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  1. 1. For my A2 piece, I have chosen to produce the first two pages of a local newspaper. Thereason I chose to make a newspaper is because for my preliminary task, I made a shortfilm, and found it extremely difficult to edit and to create exactly what I wanted my filmto be like. I think making a newspaper would be easier, as I could adapt it to exactly as Iwant it to look, and i have also used some of the programs that would her to create thenewspaper, such as photoshop. I would also like to develop my skills in print.Yesterday I started to analyze a local newspaper called the Bromley Times by looking atthe layout and design as well as the contents. I was looking to find the conventions of anewspapers first two pages, and their content. I found that they put the title at the top withtheir price, website address and the date, as well as having a puff and a plug. I also foundthat the front page has a lead story and another secondary story as well as some adverts. Itis in five column layout, however two of the columns are taken up by a photo which isfrom the secondary story. There is also a pun on the front page for the secondary story, aswell as both stories having jumplines.On the second page of the newspaper, the lead story is continued in two columns, as wellas there being a third story in another two columns. There is also publication details,distribution information, and family announcements such as obituaries, birthdays andfunerals. However as there are not that many they have saved space with a plug.Thinking about the youth of today, i do not think that there is enough publicized aboutwhat events and such are on for youngsters. Therefore I think I would like to do a localnewspaper that has articles about local events and bands for the youth of today. Mynewspaper could let them know of the local bands, and the venues they are playing at,and student nights, and local news about the Bromley area. I would set it out like anewspaper, to look professional, such as using the five column layout like the BromleyTimes, so that it gives it a business feel, I would also use the conventions such as theplugs, to advertise and promote inner content of my newspaper. I would also maybe use apuff, to make my paper sound superior and to make people interested in reading it.On my second page, I would have a section for little adverts of events, and I would alsohave another story as well as the story from page one continued. I would also have theweather, and another story.