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How did you use media technologies in the
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How did you use media technologies in the


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  • 1. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? Evaluation.
  • 2. Throughout the course of my project I have used a variety of different technologies and programs to display my ability and to experiment with my creativity.By using different technologies and programs it gave me the chance to show my research and planning in a variety of different ways.
  • 3. Filming Equipment.For the construction of my trailer i used a portable Panasonic camcorder, this piece of equipment was provided to me by Chenderit media department. The camera I used had fairly good quality, and allowed me to be versatile and got all the shots I needed doe successfully. Being a small hand held camera made it easy to manoeuvre about. I also found that this camera had a good crisp quality when filming the close ups of characters faces. It also recorded the sound to a good quality.
  • 4. Final Cut.This software was also used for the construction of my trailer. I used it to edit and piece together my trailer. By using this programme I was able to add visual effects such as filters to my trailer to give it a more horror feel to it but also it enabled me to change the order in which I filmed scenes, which makes it seem more like a trailer. I could also create cuts which created a jumpy feel to it which is what I wanted.
  • 5. Youtube.Youtube had a great impact in the research part of my project. I used it to research other examples of existing trailer which were created by both professionals and students. By watching others it gave me a first hand experience and influence on what i would wish to similarly create.
  • 6. Slideshare.Slideshare is a website that has really helped me during my coursework. I used it to display information especially throughout my editing stage; showing on each slide how I gradually got to my end product. The website was really straight forward to use and by uploading PowerPoints to it and then embedding them onto my blog it gave variation to my blog rather than just showing information in blocks of writing.
  • 7. Prezi.Prezi is a website which I used to create a creative interactive spider diagram. It is a very simple website to use once I had a few practises, and is also very effective. I think that prezi was a great tool to use to show in-depth information in my researching stages.
  • 8. Photoshop.Using Photoshop was a great tool to use, as it is a photo editing programme it meant that i could use tools such as resize, crop and colour adjusting on the digital photos I had taken to help create a professional look, but to also achieve the creative qualities I wanted. The software enabled me to enhance the effects I had made with the makeup i had done on my characters making them fit more into my chosen genre.
  • 9. Social Networking.Social media and networking sites played a large part in my project as it gave me the chance to expose my work and to gain audience feedback through sites such as; facebook, flickr and instagram. By opening my work up to many people it meant that i could get a variety of feedback from a mixture of people which helped me to improve my work and get the best possible outcomes.