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In what ways does your media product us
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In what ways does your media product us

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  • 1. In what ways does your media product us, develop or challengeforms and conventions of real media products? Evaluation
  • 2. I created a horror trailer, marketing poster and front cover for a magazine for the Followers. These products were created and based upon and around heavy research in to already existing media products.During the planning stages of my project I made sure I did a great amount of research into other existing products and trends which influenced my creation and decisions throughout my project. By researching in to existing products it allowed me to become aware of the conventions of horror trailers and promotion so that when creating my own they could fit into the genre.Researching enabled me to discover effective conventions, camera angles, shot types, mise en scene, sound, narrative, etc. of the horror genre. I could then apply these conventions to my own creation and decisions throughout my project to help create a professional product which mirrors the success of existing horror products.
  • 3. After doing a broad amount of research I made it more specific by narrowing down the genre to paranormal horror. By doing this it allowed me to replicate and adjust the conventions I found into my own product for example, the technique of fast pace editing and building up tension through the use of a soundtrack.Researching into the conventional codes of a parnormal horror allowed me to create effective fast paced cuts to build up tension as I had recognised that this was something which was a convention to this genre. My movie trailer conforms to the conventions of a paranormal horror through the use of lighting and editing. The cuts from lit up scary characters to darkness makes the trailer have a fast pace which builds up tension or the audience and is a typical convention .
  • 4. During my research I found that there was a common conventional type of sounds attached to a paranormal horror. These include loud sound effects for movement/transition and diegetic sound and silence to create tension and suspense. The use of sound within my trailer mirrors the conventions of real media forms. I used silence in order to create suspense and tension for the audience. I also used the sound of screaming to convey the emotion of the characters, but also because it is a loud sound and will therefore make the audience jump.
  • 5. Throughout my research I gathered that a common trailer from this specific genre was inter titles throughout. The titles are often cleverly made sentences to build up tension and to scare and entice the audience but also gives a slight hint of the plot to the film. This convention seems to work successfully in existing products, therefore I decided to also include this technique with my trailer. I believe that this convention helped me to sow the narrative element to the audience.To replicate the conventions I decided to use a white font on a black background similarly to many other horror films. The simplistic look of this feature creates an innocent and creepy feel to the titles.
  • 6. When researching the conventional, stereotypical locations for a paranormal horror, a family home was the most popular. I believe that this location is the most successful as it can connect directly to the audience and makes it more of a personal experience as it is easier for them to imagine themselves in the same position. With this in mind I decided to mirror this convention by using the location of a home for my trailer.To engage my chosen target audience of teenagers the typical convention suggests that this age group should be replicated in the characters. I decided to use this convention in my own product by my main actors being the age of 19 and 17, by choosing to do this it allows a real connection to be made with the audience.
  • 7. My magazine cover challenges the normal conventions of a magazine as it has mo text on the front other than the name of the magazine. However, it does fit the conventions of the brand of magazine ‘Little White Lies’, as it is conventional of the magazine to show simplicity and have a profile image which suggests a certain movie or genre which is what mine displays.My poster uses a steel tongs font to show the credits which follows the conventions of a typical film poster, it also shows the name of the film and its release date which is a convention of poster. It also has a large image which engages the audience with eye contact, this challenges the conventions of a horror film poster as the conventions don’t always show the true identity of the character.