How to use Instagram for your Business


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If you're keen to get a few tips on how you can use Instagram for your business, this presentation is for you! It covers what is Instagram, how you use it, iphoneography tips, instagram video, posting tips, hashtags and how to be a part of the Instagram community.

How to use Instagram for your Business

  1. 1. #SNAPHAPPY Using Instagram to Promote your Business Sarah (Sos) Mattsson Jewels Lynch Tourism & Events Queensland Guru Instagrammer Digital Content Manager @jewelszee_ @sosarina @snapper_snapper
  2. 2. What we’ll cover today What is Instagram? What is a #hashtag? What is an Instagrammer and how do you find them? Interaction & community Instagram photography tips How can you fit Instagramming into your day? How can I go the extra mile? Let’s do this!
  3. 3. Who are we? Sarah (Sos) Mattsson Jewels Lynch Tourism & Events Queensland Guru Instagrammer Digital Content Manager @jewelszee_ > 26.5k followers @sosarina @snapper_snapper > 3.5k followers
  4. 4. What is Instagram? Capture and Share the World’s Moments Instagram is a fast, beautiful & fun way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures and videos Snap a photo or video with your mobile phone Choose a filter to transform the image or video Publish & share!
  5. 5. What is Instagram? Highly engaged community Instagram is mobile. Instagram is NOT link heavy. Instagram is about taking people with you. Source:
  6. 6. What is Instagram? Newsfeed > just like Facebook where you’ll find images from the Grammers you follow Explore > find instagrammers and topics Take a pic or video or upload an image or video file Your notifications. See who’s followed, liked or commented on your pics Your profile. Check out your followers, following & all your pics Image credit:
  7. 7. Why should tourism businesses use Instagram? THE NUMBERS SAY IT ALL Users > 150M monthly globally (1.5M Aus users) Pics > 55M photos per day Likes > 1.2B likes per day CONSUMER CHANGE Consumer behaviour shift towards visual content 80% of the brain is dedicated to visual procession CONTENT IS KING! Create and publish content easily Source content > get influencers and locals (including photographers) to help build your content bank Source: & @jewelszee_
  8. 8. What is a hashtag? Word or phrase beginning with a # symbol with no spaces or punctuation Why are they used? Hashtags group conversations about topics making them easier to find, follow and join the conversation Crowd sourcing fan’s content Extend your own brand channels’ content #clickablelink > to topic Image credits: & Source:
  9. 9. What is a hashtag? Where are they used? Which social channels use hashtags? Image credits: & & & &
  10. 10. Hashtag Example > #sqcountry @sosarina posts a photo and adds #sqcountry to the Instagram comment It’s likely that the image will be seen by other Instagrammers that are interested in, living in or coming soon to the Southern Queensland Country region Lucky might just be the cutest baby goat I’ve ever seen #sqcountry #thisisqueensland
  11. 11. Hashtag Serving Suggestions Look for hashtags that are relevant to your business (research in Add popular hashtags to relevant images to grow audience & engagement i.e. #sqcountry #thisisqueensland #seeaustralia & Add your own unique hashtag to source content and build a community (one is best!) Communicate your hashtag in your profile Your hashtag must have relevance or meaning to regular Instagrammers #CalmYourFarm > too many hashtags or hashtags that don’t make sense will be ignored (especially in the 1st comment) Source:
  12. 12. #hashtag video
  13. 13. What is an Instagrammer and how do you find them? Instagrammers (like @jewelszee_ & @laurenepbath) are Instagram gurus They post amazing imagery – perfect for inspiring travel They have HUGE Instagram audiences They are invited along to famils with other journalists and bloggers They are content creators They engage with the Instagram community and their followers
  14. 14. What is an Instagrammer and how do you find them? How do you find them? Use the ‘Explore’ tab in Instagram Search ‘Users’ for Known Instagrammers Local photographers Tourism > @sqcountry, @queensland & @australia content (look into the reposted content) Search ‘hashtags’ for locations or known hashtags and do some digging If you like their content, follow, like & comment on their pics TIP > also use and search hashtags and users
  15. 15. Interaction & Community Follow There’s a huge opportunity to interact with the Instagram community through genuine shared interest in images you are drawn to How can you interact? Follow, like, play with hashtags & comment Like Play with #s Comment
  16. 16. Instagram Photography Tips Rule of Thirds Creates balance in photos Helps make composition more interesting How do you do it? Use the grid on your camera, phone & Instagram settings Line up a point of interest along 1 of those lines Focus the photo on one third Work with the square More info > photos-the-rule-of-thirds/ Source: Image credit: @jewelszee_ @beijingemily @matthewtaylorthomas
  17. 17. Instagram Photography Tips Perspective Gives your images depth and scale How do you do it? Use natural lines to guide you i.e. roads, paths, tracks Take shots from different heights & perspectives i.e. look up, down, get low For more info > u/how-to-get-a-littleperspective-in-yourphotos/ Image credit: @sea_godess @gradelle @rikerama MORE INFO >
  18. 18. Instagram Photography Tips Depth of field Distance between the nearest and farthest objects in a scene that appear sharp in an image How do you do it? Try taking shots from different angles (on the ground is usually a winner) Focus your phone / camera on something in particular Edit > use blur tool in Instagram itself or editing apps For more info > Source: & Image credit: @freshcoatcreative @visitcapricorn
  19. 19. Instagram Photography Tips Other fun stuff in Instagram Filters & frames Cropping Blur Brightness Straighten Tag guests Video > 15secs of goodness
  20. 20. How can you fit Instagramming into your busy day? Shoot in bulk Sunrise, sunset, road trips View from rooms, pets, cute animals New menu, coffee or breakfast, locals’ fave Behind the scenes, daily life on a farm stay Groups enjoying themselves on tour Meet the team Edit or post direct photos into Instagram Get involved in the community when you can
  21. 21. Instagram Serving Suggestions Frequency > 1 – 5 per day / be pretty consistent in how frequently you upload Image description > Can be creative or descriptive. Consider 140 character limits for posting to Twitter. Hashtags to consider #sqcountry #visitbrisbane #thisisqueensland #seeaustralia #location & popular instagram hashtags (try not to be too spammy) What’s hot in hashtags > How many hashtags is too many? 1 or 2 hashtags in the image description It’s really up to you with the secondary comments
  22. 22. Instagram Serving Suggestions Be a part of it > Like and comment. Grammers are friendly so get involved in the conversation! How do you get people to use your #hashtags? Communicate what they are in your Instagram bio Chat to Grammers about using your #hashtag in the comments of their related pics
  23. 23. Instagram Serving Suggestions Location 3 Click this to see other Scarness Pier pics from other Grammers
  24. 24. Instagram Serving Suggestions Reposting other people’s pics Use apps like InstaRepost to repost other traveller’s images from your phone You only have permission to use someone’s images if they’ve used your hashtag or you’ve asked and received permission. You will come into copyright issues if this critical step is missed. Remember to credit the instagrammer by using i.e. @laurenepbath in the comments or across the image
  25. 25. How can Instagram help with your content? Content efficiencies across your digital & social channels
  26. 26. Reporting > How do you know what’s working? Who’s following & unfollowing you Content – What’s the most engaging Engagement – Who’s your biggest fan? Optimisation & Community > general what’s popular i.e. users, hashtags, filters Instagram isn’t really about links outside of the channel but if you’d like to measure click through, use your google analytics or other social metrics to measure this Screen shot:
  27. 27. Playing with Pics Average Camera Pro Editing Pics Taking Pics How can I go the extra mile?
  28. 28. How can I go the extra mile? Instagram Video Record video within the Instagram app or upload your own videos Up to 15 seconds Cool editing functions > take short segments of video that are pieced together on your phone & add filters For more info > Brands to learn from @natgeo @nike @lulamon LoVbP/
  29. 29. How can I go the extra mile? Instagram Video
  30. 30. How can I go the extra mile? Integrate Instagram into your other channels
  31. 31. How can I go the extra mile? Connect with Brands @queensland #thisisqueensland @sqcountry #sqcountry / @visitbrisbane #visitbrisbane @australia #seeaustralia Tourism companies @hamiltonisland / @lizardisland / @greatkeppelisland @natgeo (3.2mil) / @nike (2.7mil) / @snoopdog (2.4mil) / @blackmilkclothing (695k) Connect with Instagrammers @laurenepbath (300k) / @paulyvella (270k) / Beijing Emily @beijingemily (176k) / @fatmumslim (94k) / @garry_norris (91k) / @mattglastonbury (37k) / @seanscottphotography (32k) / @jewelszee_ & @snapper_snapper (30k) / @rikerama (11k) / Connect with Locals & Photographers @swaller (5.1k) / @madelynrosephotography (2k) / @midnight_photography (6.7k) / @imlee_ (7k) / @sabbiak (2.7k) / @matthewtaylorthomas (1k) / @keiranlusk (1k) / @s_norbs (1k) / @jestergull (DOG!)
  32. 32. How do I do this Instagram thingy? What’s your approach? What do you want to get out of it? How does it fit into to what you do already? Download Instagram app Get an Instagram account. Think about your user name and hashtag. Should be obvious, consistent across social channels, searchable, easy for Grammers Start taking pics and uploading them (comment, hashtags, location etc) It’s a social channel. Start following, liking & commenting with the community. Connect with instagrammers in your area. Communicate your own hashtag Content efficiency > where else is this content relevant? Facebook? Twitter? Website? eNewsletter images? Need inspiration? Join @fatmumslim’s Photo A Day Challenge. She gives you a daily prompt which helps to get ideas! For more info
  33. 33. Let’s do this! Mini Exercise Take a photo of something in the room Upload it to Instagram Include #snaphappystanthorpe into the image description What to capture? Pirates Crazy glasses Duck face Favourite thing you’ve learnt today
  34. 34. Let’s do this! #InstameetStanthorpe When: 7.30am Wednesday 26 November Where: Meet @ the front of College of Wine Tourism Who’s invited: EVERYONE! What do you need to do beforehand: Download Instagram app and create an account. That’s it  Image credit: @chriznobs