Intro to Photography Final assignment


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Intro to Photography Final assignment

  1. 1. Level 4 Introduction toPhotography AssignmentSophie Davey
  2. 2. Aperture - Markets
  3. 3. This is my favourite image I took for this theme, I think the colours and shallow depthof field really represent the atmosphere of the market.Aperture f5.6
  4. 4. Aperture f6.3
  5. 5. I like this image because I think it captures the moment perfectly and reflects the day to dayrunnings of a market stall, with the woman in the foreground visibly happy with her job. I alsolike how the colours start brighter on the left of the photograph and progressively get mildertowards the right.Aperture 6.3
  6. 6. Aperture f7.2
  7. 7. Aperture f5.6
  8. 8. Aperture f6.3
  9. 9. Aperture f5.6
  10. 10. Aperture f5.6
  11. 11. I like thisphotographbecause the widedepth of field andbright coloursreflect the bustle oftheChristkindelmarkt.Aperture f5.6
  12. 12. Aperture f7.2
  13. 13. Aperture f4.8
  14. 14. Aperture f3.9
  15. 15. Aperture f8
  16. 16. Aperture f13
  17. 17. Artificial Lighting-Still Life
  18. 18. This is one of my favourite images I took during my shoots for this module becausealthough it is basic, it is effective.
  19. 19. This is my favouriteimage I took for thistheme. I created thisscene using twosmall torches in apitch black darkroom.
  20. 20. I like this photograph because it is basic yet the shallow depth of field makes iteffective.
  21. 21. Shutter Speed-Light Trails
  22. 22. Shutter Speed 1/50
  23. 23. Shutter Speed 5 seconds
  24. 24. Shutter Speed 1/80
  25. 25. Shutter Speed 3 seconds
  26. 26. Shutter Speed 1/120
  27. 27. I composed this photograph simply by waving a Star Master lamp around in a darkenedroom, and although basic, I think it is quite effective and represents the module ofartificial light quite well.Shutter Speed 10 seconds
  28. 28. Shutter Speed 15 seconds
  29. 29. Shutter Speed 30 seconds
  30. 30. Shutter Speed 60 seconds
  31. 31. Shutter Speed 60 seconds
  32. 32. Shutter Speed 120 seconds
  33. 33. Shutter Speed 60 seconds
  34. 34. Shutter Speed 15 seconds
  35. 35. I think this is my favourite photograph from across the five modules as part of thisassignment, I like how the colours of the light changes across the image. I will definitelybe experimenting more with this kind of photography following this module.Shutter Speed 15 seconds
  36. 36. This is another of my favourite images as I find photographs of fairgrounds particularlyinteresting as using a slow shutter speed captures a wide range of motion and reflectsthe entertainment of the various amusements.Shutter Speed 5 seconds
  37. 37. Lenses-Travel & Transport
  38. 38. 18-55mm lens
  39. 39. 18-55mm lens
  40. 40. 18-55m & 58mm 0.40x Fish- Eye lensI like this photograph as I think the motion of the bus and people represents thehustle and bustle of the city and the fish eye lens makes you feel like you are there.
  41. 41. 80-200mm Telephoto LensThis is my favourite image I took for this theme, as I like the way the motion of thebus is captured yet the background remains completely in focus.
  42. 42. 80-200mm Telephoto Lens
  43. 43. 18-55mm lens zooming
  44. 44. 80-200mm Telephoto Lens
  45. 45. 18-55mm lens
  46. 46. 80-200mm Telephoto Lens
  47. 47. 18-55mm lens
  48. 48. 18-55mm lensI feel like this image is a basic representation of present day travel that every body canrelate to as the angle of the shot puts you in the situation.
  49. 49. Special Techniques-Urban Landscapes
  50. 50. I love the effect the HDR has on the rust and metal in this image and creates a clearfocal point that stands out from the background.
  51. 51. This is my favourite image I have produced for the special techniques module. I did thisby using a panorama shot of a cityscape and through the polar co-ordinates distortionfilter on Photoshop, the planet like effect was created.
  52. 52. I created these two panorama images by taking approximately 15/20 shots, moving thecamera clockwise slightly each time. I then used the merge photo to HDR action onPhotoshop to blend the photographs into one panorama. I am happy with how theseturned out, as I did not have much experience with this before.
  53. 53. Overexposed Correctly exposed Under exposedFinalHDR