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Music Video Pitch

  1. 1. Our Music Video Pitch<br />Sonya, Zarah, Saira and Sarah<br />
  2. 2. Song<br /><ul><li>We’ve chosen Kat Deluna ‘ ‘Be There’ as the song which we’d like to make our music video for.
  3. 3. As the song is new, unreleased and doesn’t have a video, it gives us an advantage because it means that we can interpret the video on how we would like it to be.
  4. 4. If the song had a video already, we may feel more inclined to follow that concept rather than being innovative and creating a treatment/concept for the video ourselves.
  5. 5. The song itself is about love. Therefore, our video will contain elements of romance to match the lyrics.
  6. 6. If later on a video was produced for this song, it would be very interesting to see the concept and how it may differ from our video.</li></li></ul><li>Narrative<br /><ul><li>The treatment of the video are about four friends (girls) who each share an intimate moment with the same boy and then dream about him later on. However, the four girls do not know that they each like the same boy.
  7. 7. The beginning of the video shows the girls in a classroom during a lesson. However they are not enjoying the lesson and are presumably bored, which will be displayed through close-ups of their faces and the writing pad which one of the girls is drawing on.
  8. 8. As a result of their boredom, each girl drifts off into their own world and are effectively in ‘dream mode’. There is an element of the past as we have a flashback, which is of the first meeting between the boy and the girl. The flashback is in the form of a photograph as a still image, rather than a moving image.
  9. 9. The photograph will be shown before each girl sings their part of the song. Where each girl sings depends on the location of the meeting point of her and the boy i.e. If Vanessa and Ally first met at the Millennium Point, that is where Vanessa will sing when she dreams about Ally. The rest of the video will show the girls dream of them fantasizing about being with the boy they like.
  10. 10. The video ends when the girls wake up from their dream/fantasies with their teacher in their face. They boy they like then walks into the classroom and they all stare at him in surprise as they’ve just been dreaming about him.</li></ul>What do you think of our narrative? Is it too complicated or would it appeal to you? <br />
  11. 11. Location<br />Here are some locations that we are considering using for our video:<br />
  12. 12. Studio<br /><ul><li> Initially, we would like to use a studio for our dance routine.
  13. 13. We would have a white background and then choose lighting according to what we want in that particular scene.
  14. 14. The lighting would also depend on what the girls are wearing in the scene so that are no dramatic contrasts to distort the scene.</li></ul>Do you think our music video will work with having different locations including a studio? <br />
  15. 15. Costume<br />1st look ‘Glamorous’ - At the beginning of the video we want the girls to be dressed very glamorous to reinforce the dream as the girls imagine themselves like ‘pop stars’.<br />2nd look ‘Smart’ - the next shots will show each girl in their location smartly dressed. This challenges the stereotypes of female artists that they need to be ‘sexy’ and revealing as our girls will be dressed elegantly and with sophistication. This also shows different sides of the girls’ personalities.<br />
  16. 16. 3rd Look ‘Street/Hip Hop’ – For the dance routine during the chorus, we are going to have the girls dressed up in a hip-hop style to reinforce the different aspects of their personalities. Jewellery and other accessories may also be used to add a bit of spark to the outfit.<br />4th Look ‘Casual’ – At the beginning of the classroom we are going to have the girls dressed casually to reinforce the classroom atmosphere and emphasise the dream as it portrays the girls’ fantasies.<br />
  17. 17. Make-Up Ideas<br />We may use vibrant colours for the eye make up during one of the dance routines when the girls are dressed in hip-hop. This is because it will stand out against the outfits that the girls will be wearing. <br />Although we have put this up as an idea, we may not follow it to that extent and may tone it down but use the colour only.<br />We also want the girls to have neutral and different shades of pink for their lips. The more brighter colours will be used when the girls are dressed quite casual such as during the hip-hop scene.<br />The more natural shades will be used when the girls are dressed glamorous so that the emphasis is on what they’re wearing.<br />
  18. 18. We may also use vibrant nail varnishes for different scenes; they would be particularly useful if we had a colour scheme for the girls.<br />What do you think of our costume ideas? Would they work well together, or do you think it will look to distorted?<br />
  19. 19. Kat Deluna<br />Kat Deluna’s style is smart, glamorous and hip-hop at the same time. <br />
  20. 20. Thank you for listening to our presentation!<br />Are there any questions or suggestions that you think will help us to enhance our music video?<br />