best National Mobile operator - Operator with Rural performance - Best VAS provider - Best Enterprise servicesAirtel Vision“Airtel will be the most loved brand, enriching the lives of millions”By 2015, airtel will be the most loved brand, enriching the lives of millions. Loved by more customers Targeted by top talent Benchmarked by more businessAirtel MissionWe will meet the mobile communication needs of our customers through:" Enriching lives means putting the customer at the heart of everything we do. We will meettheir needs based on our deep understanding of their ambitions, wherever they are. By havingthis focus we will enrich our own lives and those of our other key stakeholders. Only then willwe be thought of as exciting, innovation, on their side and a truly world class company."
  16. 16. Customer Base Customer Base (Nos.000) 220,878 137,013 97,593 64,268 39,01220,926 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 2010-2011 Revenue Revenue (Rs millions) 594,672 418,472 373,521 270,122 184,202 116,641 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11
  18. 18. Airtel distribution channel:Distribution procedure and Margins:In Urban Areas Airtel directly supply its products to the distributors in Urban Areas through Territory Manager. Territory Manager distributes the products as per demand for individual distributors, which is scheduled as per the target for the territory. In urban areas the Margin for the Distributor is 1.3%. Distributor distributes the products to the FSEs‟. Their job is to supply those products to the Retailers. The Retailers margin is 2.7% (2.5% margin on RCV Rs.10/- and for all other RCVs themargin is 2.7%).So, from this above analysis and distribution channel system, the outcomes are.1. The company is spending nearly 4% in Urban Areas.2. In Rural Areas the company is spending a margin nearly 4.5%.(So the company has been taken a great step in sales maximization in rural areas that they will beable to reduce the margin and will not have a loss in rural areas.)Stock system in distribution:The complete stock maintenance procedure is categorically divided in two parts.1. Stock to be maintained by Distributor2. Stock to be maintained by RetailerIn the case of Distributor:The distributor has to keep the LAPU balance for minimum 7 days; Here 35% of the value mustbe in RCV.In the case of Retailer:The retailer has to keep LAPU balance for 3 days (minimum amount Rs.1500); Here 33% of thevalue must be in RCV.(The FSE visits each Outlet in alternative days whether there is any shortage of product or not.The supply system of Airtel is so strong that a Retailer will never go with shortage of product. Itis also a compulsory task for each FSE to go and to ask Retailers whether there is any shortage ofproduct, once in every 2 days.)
  19. 19. SALES: (The way Airtel sales designed) Selection of Sales Force Controlling of Sales Tranning of Sales Force Manager Sales Force Motivating of Sales ForceSelection of sales force-They recruited separate department for sales and work of those employee is to get or generatemore and more revenue for organization.Training of Sales Force –After Recruitment they are trained their employee for effective working and in this trainingperiod they guided employee. How, when, where, what .and to whom we they can sale theirproduct.Motivating of sales force –If because of some reason any employee is not able to do their best performance in that caserather than any action they use motivation as a tool for increasing morale of that employee.Controlling of sales Force –They also control the sales force because they know the importance of control system inorganization. They are using these entire four step for decide their sales force and each step theyare also Check they are doing right things or not and if they thing changes are needed than they
  20. 20. revised whole process again. That‟s why we can see the difference between Airtel sales growthand other challenger and follower.Sales Force Automation-A sale force automation solution (SFA) is a system that automatically records all the stages in asales process. This includes a contact management system which tracks all contact that has beenmade with a given customer, the purpose of the contact, and any follow up that might berequired.What to get-Ensures that your sales effort doesn‟t get duplicated thereby eliminating the risk of iratecustomers. Sales lead tracking system creates a list of potential customers or customers of relatedproducts, through paid phone lists. Fully integrated in all departments that deal with customerservice management.How it benefits Airtel sales team-For your business: your sales team can approach the market in an organized and efficientmanner. For your managers: now monitor the performance of your work force, solve potentialproblems and make your people more proactive. For your sales teams: now it‟s easier to close adeal by keeping a track of your orders, proposals and clientsAirtel in Bhubaneswar MarketNumber of distributor in Bhubaneswar:In Bhubaneswar region there are total 8 distributors :1. HINDUSTAN AGENCY2. AKASH AGENCY3. A K TYRE AGENCY4. MAX TIME AGENCY5. BALAJI AGENCY6. R K AGENCY7. R S C AGENCY8. SHREE AGENCYThese are the above agency which operates the total market of Bhubaneswar region. Throughthis agency‟s the Bhubaneswar market is marketed by FSE (field sales executives) by the
  21. 21. respective agency. As I had done my research under Hindustan agency, so the target of June2011 data is described below.HINDUSTAN AGENCY has the maximum area coverage in Bhubaneswar region. I haveanalyzed its FSE‟s target and achievement : FSE TARGET (JUNE 2011)HINDUSTAN AGENCY REPORT(Airtel Distributor , Bhubaneswar Region) FSE RCV(%) G.A LSO SSO ZD 1. OJHA 24.00 1100 75 75 4000 2. BAIDYA 16.60 750 90 90 4000 3. CHINMYA 16.00 1000 80 80 4000 4. BAPI 17.50 1050 85 85 4000 5. PURNA 12.50 1050 85 85 3000 6. SANTOSH 9.00 300 64 64 2600 7. MANOJ 8.50 300 60 60 3000 8. RAJIV 10.50 950 76 76 2600 9. SISIR 12.50 550 85 85 3000 total 127 7000 700 700 30,200
  23. 23. Products of AirtelSIM (Security Identification Module) The base product of company, required for new subscriber. Now Airtel provides this sim with 64kb memory. The cost of sim to company is Rs 40/- with life time option. The sim is provided to thecompany at free of cost which the retailer can sale at maximum Rs 100/- .LAPU:A SIM is provided to retailers from the company at free of cost for providing easy rechargeservice. Only regular retailers have this facility. This SIM has a memory of 128kb and speciallydesigned for easy recharge purpose. A retailer has minimum 5 easy recharge customers permonth, failuring this target the SIM will be automatically deactivated. This SIM has also Rs 300talk time free Airtel to Airtel. PRIMARY (The products those are supplied to the distributor from the company is said to be Primary) SECONDARY (The products supplied to the Retailers from the Distributors through FSEs is said to be Secondary) TERTIARY (Here the Retailer sold the products to the customers) Recharge voucher: In every 1000 rupees of easy recharge the retailer must have to keep 33% of paper vouchers where the distributor has to keep 35%. Recharge vouchers are available at different costs from Rs 10/- on words and easy recharges are available from Rs 30/- on words. Paper voucher is maximum available up to Rs 120/- where easy recharge is available up to RS 10,000/-.SIM activation procedure:(During training I had informed and demonstrated this procedure to the new outlets) SIM isprovided by the company to the distributor and the distributors‟ supplies the sim as perindividual Retailers demand. The sim initially is not activated, after any subscriber bought thissim then the retailer uses a special procedure through its LAPU sim to activate that sim. Butduring recent scenario maximum retailers are supplying activated sims to the retailers that thenew subscriber can easily use the new sim without any delay in the service.To activate the sim following procedure is followedStep1: The retailer sends a sms through the LAPU.UN (space) Mobile Num to 59109Step 2: This sms reaches to 59109 (technical section) and then 3 new sms comes inreturn one to Retailer, next one to FSE and the last one to the Distributor.Step 3: Then the distributor send a new sms.
  24. 24. After this the new sim will be activated and will be ready to use.UN (space) Mob Num to 59110As now a day in the Bhubaneswar market the distributors are providing retailers activated Sims.If any new person will subscribe the to a new connection the retailer provides him the way toactivate the sim.The new subscriber can only get this sim after paying the cost of sim, providing necessary andoriginal documents required and after getting the confidence of the retailer that the provideddocuments are valid. After the new subscriber bought the sim, 1st that person has to insert thesim in the mobile phone and then has to call 123, (Airtel customer service number (toll free).Then the sim will be automatically activated and will be ready to use.Necessary Documents for New Subscription:1. The new subscriber must have to be an Indian citizen.2. He/She has to give one latest his/her photo.3. Any valid document showing his nativity or residential proofs like Pass Port, DL, Voter ID, home electricity or phone bill(land line, BSNL preferred) etc.Actions on Fake documents:1. If the documents are known to be fake or doubtful then the connection will be cutoff immediately.2. Legal action can be taken against the retailer or the distributor for this negligence.How to check the authenticity of the Sim and the number at the distributor/retailer level:Sometimes the AEAF contains some error on the Sim number or mobile number. The retailer orthe distributor can directly check the authenticity of this trough special Airtel service. They cando a sms to know this. By using this service they can get the conformation on the Sim andmobile number at the basic level. Seek (space) Mobile num/Sim num to 59300
  25. 25. Airtel in ODISHA Market Orissa mobile subscriber increased by 46.8% in 2011 …Mobile subscriber base of Orissa increased by 46.8% during FY2011 to reach 45.8 million Orissa’s growth rate is considerably higher than national average of 38.9% Orissa is one of top 5 fastest growing mobile telecom markets in India Active wireless subscriber base in Orissa is 63.6% resulting in 14.2 million active mobile users By March 2011, Orissa is 17th largest wireless telecom market in India accounting for 2.5% of total active subscriber base Mobile tele density of Orissa circle is 53.4% while active mobile tele density is at 34.0% Bharti Airtel enjoys market leadership with 34.0% market share …. In Orissa wireless telecom market, Bharti leads with 23.1% share in terms of total subscriber base followed by BSNL (17.1%), Reliance (16.2%), Tata (11.5%) and Aircel (10.6%) Airtel extends market share in terms of active subscriber base as 93.7% of its mobile subscribers are active compared with 59.8% for BSNL and 60.6% for Reliance In terms of active subscriber base, Bharti has 34.0% market share followed by BSNL (16.1%), and Reliance (15.5%) Airtel’s dominance is such that the gap between market shares of top 2 players (Bharti and BSNL) is 17.9% Top 5 players accounts for 84.8% of Orissa’s active mobile subscriber base
  26. 26. ODISHA ACTIVE MOBILE SUSCRIBERS MARKET SHARE (MARCH 2011) Sales 7% Airtel 16% 34% Vodafone Relience Tata 8% Aircel BSNL 9% Others 11% 15% -100% Equals to 14.2 million-
  28. 28. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY 1. To measure the customer satisfaction and pinpointing the problems. 2. To examine mostly on what services customers feel happy and on what services feel unhappy with the services provided by Airtel.SCOPE OF THE STUDY  Whether the customers get real satisfaction with the service.  The study was restricted to the sample from the Mansarover.  This project studied on the basic criteria of knowing the degree of satisfaction regarding Airtel services.METHODOLOGYResearch Methodology : Survey MethodResearch Instrument : QuestionnaireContact Method : Personnel Interview The questionnaire was the main tool used for securing the responses form thecustomers regard the companies products and services. The customers were contacted personally, & interviewed in Mansarovar, Jaipur.The valuable information was collected from the customers respect to their needs,wants, and opinions of the services provided by Airtel and suggestions were drawn.DATA COLLECTIONS:The data collection is of two types. They are: 1. Primary data. 2. Secondary dataPrimary source of data:
  29. 29. Meaning: primary sources of data are the data which needs the personal efforts of collect it andwhich are not readily available. Primary sources of data are the other type of sources through which the data wascollected.Following are the few ways in which the data was collected: 1. Questionnaires: Its set of questions on a sheet of paper was being given to the respondents of fill it, based on which data was interpreted. 2. Direct interviewing: Direct interviewing involved the process where I asked the questions directly to the retailers and got the feedback.Secondary sources of data: Secondary sources are the other important sources through which the data werecollected. These are the readily available sources of the data where one had no need to putmuch effort to collect because it is already been collected and part in an elderly manner bysome researchers, experts and specialties.The Secondary sources helpful for study were: Textbooks like marketing management, research methodology, advertisement and salespromotion etc. 1. Internet was made use for the collection of the data. 2. Newspapers were also referred. 3. Business magazines were also referred. 4. Some journals were also referred. 5. Library survey: This was also undertaken for the collection of data. This type of research is based on books,periodical, journals, documentation, and secondary data etc., which are available in the library.
  30. 30. Sample Design Sample of 50 customers were drawn on random basis. The main aim is to cover amajority of respondent’s allover Mansarovar Considering the convenience and time constraint,the study is confined to Mansarovar. The sample of 50 customers, age group is between 17 to 60 years those arebusinessmen’s, students, employees, housewives, lecturers.PRESENTATION OF THE DATA:  A schedule of 18 questions has been prepared to suit the objectives of the study.  On the basis of convenient random sampling technique, the respondents have been selected and information has been collected.  The collected information has been classified, tabulated, analysis using mathematical tools like percentages and interpretations have been drawn.  After analysis, findings have been drawn and suggestions are offered.DATA INTERPRETATION & ANALYSISPERIOD OF AIRTEL MOBILE SERVICESOBJECTIVE: To know how long the respondents have been using mobile services of Airtel.TABLE:Period No of respondents0-1 Year 201-2 Years 152-3 Years 10Above 3 years 5
  31. 31. GRAPHICAL REPRESENTATION: Usage period of Airtel mobile services 25 20 20 15 0-1 yrs 15 1-2 yrs 10 2-3 yrs 10 above 3 yrs 5 5 0 1 2INTERPRETATION: The above chart or table furnished the information as 40% of the respondents havebeen using recently, most of the respondents i.e. 30% have been using from last 1-2 years,20% of the respondents have been using from last 2-3 years and remaining 10% of therespondents have been using from last 3 years.TYPE OF CUSTOMERSOBJECTIVE: To know the percentage of Pre-paid and Post-paid customers.
  32. 32. TABLE:Type of customers No of respondentsPre-paid 40Post-paid 10GRAPHICAL REPRESENTATION: Type of customers Postpaid 20% Postpaid Prepaid Prepaid 80%INTERPRETATION: The above table depicts the information is most of the respondents i.e. 80% are pre-paidcustomers and remaining 20% of the respondents are post-paid customers.Pre-paid: Some of the pre-paid customers are not happy with the hidden charges and call chargesper minute.Post-paid: Some of the customers are not receiving bills every month and not happy with thebilling.
  33. 33. CUSTOMER CARE OFFICER RESPONSEOBJECTIVE: To know customers are satisfied with the response and services of customer care officer.TABLE:Opinion No of respondentsYes 40No 10GRAPHICAL REPRESENTATION: Satisfaction % of customer care officer 90% Yes 80% 70% 60% 50% Yes 40% No 30% No 20% 10% 0% 1 2
  34. 34. INTERPRETATION:The above table and chart furnished the information as most of the customer’s i.e.85% is satisfiedwith the services provided by customer care officer and remaining 15% of the customers are nothappy due to following problems.Customer care officer is not providing accurate information, sometimes not responded properly.HOW MUCH TIME CUSTOMER IS WAITING TO GETTING CONNECTED TO THECUSTOMER CAREOBJECTIVE: To know how much time the customer is waiting to getting connected to thecustomer care.TABLE:Time No of respondentsWith in 5 minutes 155-10 minutes 1010-15 minutes 1515-30 minutes 10GRAPHICAL REPRESENTATION: Waiting time to connect customer care 20 15 10 5 0 With in 5 5-10 min 10-15min 15-30 min min
  35. 35. INTERPRETATION: The above chart reveals the information as most of the customers i.e.25% are waiting 5-10min to connect customer care officer, 45% of the customers are connected to customer care officerwith in 5 min, 15% of the customers are waiting 10-15 min and 15% of the customers are waiting15-30 min. 35% of the customers are facing the problem of connection to the customer care due tothe problem of busy network. So I suggest that increase the manpower at customer care centers.CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON OVERALL PERFORMANCE OF THE AIRTELOBJECTIVE: To know whether the customer is satisfied or not based on over all performance ofthe Airtel.TABLE:Opinion No of respondentsHighly Satisfied 10Satisfied 30Average 5Dis-Satisfied 5GRAPHICAL REPRESENTATION:Satisfaction % on overall performance 70 60% 60 50 40 30 20% 20 10% 10% 10 0 Highly satisied Satisfied Average Dissatisfied
  36. 36. INTERPRETATION: With the above table and acquired information I conclude that the most of the customersi.e.60% are satisfied on overall performance of the Airtel. 10% of the customers are satisfied asaverage, 20% of the customers are highly satisfied and remaining 10% of the customers are dis-satisfied on overall performance of the Airtel.HOW FREQUENTLY CUSTOMERS ARE USING VALUE ADDED SERVICESOBJECTIVE: To know that how frequently customers are using value-added-services like SMS(short message service), CALLER TUNES, ROAMING & AIRTEL GPRS.TABLE:Value-Added-Services No of respondentsSMS 40Caller Tunes 30Airtel GPRS 25INTERPRETATION: The above table provided the information as most of the customers i.e. 30 customersare using Caller Tunes, 40 customers are using SMS, and 25 customers are using Airtel GPRS. Customers are very happy with Airtel GPRS service as they can connect very easily usingthis service. CUSTOMER OPINION ON PRICING OF AIRTEL PRE-PAID AND POST-PAID SERVICES:OBJECTIVE: To know the customer opinion on pricing of Airtel services.TABLE:Opinion No of respondentsGood 31Cheap 5Reasonable 9More 5
  37. 37. GRAPHICAL REPRESENTATION: Customer opinion on Airtel services 70% Good, 60% 60% 50% 40% 30% Reasonable, 18% 20% More, 11% Cheap, 11% 10% 0% More Reasonable Cheap GoodINTERPRETATION: The above table depicts the information as most of the customers i.e. 60% opinion is good,18% of the customers opinion is prices are Reasonable, 11% of the customers opinion is Cheapand remaining 11% of the customers opinion is prices are more when compared other networks.CUSTOMER OPINION ON AIRTEL RELATIONSHIP CENTRESOBJECTIVE: To know the customers opinion on Airtel relationship centers.TABLE:Opinion No of respondentsGood 45Poor 5
  38. 38. GRAPHICAL REPRESENTATION Customer opinion on Airtel Relationship Center 10% Poor Good 90%INTERPRETATION: The above table furnished the information as most of the customers i.e. 90% opinion isGood (Airtel employees responded properly) and rest of the 10% of customer’s opinion is Poorbecause of Airtel employees are not providing accurate information and not responded properly.WHY DID THE CUSTOMERS CHOOSE AIRTELOBJECTIVE: To know why did the customers choose Airtel?TABLE:Reason No of respondentsNetwork coverage 40Offers 5Roaming 2Others 3
  39. 39. GRAPHICAL REPRESENTATION: Choose % of Airtel 80% 70% 60% 50% Network coverage Offers 40% Roaming 30% Others 20% 10% 0%INTERPRETATION: The above chart & table provided the information as most of the customers i.e. 80% havechosen Airtel based on the performance of network coverage, 10% of the customers have chosenbased on offers, 4% of the customers have chosen based on Roaming because roaming chargesare less and remaining 6% of the customers have chosen based on STD rates are convenient,good services.MOSTLY ON WHAT SERVICES CUSTOMERS FEEL HAPPYOBJECTIVE: To know whether the customer is satisfied or not, If Yes mostly on what servicescustomer feeling happy and If No on what services customer feeling unhappy.TABLE:Opinion No of respondentsYes 45No 5
  40. 40. GRAPHICAL REPRESENTATION: Overall % of satisfied customers 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% Yes 40% No 30% 20% 10% 0%INTERPRETATION: The above table and acquired information reveals that the most of the customers i.e.90% are feeling happy and remaining 10% of the customers feel unhappy with the servicesprovided by Airtel.YES: Under 90% of customers – 70% are feeling happy with network coverage, 20% arehappy with GPRS service.NO: 10% of customers are feeling unhappy due to connectivity problem & hidden charges.
  42. 42. CONCLUSIONAirtel facing a steep competition in Cuttack Market. It is that Cuttack is the toughest market inthe Eastern Part of the country. It is difficult to maximize the sale as maximum consumers arelocal business men and they prefer more talk time in their usual tariff. Airtel has a good reputation as a telecom brand in Cuttack. People prefer Airtel in Cuttack because of its network coverage all over the state includingruralareas. .Only high tariff cost matters in sales maximization. Competitors selling strategy becoming a biggest problem for sales maximization. Retailer benefit schemes as they achieve the target can push more subscribers and maximizesales. Retailer margin is not a problem for Airtel in Cuttack. Some retailers bringing in the Vouchers and easy from rural area to Cuttack region to get moremargins comparatively to urban areas. Retailers are unhappy with Airtel‟s advertisement offers because the company is not providingthem the Electronic Boards in time (for new outlets), banners etc. . . . Where others (new entrants) are doing it. So, the other entrants are capable of pushing their sales. RECOMMENDATIONSThere are following suggestions for marketing strategies for Airtel-1. Bharti Airtel needed to maximize its future flexibility and growth potential by adoptinga business-driven framework for integration, allowing it to implement and deliver newservices rapidly. With competition intensifying in the Indian telecom services market,Bharti Airtel needed to find a way to focus on developing new services that could set itapart from the competition and strengthen its customer relationships.2. Improved cross-selling and targeting and a more seamless, efficient total customerexperience through end-to-end integration of customer-facing processes.3. Optimization of business processes and infrastructure, through flexible, standardizedintegration framework, is needed.4. Outsourcing of technology will provide Bharti Airtel to focus resources on growing thebusiness.Flexible pricing model will enable Bharti Airtel to avoid major increases in capital expenditures
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