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Poster research

  1. 1. Generic conventions of newspaper advertisementsThere are very few advertisements for an actual newspaper itself which made it difficultto find these images. Though each advertisement follows some of the same conventionswhen portraying their newspaperThe GuardianThe Guardian uses bright colours and abstract images to grab the viewer’s attention,giving the newspaper personality, rather than just being dull and boring, which mostnewspaper are stereotyped as. This means the images will appeal to the youngergeneration. Although the colours are bright they are quite neutral as they aren’t aimed atjust one gender, they are aimed at both. The advertisements always feature The Guardianlogo. They encourage the viewer to make their own opinions from the facts that are givenin the newspaper which makes people want to read the newspaper as they can beinteractive with it. The colours used are the different colours used to identify eachdifferent section of the newspaper, for example red is for news and green is for sport.
  2. 2. Daily TelegraphThe Daily Telegraph looks more sophisticated and would appeal to the older generation.The background colours are very neutral making it non gender specific, helping to give ita serious feel. The images are of celebrities that the older generation would relate to andrecognize. In both advertisements the newspaper uses the same slogan "It pays to thinkbig" showing that people and things have developed into greater things which is what thenewspaper wants its readers to do, become something because of the stories they haveread, etc.
  3. 3. The TimesThe Times uses simple images and neutral colour schemes so the advertisement isntaimed at a specific gender or age. The advertisements include the logo and same font asthe logo on slogans and text. The second advert is more likely to grab some body’sattention as it is an emotional image, like an emotional plea to the readers.The Sun
  4. 4. The Sun advertisements focus more on value for money rather than the stories included inthe newspaper. The till receipt is especially effective as people are interested in value formoney. This image shows readers exactly what they can get for 30p. The adverts includeThe Sun logo. It also uses images of people that the readers can relate to. The colours arequite dull and neutral which then really make The Sun logo stand out. It also listseverything that you will receive within the paper, so it shows everything you can read.
  5. 5. The generic conventions I have found are • 1 main image • Not a lot of text • Eye-catching • Involves the newspaper website • The general tone is serious • Features the name of the newspaper with its logo • The advert tells you what is unique about the newspaper • They arent gender or age specific • They include pronouns to involve the audience • Value for money is a technique used to sell the newspaperTo back this theory up, I found other newspaper adverts to check that they also followedthis:
  6. 6. This one is for the daily mail, and is simple, as it has a photograph, a simple background,and it has only two words one saying indulge, and the other saying daily, which showsit’s the Daily Mail. I think this one is quite effective, but would only appeal to women.This is another one I found, which is a billboard, it is simple, and uses an image to grabthe publics attention.
  7. 7. In conclusion all the newspaper follow similar conventions in order to captivate theaudience and get them to purchase their newspaper. They do this by using simpleadvertisement techniques and neutral colours, making the adverts appeal to all types ofpeople no matter what their age or gender. The adverts focus on what the newspapershave to offer and value for money. All the adverts contain bold titles to grab peoplesattention, but then little text so they don’t lose interest.