Soroka Women and Children's Operating Rooms project brochure


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Soroka Women and Children's Operating Rooms project brochure

  1. 1. Contact: The Obstetrics and Gynecology Division The Obstetrics and Gynecology Division of Soroka Medical Center is one ofDr. Gerry Showstack the best and most advanced in Israel, providing Ob/Gyn healthcare and medicalResource Development services to the entire Negev, covering over 60% of Israel. The Divisions staffTel: 972-8-646-7435, Mobile: 972-54-220-2608 is comprised of 50 physicians and 195 nurses who work round the clock, doingemail: their utmost to nurture Israels future. • Every year 13,500 infants are born in Sorokas Ob/Gyn Division, moreSoroka Medical Center than at any other hospital in IsraelExternal Affairs • More than 15,000 women are caredTel: 972-8-640-3963, Fax: 972-8-640-3901 for annually at the Gynecologyemail: Emergency Room • Over 26,000 women come toAmerican Friends of Soroka Medical Center Sorokas Womens Clinics eachP.O Box 184-H Scarsdale, NY 10583 year for diagnosis, counseling and treatmentTel: 914-725-9070, Fax: 914-725-9073email: The Ob/Gyn Division treats womenwebsite: of all ages and backgrounds, spanning diverse cultures and including new and veteran immigrants, native-born Israelis, secular, religious and ultra-Orthodox, Jews and Bedouin all in a highly professional medical division whose sense of humanity knows no limits. In light of its vast experience in obstetrics, the very diverse nature of the population cared for, and the Divisions exceptional senior staff, the Ob/Gyn Division attracts many skilled young medical school graduates, interns, and residents. Highly talented young medical professionals join the Divisions ranks and together with the Divisions senior staff publish hundreds of academic studies in the most prestigious professional journals worldwide. The Division will soon relocate to its new quarters in the Ob/Gyn Building, adjacent to the Saban Pediatric Medical Center. The Saban Pediatric Center itself is also housed in a new building that opened just a year ago and is the main in-patient hospitalization facility for the 400,000 children who live in the Negev. This new complex will form the main "healthy" entrance to the hospital, with important breathing space between 1
  2. 2. newborns, new mothers, and children and the hospitals internal medicine and a physiotherapist, a social worker and a secretary. surgery departments and units. The new complex is designed and constructed according to the highest standards, with special care to take into consideration The Department is accredited by the Scientific Council of the Israel Medical the needs of the new mothers, newborn infants, children, and other family Association to specialize and offer specialized members. training in pediatric surgery. It is responsible for instructing medical students from The new three-story Ob/Gyn Building will consist of 18,000 square meters Ben-Gurion University, as well as (approximately 190,000 square feet) and include 25 delivery/birthing students in the Medical School rooms, two obstetrics wards, a gynecology emergency room and an obstetrics for International Health in emergency room, a neonatal department and an in-vitro fertility unit. collaboration with Columbia University Medical Center in The proposed Women and Childrens Surgery Complex will contain four New York. The Department spacious operating rooms, one of which will be designated for the Department is also involved in teaching of Pediatric Surgery, located in the adjacent Saban Pediatric Medical Center. pediatric surgery to students in the School of Nursing and the School of Emergency Medicine. The Department of Pediatric Surgery The Saban Pediatric Medical Center, in The Department of Pediatric Surgery was established at Soroka Medical Center which the Department of Pediatric Surgery is thirty years ago. It is one of the largest in Israel, and located, is one of the most impressive and advanced in Israel, uniquely designed a leader in the field. The Department treats with the comfort and convenience of the children and their families in mind, infants, children and teens – from birth to offering cheerful surroundings and in-house education facilities and amenities 18 years old. alongside first-rate professional care. The Department of Pediatric Surgery specializes in a wide array of advanced surgical procedures and The Need methods. It leads in several fields, The surgeons of the Department of Pediatric Surgery and the Ob/Gyn which include minimally invasive Division operate on thousands of hospitalized and outpatient women and abdominal and thoracic surgery and children every year, and the number is constantly increasing. And yet, oncology surgery including removal the pediatric operations are carried out in the hospitals general surgical of tumors and insertion of catheters for complex, far from the Departments pediatric wards. This is of course chemotherapy. inefficient for the medical staff of the Department of Pediatric Surgery, The Department has developed a special pre-operative program to prepare as well as inconvenient for the children and their families at a difficult and already children for scheduled surgery, including a booklet stressful time. designed specifically to reduce their fears and anxieties. The booklet, which all children receive, describes the procedure, the pre- op preparation, the surgery itself and the recovery period in the hospital in a humorous vein and through the eyes of its main character, a 12- year-old. The Pediatric Surgical Department performs an average of 1,700 surgeries annually, 25% more than carried out at most hospitals nationwide. The Departments core staff consists of four senior physicians, seventeen nurses,2 3
  3. 3. Floor plan of the operating rooms The Project The proposed designated Ob/Gyn and Pediatric Division operating rooms will be located in the new Womens Building, adjacent to the Pediatrics Building. The operating room complex will be state of the art and will include three operating rooms for the Womens Division and one for the specific use of the Pediatric Surgical Department. Costs The construction of the proposed Women and Childrens Operating Rooms complex (1,080 square meters, 11,620 square feet) will cost US $5,500,000, including medical equipment and furnishings. Donation and Donor Recognition The entire Women and Childrens Operating Room complex can be named by the donor for a gift of $2,500,000, or $750,000 for 1 operating room. Full and prominent donor recognition will be provided at the Women and Childrens Operating Room complex itself, as well as at the Donors Wall of Honor at Soroka Medical Center. In addition, there will be a dignified public dedication and naming ceremony. Thank you for considering this opportunity and request4 5
  4. 4. Soroka Medical Center ‫המרכז הרפואי האוניברסיטאי סורוקה‬POB 151, Beer-Sheva, 84101 ‫ת.ד. 151 באר-שבע‬84101 Israel 08-640-3963 :‫טל‬Tel: 972-8-640-3963 08-640-3901 :‫פקס‬Fax: 972-8-640-3901 email: :‫אינטרנט‬website: American Friends of Soroka Medical Center P.O Box 184-H Scarsdale, NY 10583 Tel: 914-725-9070 Fax: 914-725-9073 email: website: