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  • Only about a third of the users generate these Tweets.
  • Good for corporations as well to say what you're doing. Putting sale stickers up, doing inventory. Had a great experience offering ...
  • What good is a message if no one reads it. A caution with DM
  • Twitter - The Ins and Outs

    1. 1. Twitter: The Ins and Outs For: Cultural Resource Management, Intercultural Education and Training, and Social Justice Programs February 2, 2012
    2. 2. Focus Twitter will be the focus of this presentation because it offers Low barriers to entry. Responsive results. Lessons learned with Twitter are easily applied to implementing Linkedln, Facebook or Google+ your social media strategy.
    3. 3. Twitter — Basic Facts Like text and instant messaging. 140 character limit to Tweets (including the username). As of October 2011 over 100 million users; and More than 190 million Tweets per day (from the mundane to profound).
    4. 4. Aeo Jed stee Twitter — Basic Facts
    5. 5. Twitter — Great For Microblogging: posts detailing what you're doing. Conversations: similar to text messaging but to a number of people at once. Breaking news: reach a wide audience instantly. Connecting with clients, constituents, and fans. Getting reviews from a diverse cross-section.
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    7. 7. Twitter - Getting Started Branding / identity. What or whom do you represent? What message do you want to send? Why are you using Twitter? (Convey information, build community, reach a new market segment). What do you hope to accomplish? (Use clear goals, e. g. increasing use of e-zine by 25%).
    8. 8. Efiquefie Nothing too personal. No spam. Say thank you. Be polite in conversations.
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    10. 10. How to do it right Have a clear message, brand, identity, and reasons. Build a network: Search your target network and emulate those doing a good job. Search by topic, hashtag, location (airport code) to find people with similar interests or in a region. Follow them and everyone they follow. Build Community: Retweet, Reply.
    11. 11. How to do it right Read first. Before Tweeting read the article or blog and watch the video. If you have a question about a Tweep read their bio (including the website linked there). The goal is to provide accurate concise information.
    12. 12. Subject Ideas New programs Research Projects Conferences “Did you know? " e. g. “You can can register for courses with your iPhone: ”