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Caadp cgiar alignment-24_july_ver_01

Caadp cgiar alignment-24_july_ver_01






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    Caadp cgiar alignment-24_july_ver_01 Caadp cgiar alignment-24_july_ver_01 Presentation Transcript

    • CAADP-CGIAR AgKnowledge:An agricultural development investment knowledge platform for Africa Preliminary Report on a Prototype Study, Dublin Steering Committee Meeting IFPRI, Washington DC 12th July, 2012
    • AgKnowledge Team (so far…)Luz Marina Alvare, Nienke Beintema, Maria Comanescu, Zhe Guo, Joseph Karugia (ReSAKSS/ECA), Zahia Khan, Soonho Kim, Maction Komwa (GMU), Jawoo Koo, Stella Massawe (ReSAKSS/ECA), Nilam Prasan, Michael Rahija, Todd Slind (SpatialDev), Ria Tenorio, Indira Yerramareddy, Stanley Wood with inputs and collaboration from Godfrey Bahigwa (IGAD), Sam Benin, Polly Eriksen (ILRI), Adam Kennedy, Athur Mabiso, Valerie Rhoe (CRP4), Pascale Sabbagh (CRP2 and Yield Gap Database), Heather Wylie
    • Driving Questions• What are national priorities for ag. technology and innovation investments for country X?• What is the aggregate pattern of national R&D demand across Africa?• What is the pattern of CGIAR investments (and SROs and NAROs) in Africa? (supply)• How well do National and CGIAR investment plans align? Can we identify R&D areas that are over- or under-represented relative to national needs?• Is there a rationale for non-alignment? What is an optimal degree of alignment? (e.g. different time frames)
    • Driving Questions• Can we provide on-line “alignment” services for – Donors or R&D providers to scan innovation demands in order to better target or market their R&D investments, products and services, and identify critical investment gaps – National development planners to find relevant R&D programs, projects and institutions (within and) beyond their borders• What opportunities exist to improve coordination among development actors? e.g., national planning and implementation agencies, R&D and extension institutions, and donors?• How can technology/innovation/knowledge providers beyond Africa engage? (e.g. ACIAR, with Australian know-how, private sector)
    • Driving Questions• What supplementary data/information/knowledge can be brought to bear in order to; – Better characterize investment opportunities – Validate the relevance/impact potential of planned investments – Improve the identification of coordination opportunities – Inform the more detailed design of specific implementation programs – Identify a range of services and service providers who can contribute to effective coordination, delivery, implementation, and on-going support of investments
    • Dublin Road Map: Activity 2  Mapping and Aligning African Agriculture Research Needs and Investments  Concept note to be finalized by Feb 18 for SC approval by end February (coordinated by IFPRI)  Formation of Working Group to plan prototyping activity  Agree Africa-wide Agroecosystem/FS framework, and select priority system(s) for a prototype study  Compare documented research needs in selected system(s) to documented research investments of relevance to those systems (“Mapping” of research demands to supply)  “Mapping” pilot study review meeting (May 2012)  Alignment Meeting with donor community, African country and regional partners, and research community (TBD)May 2012: USAID Funded “Horn of Africa” Prototype ($90K) - IFPRI HarvestChoic * Slide taken from Dublin Steering Committee Meeting, Accra, Feb 2012
    • Stocktaking and Mapping Exercise (from proposal) 1 Technical Working Group 9 Coordination & Investment Options CAADP: CAADP: 5 National CAADP: TECHNOLOGY/INNOVATION Investment National Investment 6 REQUIREMENTS* Investment Plans (NIPs) Tech. Plans (IPs, Countries/Sub-Regions/ Plans (NIPs) Reviews), Sector Value Chains/Themes Plans, etc 8 Adopt2 Agroecosystem/ Spatial Framework R&D Regional 8 R&D Adopt Consistent ACTIVITIES* Spatially-Explicit Gaps? Technology/ Agroecosystems/4 Innovation/ R&D Sub-regions/ Framework Descriptors Valus chains/ Themes CAADP: 7 Research CAADP: National National Investment 7 3 Investments Investment Plans (NIPs) CGIAR (CRPs), Plans (NIPs) Characterization and Diagnosis SROs, NARS According to sub-region, agroecosystem, and country dimensions, e.g., demographic, agricultural potential, productivity, market access, poverty, natural resource use patterns and trends (HarvestChoice, CSI), national agriculture sector and donor investments (ReSAKSS and various project mapping tools), and R&D capacities (ASTI)
    • Principles & Learning• Not a single-shot assessment, but a live, accessible platform that can be kept current and expanded to meet evolving/different needs• Minimize development of new components, focus on integration and interoperability of existing databases and analytical functionality• Location-agnostic platform that can be taken on by appointed institution(s) (e.g. federated implementation)• Growing realization of the high relevance but vast scope of assembling, organizing and synthesizing relevant supporting knowledge.• Greatest challenges in finding and organizing knowledge around the relevant innovation opportunities we already have (e.g. the anecdotal “on-the-shelf” technologies)
    • Harmonized Ag. Dev. Investment Database Structure CAADP | CGIAR Country | CRP Source Reference, Time Period, Currency Units ID1: Name, #, Description ID Level#: Investment Cost ID2: Name, #, Description ID Level#: Outputs, Outcomes, Impacts, TargetsStandard ID Level#: Partners tags, & ID3: Name, #, Description Themes Pillars | SLOs Activity: #, Description Region/Country AEZ/Production System Dictionaries Commodity/Value Chain Terms to be harmonized (FAO, CABI) CRP Documents: CAADP Documents: 1.1 Drylands Ethiopia (PIF), Review, CPP 2 Policies, Institutions, Markets Kenya (MTIP)*, Review, CPP 3.1 Wheat Uganda (ASDS), Review, CPP 3.2 Maize IGAD (Godfrey) 3.6 Dryland Cereals Tanzania (G8) 3.7 Livestock and Fish Ghana (G8) 4 Nutrition and Health 5 Water, Land & Ecosystems 7/CCAFS Climate Change
    • CAADP-CGIAR Activity Prototype Database
    • Indexing Standard FAO-AGROVOC (IFPRI/KM) THEMES keywords IFPRI CAADP AnalysisCAADP Results FS x Country: Docs CAADP-CGIAR: AgKnowledge SPAM, Livestock, People Yield Gaps, VoP, Productivity? Entry/Edit CRP Docs Program DB MATCH/ALIGN FS x AdditionalOther, CAADP-CGIAR Query/ Country Spatial Layerseg, CPP Filter/Browse Tables (SSA & HoA) Tabulate caadp.bounceme.net Project Category -> THEME ETL, VI Processing Project DB ReSAKSS/ & Tools ECA (PMT) Project DB WB, UN, CG, MAPPR AfDB etc, Select & Display HarvestChoice Projects Layers as Context CELL5M MAPPR Tabulate by FS & HarvestChoice servers Admin Domains? Spatialdev/HC servers Technology & Species Suitability Maps & Tables (Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda) Knowledge (Suitability/ Menus with Productivity) Table & Map Productivity Assessment Projections (crop & (pngs for demo) technology specific) (SSA)
    • Matching/Aligning Taxonomy• Matching set: Which set of CAADP plans and CRPs are to be “matched”?• Matching dimensions: What specific themes, agroecosystems, countries/regions, commodities and partners to be matched?• Matching attributes: Number of activities, investment amounts, priorities (shares of activities, share of costs), partners• Use of Agroecosystems as a core dimension of coordination and investment alignment• Need for harmonized vocabulary and tags
    • Harmonizing by Agroecosystems CAADP: Kenya CRP 1.1 Drylands
    • Issues• The technical design aspects of the CAADP-CGIAR alignment databases are now fairly complete and stable, and can be extended from programs to projects• Major effort, but well established process, to add tags/keywords, synonyms, hierarchies as well as standardized themes (AGROVOC & ontologies) in order to significantly improve the retrieval, matching and summarizing efficiency and potency• Initially standardized on Farming Systems as the harmonized expression of Agroecosystems (AES)• Very significant differences among the various CAADP and CRP documents in the specificity/granularity of investment information, on the terminologies/ vocabularies used, and on the articulation of target commodities, geographies and partners (but these issues can be reduced going forward by providing programme/project description templates and standardized themes/tags/AES support)
    • Issues• Remaining major issues; – Backlog of investment data to be entered, cleaned and tagged – Construct/elicit improved information about targeting (e.g. AES, value chains), costing, outputs and impacts – Assemble, codify, and ingest “knowledge” related data sources (inclduing generation of syntheses/findings as a knowledge type) – Harmonize “back-end” databases, coding and logic, for more efficient and seamless integration from the user perspective• Requires a wide-range of specialist skills; programming, indexing, ontology, web design, infrastructure, GIS, content management, thematic analytical capacity. Major investment – but potentially very high rewards (e.g. potential linkage to actors, service providers), reduced transactions costs, basis for dialogues on coordination, spillovers, and improved investment efficiency.
    • What we plan to deliver in September?• A functioning integrated web platform loaded with CAADP data for 5 countries (Eth, Ken, Uga, Tan, Gha) and 9 CRPs. With full indexing and standarized theming.• Integrated query and reporting options for, e.g., – Tabulation of thematic, commodity, and AES investments across countries by CAADP pillar (CAADP) – Tabulation of thematic, commodity, country and AES investments in R&D across countries and regions – Matching of CAADP and R&D investments by AES, theme, commodity, regions/countries and partners.• A set of tabulated, mapped CAADP-CGIAR investment matrices (by country, theme, AES, commodity and, if possible, by partners)• At least three HoA examples of linkages between investment matrices and extended knowledge/evidence bases (e.g. current and potential productivity levels, agricultural growth and poverty reduction potential of proposed investments), with associated interpretations of alignment between investment priorities and available knowledge/evidence
    • What we plan to deliver in September?• Draft awareness materials on AgKnowledge scope and purpose to be finalized for GCARD• Documentation of the accomplishments of the case study and challenges and opportunities in “full” SSA implementation• Proposal for specific features/examples that could be completed/available for October GCARD meeting• Implementation plan for extension across countries and for national R&D entities. Budget under different implementation scenarios
    • AgKnowledge
    • CAADP AgKnowledge Innovation Needs Innovation Pipeline Match/Align Knowledge Services All All Search by…. Evaluation Products Actors CAADP Plans CGIAR CRPs Country Case studies Analysis/Tabulation CAADP Technical Reviews SROs CAADP Pillar Findings Technology maps Country Program Plans NARS/NAROS Theme(sub-theme) Literature/Biblio Commodity maps National Sector Strategies Private Sector Value Chain Investment maps AEZ/Farming system Constraint HC Spatial PMT Yield Gap DB Knowledge Database/ Suitability CAADP/CRP Mapping Bibliography Database HC Yield ModelsASTI disag. Project Donor MappingInvestments DB/Tools
    • Contacts: First Name Last Name E-mail Address WebsiteProject: Direct TelephoneProject Title Mobile TelephoneProject Nickname AddressOrganization CityApproach (type of investment) StateProject Phase Postal CodeFull Time Equivalents (# project Staff) Action: CountryDuration in months Action TypeStart date InvestmentEnd date Tags (user defined)Grant Amount StatusProject Budget Start DatePeople Affected End DateDescription DescriptionImpact (what projected outcomes will achieve) Multimedia content (photos, slideshows, videos, etc.)Project Partners Action PartnersProject Contacts Action Contacts Action Locations (points, multi-points, polygons, districts)
    • http://prototypetestsite.com
    • Spatial Distribution of Agricultural Interventions in the COMESA region Internal Presentation May 28th, 2011Source: Joseph Karugia and Stella Massawe (ReSAKSS/ECA)
    • ReSAKSS’ investment database• Approximately 450 national and regional interventions (2005 reference year)• Not an exhaustive but a detailed list of agricultural interventions taking place in the region• Captures projects, programmes focus on pillars CAADP Pillars 1-3 for now• Research interventions (Pillar 4) not main focus – not to repeat what is done by the CGIAR, ASARECA, ASTI, who will provide links to these• Documentation of private sector initiatives (recent addition & ongoing)