Server Monitoring Tools

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Server monitoring tools are used to keep a close watch on the performance of various elements of your server.

Server monitoring tools are used to keep a close watch on the performance of various elements of your server.

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  • 2. 1- Server monitoring tools are used to keep a closewatch on the performance of various elements ofyour server. It also measures the performanceparameters of backend systems and monitorscritical metrics such as CPU usage, memory, disk,processes, services and network utilization foryour systems. It alerts you if there is any potentialrisk to the performance of any of these aspects.Using a reliable, quick and proven servermonitoring service is important to get the bestresults.5/15/20132
  • 3. 2- LogicMonitor offers the best solution formonitoring your servers using the highest levels ofautomation.3- How is LogicMonitor different from othermonitoring systems?5/15/20133
  • 4. 4- Many server monitoring solution only offers simpleCPU and memory alerts and requires the operatorto configure the tools frequently. When you chooseLogicMonitor, you get a lot more with hardly anyeffort. All you have to do is enter the IP address.LogicMonitor will then automatically detect, monitorand alert you on a host of applications.5/15/20134
  • 5. 5- WHAT ARE THE APPLICATIONS COVERED BYLOGICMONITORYou can use LogicMonitor server monitoringservice for operating system monitoring forWindows, Linux, Solaris, AIX and others. It can beused to monitor applications such as databases,mail servers and web servers, RAID controllers,physical drives, battery systems, interfaces, powersupplies, load metrics, fans and motherboard state.5/15/20135
  • 6. 6- Preconfigured Thresholds and AutomaticConfiguration Help OperatorsThe best thing about LogicMonitor servermonitoring service is that the alert thresholdscome preconfigured. It saves operators time andcan help them prevent expensive and troublesomeoutages. Configuration is updated automaticallywhich minimizes the risk of issues not beingdetected in time which is a common problem withmanually configured monitoring systems.5/15/20136
  • 7. 7- GET A COMPREHENSIVE VIEW OF YOURSYSTEMS 24/7It is possible to customize thresholds andescalations for different groups or individual serversusing LogicMonitor’s powerful UI. Operators caneasily manage a large number of servers efficientlywithout any manual effort. You can get acomprehensive view of your systems round-the-clock helping you ensure smooth and uninterruptedperformance and operations.8- If you are looking for a network monitoringservice, then LogicMonitor has the solution.5/15/20137
  • 8. 9- LogicMonitor Monitors Your Entire InfrastructureinJust a Few SecondsThe leading hosted network monitoring toolautomatically discovers and monitors all thecomponents of your networking equipment. It takes justseconds to configure a newly added Cisco 6500 whilemonitoring all the temperature sensors, various CPUs,large number of memory pools with varying thresholdswhich requires monitoring for resource exhaustion andall the interfaces too. The advanced network monitoringtool even monitors all the different QoS profiles that canbe configured on different interfaces and also monitorfor IP SLA policies that the router is executing.5/15/20138
  • 9. 10- UPDATES ALL CHANGES QUICKLY ANDAUTOMATICALLYThe network monitoring tool can be programmed toautomatically add new hosts it finds, intomonitoring. Additionally, LogicMonitor will keep itselfup-to-date, making all the necessary adjustments ifyou add or remove cards, activate interfaces orcreate new policies. All this is done automatically asa SaaS-based product.11-LogicMonitor network monitoring tools not onlyfrees you up but also adds real value to yourenterprise. Their network monitoring service isexceptionally efficient and provides the right level ofvisibility and alerts for your infrastructure.5/15/20139