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  • 1. OCR G324 Advanced Production WHITE, Sophie(With Rebekah Carroll, Grace Todhunter, Moiza Butt, Fiona Tucker and Emma Richardson)
  • 2. Evaluation Questions: 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? 2. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts? 3. What have you learned from your audience feedback? 4. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
  • 3. My Products:
  • 4. Final Soap Opera Trailer: BORDERLINE (Click to watch)
  • 5. Final Magazine Front Cover: TV WEEKLY
  • 6. Final Billboard: BORDERLINE
  • 7. In what ways does your media product use develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? Colour coded words apply1. throughout this question
  • 8. I have used three different existing media products to inspire and inform me of the conventions of soap trailers.1.
  • 9. Comparing the 90210 trailer that inspired my own trailer with my finished media product.1. Click above image to see trailer.
  • 10. What I have learnt from the 90210 trailer... Two Person Lighting: Soft, warm close up. lighting, to complement the sad, but comforted emotion in the scene Main character is wearing hardly any makeup to show that she has her emotions on display and isnt Also hiding because anything she is the one portraying The two person close up the allows the viewer to emotion. feel like they are Female slightly larger and in better focus than male actually in the1. scene, watching the in shot, due to soap being a “female” dominated
  • 11. What I have learnt from the 90210 trailer... Colour coding the lipstick shows the characters personality and also the emotions she is feeling e.g: fear, dange r.1.
  • 12. What I have learnt from the 90210 trailer... One Person close Lighting: The lighting is warm up; off centre. because that is the general atmosphere of the soap, but brighter than the previous shot because the emotion is harsher. The colour red is used to connote the confusion and negative emotions the character is showing. The background is out of focus so that the whole attention of the viewer The character in shot is filling the right half of the screen. He is on the character.1. is not central because this shows that there is a disequilibrium in
  • 13. What I have learnt from the 90210 trailer... One Person close up; off centre.1.
  • 14. What I have learnt from the 90210 trailer... Off centre, long Body language here shows the shot. relationship between the two people; Lighting: angle, proximity, etc. The lighting is warm because that is the general atmosphere of the soap, and also quite dark to signify that they are The Mise en Scene of the indoors.The out of focus couple shot is created to show is here to show the that they are in a hotel1. audience what the in- focus couple are looking lobby, due to the layout and features.
  • 15. What I have learnt from the 90210 trailer... Off centre, long shot.1.
  • 16. 1.
  • 17. Comparing the Downton Abbey trailer that inspired my own trailer with my finished media product.1. Click above image to see trailer.
  • 18. What I have learnt from the Downton Abbey trailer... Both: Crash zoom, medium close up Lighting: Dark, lit from one side, to show the atmosphere. Links with dark music. Lighting: Not particularly bright, but cold, so as to reflect the atmosphere.1.
  • 19. What I have learnt from the Downton Abbey trailer... All: Extreme Close up of eyes.1. Extreme close ups of eyes help the viewer to empathise and recognise the emotion being displayed
  • 20. 1.
  • 21. Comparing the Hollyoaks trailer that inspired my own trailer with my finished media product.1. Click above image to see trailer.
  • 22. What I have learnt from the Downton Abbey trailer... Both: Crash zoom, medium close up The crash zoom in the Hollyoaks trailer is used to show that the character is shocked, or suddenly worried about something, due to the facial expressions. I have used the crash zoom to emphasise the anger and sadness of the character, which I think is developing the convention.1.
  • 23. What I have learnt from the Downton Abbey trailer... Character similarities. In the Hollyoaks trailer, there appears to be a character who is obsessive over another girl. She is seen in a close up two shot with the girl, and portrayed in cleverly emphasising lighting. In my trailer, I have used a similar character, and portrayed her in candle light, next to a picture of the stalk- ee. The candle-light relies on the viewers prior knowledge to link1. this set up to shrines and places of worship.
  • 24. 1.
  • 25. The music used in the Hollyoaks trailer was also the main influence for my own music choice. Click image to watch YouTube video of my chosen song The heavy distressed guitar effect targets the intended audience. Although guitar music isnt often used in this genre, I believe that the blurring of the boundaries between soap and TV drama means that it still attracts the correct audience.1. See slide 43
  • 26. 1.
  • 27. 1.
  • 28. Features I have used from the existing products... Highlighting important Similar words. button, red, con trasting white. Inspired by second existing product. Existing soap Contrasting logos that colours audiences are familiar with Yellow Red colour- ‘halo’around coding main characters to highlight White outline around ‘cut out’characters Rhetorical from other soap questions1. Barcode
  • 29. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?2.
  • 30. I think that the fact that all three of our products have the same two characters on them makes the viewer/reader associate those characters with the soap, and therefore the soap becomes more well known through the use of those characters.2.
  • 31. The font we have used for the logo is suitable for the genre because it is still easily readable, but also different enough to be easily recognisable. It fits with the soap because it looks like handwriting, and as the soap is set partly in a college, it lends itself to2. being used as writing on a
  • 32. The fact that the logo appears on two of the three products (and the only reason that it couldnt be on the billboard is that its not allowed in the rules of the E4 style guide) means that the soap will be2. well recognisable by its logo to potential
  • 33. The next few slides show the Significant use of the colour red throughout my products:2.
  • 34. In our Front Cover:2.
  • 35. On the Billboard:2.
  • 36. In the trailer:2.
  • 37. The use of the colour red is to symbolise many different emotions and emphasise the themes of the plots. SADNESS JEALOUSY I think that because I have used the colour throughout all my products, it makes it very clear to viewers what the2. atmosphere of the soap is
  • 38. My soap is being broadcast on E4. Having the E4 logo on the soap adverts does more than just tell the viewer what channel its2. on...
  • 39. “ E4 has consolidated its position as the leading channel for younger ” audiences “ Target audience of Adults aged 16-343.2. ” www.
  • 40. “ Three-quarters of the ratings to the channel now come courtesy of viewers under 35yrs ”“ Skins, The Inbetweeners and Misfits3.2. ” www.
  • 41. The fact that our soap is being broadcast on E4 shows that it is aimed at a certain audience: • young •‘discerning’ • post-big brother generation • people who watch similar programmes of the same genre/style.theme The logo is a clear indication to3. people who already watch shows on E4 that they might like to watch the soap.2.
  • 42. The fact that the soap is being aired at 7pm tells the audience that, because it is before the watershed, its not too explicit, but its on in the evening3. because at that time, the intended audience (young females) are most likely2. back from work/college and sitting down
  • 43. The soap genre is clearly recognisable due to the stereotypical characters, types of advertising, and soap style filming conventions: e.g: many narratives, similar issues etc. Recently, there has been a shift in the soap genre. Some soaps, such as1. Hollyoaks, are becoming more like TV dramas, and some TV dramas, such as2. Desperate Housewives, are becoming more
  • 44. We aimed to make our soap most like Hollyoaks; A soap, but with definate similarities to TV drama. This fits our intended audience because they are the new generation of TV viewers, and therefore will be excited2. by this hybrid genre style.
  • 45. What have you learned from your audience feedback?3.
  • 46. Audience Research Questionnaire: Before making my soap, I researched a range of people to get a view of3. peoples attitudes to the genre.
  • 47. What Programmes Males watch... Coronation street 9 neighbours EastEnders Males mostly 14 Holby City Home & Away watch 2 0 Other None Coronation 10 0 1 Tv drama Waterloo Road Tv drama Glee Street. 5 1 0 Tv drama Dr.Who What Programmes females watch... Females watch 12 Coronations Street Eastenders mostly 18 Holby City 6 Emmerdale Coronation 7 Neighbours Home & Away Street, but 15 Other None not as many 19 4 4 2 TV Drama Waterloo Road as Males. TV Drama Gle3. 14 0 TV Drama Dr.Who
  • 48. Age started watching soaps FEMALE More females 2 4 started 13 6 <12 13-20 watching 21-42 42+ soaps later Never in life than 32 males. Age started watching soaps MALE Most males 0 and females 5 8 started 9 <12 13-20 watching 21-42 42+ soaps around Never3. the same age. 24
  • 49. What influences why FEMALES watch soaps 0 0 Females have 1 Social group a variety of reasons for 1 Star Region Genre Time Scheduled watching 6 soaps What influences why MALES watch soaps Males mainly 0 0 watch their soaps because Social Group Star of the time Region Genre scheduled. Time scheduled3. 1
  • 50. Do MALES think they Do FEMALES think they learn anything from learn anything from soas? Soaps? 0 Yes Yes No No 6 Niether males or females think they learn anything from soaps, meaning that their reason for watching is purely recreational.3.
  • 51. How do MALES follow their soaps 0 The males I interviewed Continuously only watched On Catch-up services their soaps on live TV. 1 How do FEMALES follow their soaps The females i interviewed 2 watched their Continuously soaps on both On Catch-up services media. 43.
  • 52. How old the MALES were 00 All the males Under 16 I interviewed 17-25 26-35 were of a 36-45 46+ similar age. 1 How old the FEMALES were The females I 00 interviewed 2 Under 16 were of mixed 17-25 26-35 ages. 36-45 46+ 4 03.
  • 53. The employment status of the MALES 000 00 0 Pre 16 and in school Student 16 - 23 The males I In FT work In PT work interviewed out of work/benefits/disability Retired were all in Manager Professional/Skilled full time 1 Service industry Other work The employment status of the 0 FEMALES The females I 0 0 0 Pre 16 and in school interviewed 0 1 Student 16 - 23 0 In FT work had varying 1 In PT work out of work/benefits/disability employment Retired Manager status’ 4 0 Professional/Skilled Service industry3. Other
  • 54. My audience research gave me a good basic knowledge of the kind of people who do and dont watch soaps, and therefore how to best target my intended audience. This also helped me decide what channel I would broadcast my soap on, See Slide 393.
  • 55. Intended audience: My intended audience is mainly young, female students, who have the time to watch soaps and can also relate to the characters. Therefore, it is also aimed at ‘emos’who can relate to Emily and Sasha. However,able to people will other relate to otherbe. characters in the soap, who arent necessarily so heavily stereotypical.3.
  • 56. Audience Feedback Positives: • editing matches music • lyrics create meaning – shows audience whats happening • different narratives feed well into main storyline & create enigmas • fast cuts show that there is conflict but dont show cause of conflict – makes the audience want to watch. • clear genre • clear audience • brand – chalk board – connotes audience & where soap will be set • channel creates audience – young females, hollyoaks audience. Negatives: • Needs title cards • no title cards AND no dialogue throughout means the audience has nothing to relate to and therefore you risk losing your audience. If I were to redo the trailer, I would use title cards/more dialogue because I think I have taken the enigmatic, random, fast cuts to an3. extreme, to the point where I risk losing my audience.
  • 57. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?4.
  • 58. Getting media onto Adobe Premiere Elements 8:4.
  • 59. Using the spilt tool to split a long clip:4.
  • 60. Using Photshop to remove a background: The background eraser tool does not remove the foreground image. Remember to save as a JPEG image!4.
  • 61. Uploading my trailer to YouTube:4.
  • 62. These are the digital products we used to film and capture our trailer... ... And create our ancillaries.4.
  • 63. Sharing a YouTube video on Blogger:4.
  • 64. Saving an image in PowerPoint as a JPEG: Group all the images to make one big image first...4.
  • 65. Uploading a JPEG image to Blogger:4.
  • 66. I made this JPEG image by importing images I found on Google into PowerPoint, and using effects in the format tab to get rid of the background and get shadows on the Polaroids. I print screened the insert from from the website itself and used the crop tool to4. isolate the